Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Benidorm. - Day One.

Benidorm is a holiday I was always remember. I had such a good time - I don't even know where to begin writing about it... The weekend went by so fast I keeping thinking to myself "did that really happen or did I dream that part?"  

Day One.

Friday was a day of travelling - in between areoplanes, coaches and gurt hills we didn't make it to our hotel until 2:00am! We were knackered and decided to have a few drinks and settle in instead of going out clubbing... Little did we know we wouldn't go to sleep until 5:00am... I thought I was going to jump out the window when the hotel porter rang me at 7:00am to wake me up! (But then I remembered the drunken hen party from the night before who said if you die abroad your family have to pay £50,000 to send you back home. Hahaha, what a lovely thought to have at 1:00am on a sweaty coach in the middle of the night.) However after waking up we were greeted by brilliant sunshine and an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet - dream. 

After exploring the hotel and having breakfast we headed to the BEACH! This was one of my favorite parts of the holiday - just sitting on the beach, absolutley boiling, getting in the sea to cool down and drinking ice cold cocktails. Ahh I loved it! Especially swimming races in the sea (although I had no chance racing Anna who is a swimming teacher!) ...The only part I didn't like about the beach was the nipples everywhere! I didn't think topless sun bathing was that popular just jeeeezzzz there's nipples everywhere...

After spending all day on the beach we decided to explore around the shops and the town center - on our journey we found a pedicure bar where you can have your feet eaten by fish.... I was so excited about this! Its something I've always wanted to do.... But since having it done I can tell you I will NEVER have it done again! Hahahaa - I have got such ticklish feet and holy-moly those fish tickle your feet and get all in between your toes. I spent the 20 minutes screaming "I don't think I can do this!!!" Hahaha... It really is a weird feeling!

After our first day or shopping, sun bathing, swimming and drinking cocktails we were sunburnt and ready to go out that night... We started the night watching Sticky Vicky. If you haven't heard of Sticky Vicky I'll leave you to do the research on who/what she is - OMG I could not believe it. I spent the whole time with my jaw hanging open - it really is as bad as you would imagine. Although it was hilarious, I nearly died laughing! By the time we left Sticky Vicky I was feeling a bit "wobbly" so we went straight to the Red Lion to crack out our dance moves - all I can remember about the Red Lion is dancing with a massive group of guys on a stag-do, it was really funny (from what I can remember)...

When we got bored of dancing like idiots we headed to Neptunes (The Morgan Tavern) which is the pub featured in the TV programme - Benidorm. We walked in just as a Queen tribute act were playing - incase you didn't already know I love Queen; they are my favorite band of all time so I was over the moon to watch these! Whilst trying to record the act to show my best friend, Jodie, who also loves Queen I shone my flash light in a boys eye which turned out to be a conversation starter and we spent the rest of the evening with him and his friends, Adam, Adam and Jack. The rest of the evening was so funny - I was so drunk by this point I was laughing so much I could've wet myself. What were we talking about all night? I couldn't tell you. I can just remember something about Palm trees, prostitutes, and taking the mick out of my "combine harvester" accent. Eventually we left the boys to go and sleep and arranged to meet them again in the morning... Safe to say I slept like a baby when I got back to the hotel! After sharing a cigarette with the hotel porter and him calling me a "bad girl" and Anna a "good girl" we headed to bed.... (Clearly he got that wrong - I'm an angel.)