Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Goodbye March!

Sometimes I really wish I had a remote control...March was flown by far to quickly - infact 2015 in general is going by really quickly. I wish I could just pause time for a little minute and chill - I mean time is starting to fly by ridiculously. I just wanted to post a quick snapshot of all the things I got up to towards the end of March, because before I know it we're going to be mid-April, and then it'll be May and I'll be off to Benidorm! *Eeeee* (I feel like I've mentioned Benidorm in every blog post - can you tell I'm excited?)

Visiting Anna & Steve's Farm.

Swindon with Hannah, new YSL lipsticks, work with Anna &
Alexandra Park with Jordan.

Pizza Hut with Natty, work with Anne & mid-shift selfie!

Walking Pete.

Clifton Suspension Bridge with Jodie.

Sunday Funday!

Night out in Melksham with my 3 favs.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Hello March!

Ok so, imagine me, innocently sat at my laptop typing away, finally finished the post I was writing... *post* I click... Then I clicked *delete* - what is wrong with me? Who knows. Anyway, lets try again! HELLO MARCH! Can you believe its March already? I feel like 2015 is flying by at 100mph - yesterday was New Years Eve and today its March the 3rd. I wish it would S-l-o-w-D-o-w-n!

I started off my previous blog post, which you'll now never get to read, talking about the fact my operation Benidorm Body is not going well. "Not going well" is infact an understatement - I should say "doesn't exist" or "can I have some more cake?" ...At least I'll fit in when I'm sat by the sea with my fellow whale mates. *Oooooaaahhh I speeeeaaakk whaleeeeee!*

"Megan, what've you been up to lately? Why haven't you wrote any posts?" Well, my dear blogging chums, I have been busy eating my body weight in unhealthy food. I've been in a "food-coma" of dominoes, cavalry's, cakes and general unhealthy food. It would seem when I tell myself to "eat healthy" my body does the complete opposite - its like I have no control of my hands - one minute I'm browsing through Facebook, the next minute I'm on the dominoes website being greeted by the "Thank you for your order!" screen. Friday afternoon I found myself at the pub with Anna and Collette, Friday night I had a girls night in with Lauren which, ofcourse, consisted of a dominoes, Saturday afternoon was "shopping and cavalry" day with Nats, and then today was, again, pub date-time with Anna and Collette. When will my bikini bod appear? When will my taste buds crave apples and not pizza? When will I be able to walk up the stairs without needing an inhaler? (Joking, I'm not quiet that bad.) 

Moving on from my slight food over-dose and onto the fact its been PAYDAY! My favorite day of the month. This month I treated myself to a gorgeous new handbag from Next. I eyed it up during a little trip to Next I had with my brother back in January but I resisted buying it...until now. At the moment I seem to be using "Benidorm" as an excuse to  buy anything, for example, "Ooooh that's a nice top? That'll be nice in Benidrom." I'm not going for another 2 months, and the fact I'm only going for a long weekend is out of the question - I find myself daily finding "necessities" to take with me - my new handbag being one of them... "Shopaholic" is the only word I can think of to describe myself! Ha ha... Next I picked up Rimmel London's new "Red Nose Red" lipstick; as you will've already guessed it is a red lipstick and I love it. Its a gorgeous, deep, statement, matte red that lasts a-g-e-s. I took this selfie after my lunch out and shopping trip with Natalie - so it lasted a good few hours without fading/smudging - I love it and hope it isn't limited edition? It probably is mind - especially for Red Nose Day...

I also treated myself to the new "Eyes Cube" from The Body Shop. Oh-me-oh-my I am in love. It is a new edition to their Vitamin E range - which I love. If you didn't already know, I am obsessed with their Vitamin E sorbet (moisturizer) which they brought out last Spring/Summer. Its a moisturizer with a cooling effect and it just feels beautiful. The "Eyes Cube" also contains the cooling properties so teamed together they're a dream combo. I am not a morning person so I love these to make me feel fresh and awake in the mornings. The cooling effect also works wonders on reducing dark circles and puffiness! I think it may be my new found love. Its also only £8! What a bargain! Usually TBS eye creams are above the £10 mark so this truly is a bargain. 

Anyway - I think that's everything! I just wanted to fill you in one how amazingly my diet is going, what I've been up to and, more excitingly, my new purchases... I'm now off to finish watching American Horror Story "Asylum". My friend Jordan told me to watch the series as he loves it but its all abit to weird and gory for me - however I've made it this far so I might as well watch the finale. Are you an AHS lover??? 

I thought I'd leave you with a picture of my delicious cake - try not to be to jealous!