Thursday, 25 June 2015

Paloma Faith, Fathers Day & Passing My Driving Test.

What a busy week I've had! First of all I went to see the amazing Paloma Faith with Natalie and Rhiannon, then I had drinks with Jodie and Jord, then I had a lovely family weekend for Fathers Day, and finally... I passed my driving test! (WOO WOO!) 

I've also fallen back in love with "pop punk" music... I blame my brother for having the Teenage Dirtbag CD in his car all weekend. Atleast now I can drive myself around and listen to whatever I want!

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

New Face. - [The Body Shop Haul.]

This evening I thought I would share with you all my new face. Recently I thought I would shake up the things I was putting on my face everyday and try something new. 

I started off with base - because, obviously, its summer now I want to look ever so slightly like a Beyonce bronze goddess  (who doesn't?). Haha, so I picked up a Honey Bronze Face Gel. I have been loving this so far - its given me a really healthy, fresh, looking colour without looking to thick and cakey - its also easily blend-able so you don't get oompa-loompa lines - brilliant. You're supposed to use this all over the face for a bronzed-look but you could also use this to contour your face if you were feeling extra special (I can't usually be bothered so I just whack this on all over with a stippling brush!)

Next, is my trusty Face Base Powder (again. from The Body Shop.) I have been wearing this for as long as I can remember! Its the best powder. Its a powder/foundation in one so it has so much lasting powder (which is essential for oil-y me!) I must've been wearing this for 7 odd years now - and I love it. I do sometimes try new products - but I always find myself coming back to this! Face Base you never let me down! - I wear the shade 045.

Thirdly, I scooped up a new bronzer... I usually wear The Body Shop's Honey Bronze powder in the shades 1 and 3 - depending on my tan level - but they've just bought out shade 6 which I've fallen in love with. Its a lovely bronze with a slight pink tone to it - its just perfect, it gives such a sun-kissed natural look/glow. I had just hit-the-pan on my number 3 Honey Bronze so I picked up this to try instead and I think might be my new favorite!

After that I decided to treat myself to some Shimmer Cubes. Shimmer Cubes are amazing - they last so long. I've had my favorite nude/bronze Shimmer Cube quad for nearly 2 years now and I know they'll last me atleast another two more! They're so deep and long-lasting. (They're longlasting when they're on too!) This time I went for some more adventurous colours - a deep blue, a gorgeous gold, shimmery silver and a black. I have worn them everyday so far and know I will get lots more use out of them as the summer goes on. (Also, I love the cute packaging.)

Finally, last but not least, I got myself a new liquid liner. I wear liquid eyeliner everyday so it is something I find myself buying regularly. Last time I bought The Body Shops fat liquid liner but this time I went for the thin one - rookie mistake! I much prefer the fat one. Oh well never mind! We live and learn don't we, haha. If you're after a new liner I would definitely say check out The Body Shop's new pen-liners like these (but go for the fat one! You won't regret it!)

..Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Sometimes we all need a little bit of girl time...
This weekend I got my dose (or, possibly over-does) of girl time!

I had a night filled with wine, laughs, music and slight blurred vision with the Willis sisters and Jodie. It was awesome to introduce them to each other and spend time with all of them together as uppose to individually. I had a really good weekend with them, from what I can remember...

These girls never fail to put a smile on my face! 

Whoever came up with the idea to take photographs on a night out
is a evil genius. As if I didn't feel ill enough on Sunday I was then
tagged in this photo! *hangs head in shame* 

Monday, 8 June 2015

Spain 2016.

My best friend, Jodie, and I are considering moving to Spain. I had such a amazing holiday that I want to go back...for longer! We've decided that six months will be long enough? But who knows - we might end up staying for longer or hating it and come home after a week! We'll never know unless we try. So I have decided I am going to "quit slacking and make shit happen" Next month will begin the eight months of saving for Spain 2016 sooo - wish me luck! *clenches fists with excitement! - Roll on February.* 


...Mojito Mojito Mojito!

Guys, I would like to introduce you to my new found love, Mojito. During my holiday I was introduced to Mojitos by one of the lookey-lookey men on the beach and ever since I have been in love - so you can imagine how happy I was to come home from holiday and find out The Body Shop had brought out a range dedicated to my new addiction (which just so happens to be one of the worlds most famous cocktails.) This range just smells incredible - like way better than anything I've ever smelt before... I'm not even exaggerating - I am honestly in love! I just need to be led on a hot beach somewhere, smelling of this, drinking a real mojito. Aaahh, if I close my eyes tight enough maybe I can pretend I'm there?...

The things I would do to have one of these right now!!

Also, I love this song at the moment. - Enjooooy. :)