Tuesday, 23 February 2016


A very hilarious, alcohol fueled, grandad dancing, jagerbomb fuelled evening... That I wish I could remember more of, because quiet frankly I feel like its one big blur! Ooopsss!

Of course, any night that involves me and Aliesha drinking together NEVER ends well. She is my alcoholic partner in crime and with it being her birthday meant I had to get well and truly smashed. I should've known things wouldn't end well when Abbey came out with a tray of about 20 jagerbombs... Uh oh!

However I still had a great night, met some great people, and danced to some great songs with some great gyals! Happy birthday Aliesha my little Tard - I hope you had as good a night as I did, thanks to introducing me to a night out in Southampton! 


Last Tuesday Tammy and I thought it would be a fabulous idea to go to the Zoo! So, after a quick stop at the petrol station, a lunch box full of snacks ready for the day, and a busy day ahead of us we set off bright and early to go to Longleat Safari Park. 

After an eventful day of monkeys, gorillas, boat rides, seals, butterflys, parrots, zebras, elephants, snakes and MANY more beautiful animals - I have got to say the most memorable part of my day had to be breaking down during the safari... Meaning I had to drive round all the animals with a horn sounding hazard alarm blasting from my engine. The animals were all getting up to see what the sound was, which although was terrifying, it meant I got some cracking selfies with them!  

Longleat is one of my favorite places and everytime I go there I fall more in love with it. Honestly, if you ever get the oppurtunity to go you should. Its just the BEST day out and you get the chance to see so many animals up closely that you would never normally get to see. I absolutley love it and it holds soo many childhood memories for me. Its one of those places that makes me instantly happy. 

It still shocks me now, even after 9 months of being able to drive Penny around, that I can just hop into my car and go on whatever adventure I want to! I never thought I'd be driving myself round Longleat - I feel like a proper adult! Maybe "adulthood" does have some perks after all...

It was such an amazing day and it was especially good to go with Tammy as she hadn't been for years and years so it was all very new and exciting for her and it was awesome to get to share that with her! I had such a great time I just want to go again... Hmmm... Might have to see if any of my friends are down for a Longleat trip over Easter! However, note to self, check car engine before heading round the safari!