Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Hello Promotion!

July is going by so quick I actually can't believe it! In between friends birthdays, family birthdays, interviews, work and a promotion I feel like July is going by in a whirl wind! (Its been a good whirl wind mind!) And it's not over yet! I've got so much more to look forward to *fist pumps*.

I am so happy to finally get the promotion I've wanted for what feels like a-g-e-s, I feel like things are finally falling into place, and I've officially been at my job for 2 years now! That feels crazy - its been over 2 years since I even left school? How is that possible? Sometimes I wish I had a stop-watch that could stop time (does anyone remember the program about that? It used to be on CBBC!) Anyway, "adulthood" is here and I feel like I am running to try and keep up...

I am now off to get ready for fajita night round Jodie's - everytime her parents are away we have a fajita night! What a treat! I hope the second half of July is as good as the first has been. #HappyDays :)

Just a little snippet of my July...

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Lake Willis is a go go!

My Friday was spent in the sunshine, drinks flowing, eating BBQ food with this bunch of loosers for one of my nearest and dearests birthday; Happy 19th Tamara! To celebrate we spent all day and all night eating, drinking, playing games, gossiping and generally having a good time. Lovely.

Celebrating in style! 

Wednesday, 8 July 2015


July will be a month of;

  • Learning (specifically, how to become a better driver and a better park-er)
  • Good Friends (on with the birthday parties, alcohol educed spooning sessions and copious amounts of dinner-dates.)
  • Family times (birthdays, BBQ's and cocktail - sounds good to me!) 
  • Reading (I used to love reading and read all the time but I haven't for so long and I always put it down to "being too busy" but in reality I could easily slip in a few pages of a book everyday so I made a long over-due visit to Waterstones today.)
  • Road trips (driving around with Jodie is one of my favorite things to do, music playing, long conversations, finding random places and seeing random things.)
  • BEACH DAYS (I haven't been to a beach, in England, yet this year. Roll on the day I can get sand inbetween my toes again!) 

July so far...