Saturday, 21 February 2015

IKEA take #2 & 50 Shades of Grey.


Very recently I wrote about my adventure to IKEA with my friend Natalie and now, just over a week later, I've been again but this time with my life-long friend Tamara. Tamara and I have been friends for years as we attended Primary School together so we met when we were just four years old! She is currently at University in Bradford so we don't see each other very regularly - thank God for Snapchat! Anyway, as she is home this week we decided we would venture off to IKEA as she hasn't been for years and wanted to see what I was going on about...

We started off the day with a Mcdonald's breakfast! The best way to start the day - wouldn't you agree? I went for a sausage bagel, without the egg, and she had a breakfast wrap meal... And of course we both had a cheeky hash brown on the side. (Diet is once again on top form, I know.) Then we headed off on our journey...

After finally arriving in IKEA we tested out nearly every bed, chair, sofa, cushion and comfy-looking item - it was a stressful drive to IKEA as it was pouring with rain and driving on the motor-way in weather like that is not nice! The spray from the other cars was awful - you generally couldn't see! Oh well thankfully we arrived in one piece and were able to relax on some of the comfiest furniture my bum cheeks have ever had the pleasure of resting on. 

Once we'd walked around all the showrooms we stopped off for a snack - I've been to IKEA multiple times now and everytime I've wanted to try the meatballs, but I never do! So I thought "today's the day!" and jumped in head first to a plate of meatballs big enough to feed a small village... Don't get me wrong - they were okay but, in my opinion, they give you far too many! I had a plate of about 20 when in reality I only ate about five! Ha ha. (I'm not sure whether that has anything to do with the fact they tasted slightly like "dog food" or the fact I was still full from my McDonald's breakfast.) 

Finally we were done - I didn't buy much this time as I'd only just been in and stocked up on everything the week before with Natalie. All I bought this time was one candle lantern in a teal-y blue colour (I love these, they're only £2!) and a little tin candle with a red heart on top (this was only £1.50 and they smell amazing.) Oh and, of course, some pic&mix! The rest of the bits in the trolley are Tamara's things, and things I had to pick up for my Mum...

These are the lanterns from Ikea! I bought the Yellow one last time
and I felt like I needed to balance out my windowsill with another. 

Fifty Shades of Grey -

Or shall I say Fifty Shades of Shit? Oh Lordy. My friends (Tammy & Lauren) and I were all talking about the new movie "Fifty Shades of Grey" when Lauren piped up with the idea that we should all go see it together on Friday... So, come Friday, we all rocked up to the cinema, near where they live, with handbags full of sweets, crisps, chocolate and Sunny D  prepared to watch what we thought would be a "brilliant" film... Now, don't get me wrong the first hour of the film was quiet good, it was funny and fairly romantic... But the second hour was beyond boring! I suppose if you're into "no-real-story-line" you'll enjoy it - but it just wasn't the film for me. I don't even know how to describe it other than "weird" like - do people really enjoy that kind of thing? Eurrrgh. *shivers* maybe I'm just not open minded enough to appreciate it! Who knows. Have you seen it? What did you think?? I think I'd of enjoyed it more if they hadn't dragged it out for two hours - I mean without my thai chilli Pringle's I don't think I'd of made it to the end! Zzzz....

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Cinderella Selfies, Valentines Day Donuts and Crazy cat Woman.

So if you hadn't already guess by the title this is just a general "week in the life of Megan." I mean, I bloody love Cinderella, I enjoyed some fan-flipping-tastic valentines day donuts, and generally embraced the fact I am, and always will be, a crazy cat lady. Ha ha, this is what I've been up to this week (if you're interested - if you're not then I do apologize...)

As you can see it consisted of alot of work (hard work? Probably not), Lush baths (as always), food and cuddles with my cats. Man, am I really that lame? Ha ha. 

Morning selfie with Cinderella - if you didn't already read/see I bought myself a rather large Canvas of Cinderella the other day and obviously had to embrace it and take a selfie with it first thing.

