Thursday, 12 February 2015


I thought I would tell you guys about "Polargram" today and what a brilliant idea of mine it was to get me some Polaroids printed! I love photos and capturing memories. I've always been the friend within my friendship group who takes the photos and constantly has her camera out - which now, everybody loves looking through the old and embarrassing snaps I have saved on my laptop. 

Late Saturday evening I was browsing the interwebs and came across the Polargram website where I decided to order myself 48 Polaroids for the bargain price of £12. The service on the Polargram website ( is so good, simple, and easy to use - you simply log onto your Instagram and pick the photos you would like to print; you can even scroll way back to the very beginning of your Instagram (careful mind, may lead to major embarrassment!).

Once I'd chose my favorite 48 snaps I was ready to checkout... Not only was Polargram the cheapest Polaroid printing site I'd found - but it also had free postage! I mean c'mon everyone loves free postage! I had browsed some sites previously where it was going to cost me £14 to print 12 Polaroid prints... And that was without postage! So, for me, Polargram was an obvious choice!

Now, obviously they're not authentic Polaroids but boy did Polagram do a dam' good job of making them look like it! I love how the prints turned out and I am so impressed with the beautiful colour, shine, thickness, and general quality of them. I half expected them to not have great clarity... but boy they are as clear as day! 

Finally, the prints arrived in the post super quick - I ordered them over the weekend, they were printed and dispatched on the Monday and I received them on the Tuesday! I was on over the moon... And not only was I over the moon because of the quick and speedy service but also because of the fact they sent me a free sweet! Haha. I thought this was such a nice gesture, it really made me feel like the brand cared about my order and that I was special! I can say hand on heart I will definitely order from Polargram again - they tick all my boxes! 

  • Easy to use website.
  • Well communicated.
  • Amazing prices.
  • Free postage.
  • Amazing quality prints.
  • SWEETS! 

...What more could you possibly ask for?

I just had to write a post about Polargram because I was so impressed, and surely I can't be the only one out there would enjoys looking at and keeping copy's of old photos? Imagine looking back on them when you're old and grey and reminiscing in all the memories. *Eeee* I also think Polaroid's are so bloody cute - I really want to make one of those tumblr-esque love heart collages on the wall made of Polaroids, do you know what I mean? (I'll try and find a photo!) I hope this hasn't inspired you to run off and spend all your money on printing Polaroids? I know I'm tempted to!... 

...found one!