Tuesday, 7 April 2015

My Favorite Hemp Products.

I've used The Body Shop for a long time but its only been within the past year that I discovered my love for their Hemp range. The range consists of hand cream, hand butter, face protector, lip conditioner, foot cream, soap-on-a-rope, hemp oil,hand wash and body butter. I don't necessarily use all of the range however the bits than I do use, I love and thought I'd share them with you! 

Face Protector

The face protector is beautiful. I used this on a whim one evening because it was just chilling within my skincare box of goodies and I have loved it ever since. It is a high impact moisturizer and within seconds of using it my skin feels healthier and less tight from the days worth of makeup. I only use this in the evenings as I think its "too much" moisture for my skin for the day time. However I do love this and apply it most evenings before I go to get my beauty sleep!

Lip Conditioner

This is a long-term love of mine. I have never come across a lip product which is so moisturizing. For those days where your lips just feel really dry and unloved this is perfect! I love it. I have one of these in nearly every bag, pocket and corner of my house! This bad boy is also only £4 and worth every penny! I really love it. 

Hand Butter

Hemp hand butter is something I decided to try on my tiny patch of dry skin I have on my elbow. I never tend to get massively dry skin however on my left elbow I get a little circle of it which can get really painful and cracked! Its really not nice! I decided to try the butter because I knew it was more intense than the "hemp hand cream" and I thought it would do my elbow some good... I apply this every night before I go to bed, and a keep a pot of it in my bag to re-apply during the day. I love it. I don't know why but it stops my little dry patch from being painful and although its still there its now as soft as the rest of my skin and its barely noticable anymore! Woop. *fistpump!* I would 100% recommend this if you're prone to dry skin - I hear its especially good if you get psoriasis. (I do, ofcourse, also love the hand cream also however the hand butter is alot more moisturizing so I would choose that over the hand cream - especially as its only £1 more.)

And they're all my favorite Hemp products! I would like to try the body butter however I think the hemp scent would be slightly over powering if applied all over your body! For now I think I'll stick to my hand butter! I do also really love the soap-on-a-rope, I just think the concept is really cool and easy to use, and the actual soap leaves your skin so super soft afterwards! It really lathers up into a silky-smooth texture... I love it! However I am all out at the moment so didn't have one to photograph for you. :( *damnit.* But yeah! I am just loving Hemp at the moment so if you want something new to try I suggest you try these goodies! :)