Next, Valentines day balloons - sadly this wasn't bought for me by a gorgeous man who wants to whisk me away...No, it was given to me by my friend Emma who works in the shop opposite me - we had spent all day watching couples walking past all loved up this their Valentine's goodies and so many people were walking past with these balloons so we got our detective heads on, found out where they were coming from and she sneakily snuck (get descriptive works Megan) out to get us both one. Brill. Its now chilling on my ceiling leaving me debating whether to rip it open , suck the helium out and sing songs from The Chipmunks... Maybe tomorrow. 

After that is myself and one of my favorites Christina. We were innocently working on Tuesday when the girls from Heart Radio wondered in giving out free lemons for Pancake Day. What a brill idea - even though neither of us had pancakes to squeeze them on. Oh well, when life gives you lemons... Take a selfie with them.

Next is a snap of my gorgous Lush bath. For Christmas I was gifted three Father Christmas bath bombs and I loved them so much I tried to treasure them for as long as possible... This was my last one and boy was it a good'en...

Then its my fortune cookie from my delicious Chinese I shared with Lauren this evening. I'm not going to say anymore on that matter - and yes, before you ask, my diet is going amazingly. (LOL) Also, my fortune cookie read "You are deeply attached to your family and home." That isn't really a fortune is it? Its more of a statement. Oh well - its 100% true.

Finally, on Sunday I was lone working (the worst thing, ever) and I arrived to find a packet of fruit pastels with "To get you through the day! Love yeah, Christina xxx" can you see now why she's one of my favorite people? Literally such a good friend... I don't think the other pictures need explaining! I mean, they're pretty self explanatory, another Lush bath, some cheeky donuts, a few selfies,  and a brill Valentines Day quote which I will insert HERE :)

Ha ha ha... Imagine I even bought 2 bags on milk chocolate buttons for 25p the following day as well. (Again, diet is going swimmingly well. Benidorm body is definitely on the cards...) Now I better head to bed I'm off to my favorite place tomorrow... IKEA! Woot woot. 

Thursday, 12 February 2015


I thought I would tell you guys about "Polargram" today and what a brilliant idea of mine it was to get me some Polaroids printed! I love photos and capturing memories. I've always been the friend within my friendship group who takes the photos and constantly has her camera out - which now, everybody loves looking through the old and embarrassing snaps I have saved on my laptop. 

Late Saturday evening I was browsing the interwebs and came across the Polargram website where I decided to order myself 48 Polaroids for the bargain price of £12. The service on the Polargram website ( is so good, simple, and easy to use - you simply log onto your Instagram and pick the photos you would like to print; you can even scroll way back to the very beginning of your Instagram (careful mind, may lead to major embarrassment!).

Once I'd chose my favorite 48 snaps I was ready to checkout... Not only was Polargram the cheapest Polaroid printing site I'd found - but it also had free postage! I mean c'mon everyone loves free postage! I had browsed some sites previously where it was going to cost me £14 to print 12 Polaroid prints... And that was without postage! So, for me, Polargram was an obvious choice!

Now, obviously they're not authentic Polaroids but boy did Polagram do a dam' good job of making them look like it! I love how the prints turned out and I am so impressed with the beautiful colour, shine, thickness, and general quality of them. I half expected them to not have great clarity... but boy they are as clear as day! 

Finally, the prints arrived in the post super quick - I ordered them over the weekend, they were printed and dispatched on the Monday and I received them on the Tuesday! I was on over the moon... And not only was I over the moon because of the quick and speedy service but also because of the fact they sent me a free sweet! Haha. I thought this was such a nice gesture, it really made me feel like the brand cared about my order and that I was special! I can say hand on heart I will definitely order from Polargram again - they tick all my boxes! 

  • Easy to use website.
  • Well communicated.
  • Amazing prices.
  • Free postage.
  • Amazing quality prints.
  • SWEETS! 

...What more could you possibly ask for?

