Thursday, 28 May 2015

Goodbye May!

5 months down - 7 more to go! 

May has been amazing - I've made some amazing memories, met some amazing people, done some amazing things and been to some amazing places! I am sad its all over - but I am excited to see what the rest of 2015 brings... Roll on June. 

Turning Nineteen. ❤

Birthdays are my favorite I get so excited - I'm a serious big kid! This years birthday was amazing, I spent the day time with my family, the evening with my friends, and the weekend with Jodie. I loved every second of it - but can't believe its all over for another year! *Booohooo*

On my actual birthday I spent the morning with my family opening presents, eating chocolate for breakfast, visiting my nan, then my auntie, then me and my mum went shopping (my favorite past time!) after we got back from shopping my brother and his girlfriend popped round, I had a meal with the family, then Jodie and Jord came round. I had a such a nice day with all the people I love

The day after my birthday was a Saturday so myself and Jodie went to @Bristol (a science museum!) to be big kids for the day - we got to go to the Planetarium and watch the stars, race each other and be astronauts for the day! We had the best time and I laughed pretty much the whole day.

We also went to Za Za Bazaar for lunch which was incredible - literally the best restaurant! Its an all-you-can-eat with sooo many options to choose from - Indian food, Chinese food, English food, Mexican food, Japanese food... *mouth watering* we ate till we couldn't move and then sunbathed by Bristol harbor and people watched before heading back to the museum... 

Finally after our busy day we got home, got bathed, had a nap, and went out for cocktails. Mmm. Doesn't everyone love a good cocktail? We spent the night dancing, drinking and laughing before heading home with burgers and hot dogs to sleep and wake up on Jodie's birthday... I was woken up by a very hungover Jodie who had spent her birthday morning being sick down my toilet - ha ha ha! Damn hangovers. Now, only another 300 odd days till the next birthday adventure...

Monday, 25 May 2015

Benidorm - Days Two & Three.

Some how a week  has managed to go by since I was in Benidorm! Yet I am still wishing every morning I was waking up there! Holiday blues suuuuuuuuck!

Day two of Benidorm consisted of a morning of me feeling really sorry for myself and sick with a hangover - and Anna not giving me any sympathy at all haha. Then we headed to the Markets with the people we met the night before and had to fight our way through the people there - luckily the boys were gobby and just shouted their way through the crowds! Haha. 

After the Markets we decided to go to the local water park - I was really excited about going to the parks but after seeing Adam cut his arm open on the first slide I thought twice before going on any of the others! Haha so we spent the afternoon in the pool chilling and catching the sun... I put my tan down to the waterpark 100% - I went in an albino and came out brown (well, more red).

Once we left the boys and the waterpark me and Anna went out for lunch/dinner...Although I was still feeling fragile and barely ate anything! Sooo unlike me - spanish vodka obviously doesn't agree with me! But was that going to stop me from drinking again tonight? No, no it was not. After a waltz around the shop and picking up some funny presents for our family and friends we headed back to the hotel to get ready...

The last night was by far my favorite - when me and Anna were walking across the beach to "the strip" we walked past a par called "The Lazy Cow" which gave us free shots! Doesn't everyone love free shots? Then we headed to the strip to watch a few acts... My favorite being the drag queen "Miss Coco Chanel" oh booooyyy I haven't laughed so much for ages - I was in stitches and was crying! It was amazing

After the acts we went to the Red Lion for a boogie and a few more drinks before going back to Neptune's to re-watch the Queen act (oops, told you they were my fav!). By the end of the night I found myself in McDonald's with a flashing pair of Minnie Mouse ears on my head and a gurt burger in front of me, overlooking the beach - what a way to end the night! Ha ha. It was here that it sank in we'd be heading back home tomorrow - so we stumbled back to the hotel to say goodbye to the porter we had made friends with over the weekend... 

Day Three;

Day three was spent shopping, sunbathing, chilling, drinking slush puppies and eating ice lollies... Then flying back home again! It was a great weekend and I would love to go back with Lauren & Jodie (they love drinking so would have an amazing time!) I generally really enjoyed the holiday and met some awesome people on our travels - its horrible thinking you'll never see them again! The hotel porter was so lovely, the men trying to get you in their clubs were hilarious, the other holiday go-ers we met in the evenings at the shows and awwh just everybody! Oh well I'm sure theres going to be alot more holidays in my near future... *fingers crossed* 

Benidorm 2015 was amazing

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Benidorm. - Day One.

Benidorm is a holiday I was always remember. I had such a good time - I don't even know where to begin writing about it... The weekend went by so fast I keeping thinking to myself "did that really happen or did I dream that part?"  

Day One.

Friday was a day of travelling - in between areoplanes, coaches and gurt hills we didn't make it to our hotel until 2:00am! We were knackered and decided to have a few drinks and settle in instead of going out clubbing... Little did we know we wouldn't go to sleep until 5:00am... I thought I was going to jump out the window when the hotel porter rang me at 7:00am to wake me up! (But then I remembered the drunken hen party from the night before who said if you die abroad your family have to pay £50,000 to send you back home. Hahaha, what a lovely thought to have at 1:00am on a sweaty coach in the middle of the night.) However after waking up we were greeted by brilliant sunshine and an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet - dream. 