I just had to write a post about Polargram because I was so impressed, and surely I can't be the only one out there would enjoys looking at and keeping copy's of old photos? Imagine looking back on them when you're old and grey and reminiscing in all the memories. *Eeee* I also think Polaroid's are so bloody cute - I really want to make one of those tumblr-esque love heart collages on the wall made of Polaroids, do you know what I mean? (I'll try and find a photo!) I hope this hasn't inspired you to run off and spend all your money on printing Polaroids? I know I'm tempted to!... 

...found one!

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Cinderella! Cinderella!

Monday afternoon I found myself in my brother's car, Jay Z blaring, and Cinderella staring at me from the back seat... Oh yeah, nearly 19 year old Megan decided it would be a brilliant idea to buy a rather large Cinderella canvas - I honestly think its one of the best ideas I've ever had! Ha ha.

Meet Cinderella ladies & gentlemen, isn't she amazing? For as long as I can remember I've loved all things Disney, especially the princesses, everything about them reminds me of my childhood - so when I saw this canvas (for the bargain price of £13) I couldn't resist bringing home a bit of Disney magic for my bedroom. I don't love anything more than snuggling down in my jammie's and watching a Disney classic... They just make me so happy and nostalgic! So now every morning when I wake up I can be reminded of my Disney love and all the beautiful memories I have based around it. (Including the most amazing holiday ever to Disneyland back in 2012!) 

I took this photo during my trip to the land of Disney
- its Cinderella's float during the Disney Parade.
 I would love to relieve this!

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

LUSH: The Kiss Lip Products & BENEFIT: Rollerlash Mascara.

I have just got to tell someone about my three new favorite beauty bits... I've already told, and made, my friends try them so now its your turn to hear about them - sorry! I hope my description of them does them justice because I honestly think they're fan-bloody-tastic... :)

First of all is two things from one of my favorite shops, Lush (if you didn't already know!) and they are the "The Kiss" lip scrub and "The Kiss" lip gloss. Now, I'm not usually a massive lover of lip glosses but this one is amazeballs (yes, I just said amazeballs ... that's how much I love it.) It feels amazing on the lips, its so light and glossy - not at all sticky - and its a beautiful sheer pink colour, perfect for a bit of colour in the run up to Spring. Also, did I mention the fact it tastes incredible? 'cus it does! It tastes like sherbet, as does the scrub. I have never found a lip scrub I love as much as Lush's, theirs just seems to work wonders. It completely evens out the lips, removes any/all dead skin and makes them smooth and soft, its especially handy for this horrible cold weather when you get much drier lips. I use this religiously every morning and my lips are in a much better condition; I just can't get enough of it. I usually use their "Bubblegum" flavor, which is also lovely, but I think this may be my new fav! Shame its limited edition - I'll have to stock up won't I! (It also comes with little love hearts and sprinkles on the top - how sweet... Pun intended!)

Next, is the Roller Lash mascara - by Benefit. Oh me oh my. Where do I begin? I picked up this months copy of Elle magazine in Asda the other week and I was over the moon when I realized this was the free gift. Being a Benefit lover I was super excited to get home and try this out - especially after previously loving their other mascaras... This 100% lived up to my expectations! From the second I applied it I could see a difference. Now, its not very often that a mascara makes that profound a difference in as little strokes as this one did - I was in awe! I spent the whole day the next day asking everyone if they liked my new mascara. In the picture you can clearly see the shadow of my eyelashes on my cheeks - that's how long they were! Incredible. I love it. I love the way it makes my eyes stand out and look more open, its beautiful and I've noticed it barely smudges... Sometimes I find I get home from work and I've got bags from where I've rubbed my eyes throughout the day - not with this mascara! I got home and my mascara looked the same as when I applied it that morning. Amazing. I cannot wait for the Roller Lash to come out so I can buy a hundred. (Well, maybe not quite that many.) 

Ikea Haul - God Bless Ikea!

Yipee! I am finally happy with where I do my makeup in the mornings. For the longest time I've been experimenting to find where's best to apply it (sounds weird, I know) my window area hasn't got enough room, bathroom is not enough light, by main mirror is shadow-y... I have been living a daily struggle I tell you! Oh well I have finally turned my chest of draws into a dressing table which I am more than happy with! After my little trip to Ikea on Saturday I have found all the bits & bobs which keep my dressing table organized, pretty, and make it the perfect place to sit and get ready in the morning...

  • Mirror - No7 ultra zoom & light up. (Amazing for doing makeup!)
  • Teeny-tiny pots for hair grips & hand bands - Ikea - best idea I've ever had.
  • Large pink tin - Ikea - stores all my lipsticks bottom up so I know what colour I'm reaching for. So handy and looks so cute, I bloody love these tins from Ikea.
  • Brush tin - Ikea (again) - same style at the lipstick tin but more upright for brushes and in mint green as appose to pink. 

  • Light pink lamp - Argos - got this for free with an O2 priorities code! Bargain!
  • Tissues - Morrison's - I love the pattern on the side of these tissues, it matches my Ikea tins perfectly! One side is striped, the other spotty, one floral and one plain.  
  • Elle magazine - ASDA - ha ha everyone needs to buy this months copy of Elle magazine because you get a free Benefit Rollerlash mascara which is incredible!!
  • Small pink tin - Ikea - same as the one which holds my brushes however this one is filled with lip liners, glosses and chubby sticks. Oh and it looks like my eye lash curlers are in there to! Its all about "organised mess" right? Ha ha.
  • Large green tin - Ikea - this large one is the same style as the others I've mentioned but its more oblong instead of round; and this one contains all my nail varnishes & removers.

  • Glass jar - Ikea (I think!) - this one was a Christmas gift from my good friend Natalie; in here I keep my everyday jewelry so I don't misplace it! Ha ha (its often found in the bottom of my handbag! Oops.) 
  • Colour lid jars - B&M - I bought these jars on a whim with no idea what I was going to put inside them; I just loved them so much! I got them for 99p each (what a bargain!) and I have also seen the same ones in ASDA for £2.50! Inside them I keep; lip balms in stick form, lip balms in tub form, wax melts and mini handcream's. I usually keep these tucked away, stacked on top of each other, in the corner. 

  • Whole unit - Ikea - I love my units. I chose white ones so they would go with everything and when I was choosing the inner boxes I thought I'd go for floral & white so, again, they go with everything. I chose pink & mint accessories for my unit because they're the colour's in the boxes beneath and I just thought together it would all look really cute. The units are two separate - and they're £20 each! Such a bargain! You then have to separately buy the boxes to go inside which are £2.50. I love these units because they're so versatile; you can have them side by side; on top of each other; use them as shelves...There's so many different things you can do with them! I, obviously, use mine to store make up; skin care; perfumes; body products; hair products; then I've also got ones for underwear; books and DVD's.

  • To find what's what in my draws I have "draw inserts" (again, from Ikea) and they're only 80p each! I then have a big clear box for my skincare which was £1.00. I know my draws are still a bit of a mess but like I mentioned earlier its all about organized mess! Ha ha. I love how I store everything now and how easy it is to reach for in the morning when I'm blurry eye-ed getting ready with ten minutes till my bus leaves!! Ha ha. To see better what's what inside my draws you can click on the picture to enlarge it. :)

If you, or someone you know, is decorating a room in their house I 100% recommend they look at stuff from Ikea! Its crazy cheap and you can find almost anything there - needless to say its all really nice things aswell. I love Ikea and really enjoy looking around the showrooms and seeing how they've decorated and furnished their rooms. I thought I'd share with you my Ikea goodies simply  because I love them and am so happy with how they finish off my room. :)

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Hello Payday! Bye bye Money.