After exploring the hotel and having breakfast we headed to the BEACH! This was one of my favorite parts of the holiday - just sitting on the beach, absolutley boiling, getting in the sea to cool down and drinking ice cold cocktails. Ahh I loved it! Especially swimming races in the sea (although I had no chance racing Anna who is a swimming teacher!) ...The only part I didn't like about the beach was the nipples everywhere! I didn't think topless sun bathing was that popular just jeeeezzzz there's nipples everywhere...

After spending all day on the beach we decided to explore around the shops and the town center - on our journey we found a pedicure bar where you can have your feet eaten by fish.... I was so excited about this! Its something I've always wanted to do.... But since having it done I can tell you I will NEVER have it done again! Hahahaa - I have got such ticklish feet and holy-moly those fish tickle your feet and get all in between your toes. I spent the 20 minutes screaming "I don't think I can do this!!!" Hahaha... It really is a weird feeling!

After our first day or shopping, sun bathing, swimming and drinking cocktails we were sunburnt and ready to go out that night... We started the night watching Sticky Vicky. If you haven't heard of Sticky Vicky I'll leave you to do the research on who/what she is - OMG I could not believe it. I spent the whole time with my jaw hanging open - it really is as bad as you would imagine. Although it was hilarious, I nearly died laughing! By the time we left Sticky Vicky I was feeling a bit "wobbly" so we went straight to the Red Lion to crack out our dance moves - all I can remember about the Red Lion is dancing with a massive group of guys on a stag-do, it was really funny (from what I can remember)...

When we got bored of dancing like idiots we headed to Neptunes (The Morgan Tavern) which is the pub featured in the TV programme - Benidorm. We walked in just as a Queen tribute act were playing - incase you didn't already know I love Queen; they are my favorite band of all time so I was over the moon to watch these! Whilst trying to record the act to show my best friend, Jodie, who also loves Queen I shone my flash light in a boys eye which turned out to be a conversation starter and we spent the rest of the evening with him and his friends, Adam, Adam and Jack. The rest of the evening was so funny - I was so drunk by this point I was laughing so much I could've wet myself. What were we talking about all night? I couldn't tell you. I can just remember something about Palm trees, prostitutes, and taking the mick out of my "combine harvester" accent. Eventually we left the boys to go and sleep and arranged to meet them again in the morning... Safe to say I slept like a baby when I got back to the hotel! After sharing a cigarette with the hotel porter and him calling me a "bad girl" and Anna a "good girl" we headed to bed.... (Clearly he got that wrong - I'm an angel.) 

Friday, 15 May 2015

Hello Benidorm!

Wow. I've got an hour and a half until I have to leave for the air port and I am beyond nervous. I've only ever been on a plane once and it was 11 years ago! I can't even remember what the inside of the airport looks like let alone the bloody aeroplane! I have no idea what to expect and so, yes, I am really nervous yet really excited at the same time... I can't believe the day is finally here! I am actually off to Benidorm! Eeeee... Crazyness - I can almost taste the cocktails already! Bye bye England, see you on Tuesday! 

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Holiday, Birthdays & Benidorm.

What a beautiful day! It is currently 12:43pm and I am still in my frozen pajamas watching the world go by after a rather stressful morning... Whenever I am feeling stressed I come to my blog, for some reason typing takes my mind off of things and I feel like I'm actually talking to someone - is that really weird? Who knows.

I can't believe 1 week today I will be in Benidorm - the wait is finally over! This is the strangest feeling - I am excited yet so nervous at the same time. I haven't been on an aeroplane for nearly 11 years! What if I'm too scared to even take off? No. I'll be fine. (I hope!) I have got my suitcase nearly packed and ready all I need now is to throw in some pants, my hair brush, make up bag and a travel adapter (where does one buy a "travel adapter"?) 

During the next 14 days it is Hannah's birthday, Natalie's birthday, my birthday and then Jodie's birthday so no doubt I am going to have a jam-packed few weeks with these lovely ladies... I have spent all morning wrapping up presents; I don't know why I thought it'd be a good idea to wrap them up in tissue paper - I forgot how easy it is to rip tissue paper when you're bending it over corners and things! 

Anyway I will be sure to keep my blog updated about Benidorm and the exciting birthday's ahead! Eeeeppp I can hardly contain my excitement. *fistpumps.

I've got me "beach body" ready - just gunna take my body to the beach
and hope for the best! Ha ha ha...

Morocco, IKEA, Cocktails & Fajitas.

Hello! You may have noticed I've been absent from my blog for a couple of weeks... I don't have a valid excuse I just got carried away with time and before I knew it it was the 9th of May! Ha ha; this is what I've been up to in the past two weeks! 


  • Tried Sushi for the first time (yuck)
  • Bought some cactus's because why not!
  • Cocktails in Chiquitos
  • Nap time
  • Bank holiday selfie
  • Loving BGT with Jord,
  • Walking with Jode,
  • Blowing up fifty balloons for work,
  • IKEA dates with Jode, 
  • More Chiquitos? (oops...)
  • Cuddles with Sid
  • Fajitas with baes,
  • Moroccan presents from Emma.

These are the beautiful things my friend Emma brought me back from Morocco; I absolutley love them! There's a clutch bag, 3 coin purses, real argan oil, solid perfumes (which smell amazing), bath roses, an ashtray/ornament, Moroccan eyeliner & Moroccan lipstick. I could not believe it when she walked over from her shop to mine with this mahoosive bag of goodies! I nearly fainted! She is one of the most generous and thoughtful people I've ever met - I am a very lucky girl with my Moroccan treats...