What a busy week! In between working I've had two days off this week - two days which I've spent shopping - my favorite hobby! Right now I am supposed to be preparing for my work's apperhasial tomorrow but I thought I'd procrastinate and write a post on my adventures with my with my chummy's. Its been an expensive week I tell you - I only got paid 7 days ago and I'm already counting down the days till next payday! (19 days...)


On Wednesday (February 4th) myself and my beni-babe Wan (Anna) went shopping to Swindon. We started off the day by catching the 9 o'clock bus to Chippenham where we got there just in time for the train to Swindon, after a bumpy train journey where we had to stand right next to the shitty, blocked toilets (not joking - most revolting thing I've ever seen!) we finally made it! Boy I was ready for bed already - I've never been up, dressed, ready and out the house that early on my day off! Ha ha. Once we left the train station I had to persuade Wan to walk to the Outlet Center - walking past the tempting taxi's waiting for fatty's like us in the ranks. No. We walked! (Aren't we good?)...

Lipstick = new The Body Shop universal Poppy lip & cheek tint.
(Mentioned in previous post!)
After waltzing round the Outlet for a few hours we stopped off for a well deserved Starbuck's breakfast (when I say "breakfast" I really mean cake) we were preparing ourselves for the mighty treck into the town center we were about to set out on... However we were greeted into town by a all you can eat Chinese (oops) we had stopped off at our favorite restaurant Cosmo's for a cheeky Chinese. 

During our shopping trip we had a stop off at one of my favorite shops... Lush! Anna doesn't often shop in Lush and had told me she wanted some nice bath bombs like the ones I use so we thought we'd had a cheeky look in... Little did we know we would leave with bags full of bombs, lip glosses, lip scrubs and body butters! We were assisted by the manager of the Swindon branch and she was really lovely and helpful - she even took a selfie with us and posted it on their Instagram. (How embarrassing. Wouldn't be so bad if I only had one chin! Ha ha.)

Anyway once we'd finished shopping we headed back. By the time our train came to take us home it was now nearly 6'oclock! We'd been shopping for a good 8 hours and my shoulders and bank account could sure tell! Oh well... You're only young once! Pay checks are there to be wasted on clothes, food, candles, and makeup. True? I think so. Oh while talking about buying clothes I'll share with you my traumatic experience in Primark... I was innocently trying on a few bits & bobs when all of a sudden my dressing room curtain was whipped open... AAAHHH!! I screamed, span around and saw a little boy looking up at me - little perv. I whipped my curtain back shut and gave him a little nudge in the direction of the floor - ha, that'll teach you little bastard.

Finally. During my shopping trip I thought I'd treat myself to a hat. I've never been one to wear hats but lately it seems like everyone and their Nan is wearing them so I thought it was about time I owned one! I found this one in Primark and thought I would take it to Benidorm with me (only bought it 3 months and 6 days early) but I'm not sure how I feel about it - I don't think I'm much of a hat wearer... We'll have to see, maybe I'll wear it come summer? Who knows.

New Hat - Primark
New Top - ASDA. 


My second little adventure of the week was to one of my favorite places! IKEA! I just love IKEA. I enjoy walking around the showrooms and nosey-ing at all the apartments and house set-ups, I enjoy browsing around the home-wear's and picking and choosing bits & bobs to go in my room, I love smelling all the candles and more often than not coming home with a packet of each scent, and finally I enjoy the cheap food, re-fill-able drinks and free wifi in the restaurant! I went to IKEA with my good friend Nats - we both love a good "homewear haul" so wanted to go together... After IKEA we even went to Next, ASDA home, and finally Boot's for a bit of (well needed) make-up retail therapy! Its safe to say I am all shopped-out now. (And for the foreseeable future!)

Guess how much ALL this food costed? ... £4.20 - what a bargain. I couldn't believe it when the cashier asked, I was like "ermmm what? Come again?!" haha. Crazyness. 


Finally I thought I'd share with you my FOTD because I am really loving the make-up I'm using at the moment as I find it so long-wearing, quick to apply, and perfect for the very end of winter/beginning of spring. I think, for now, its bye bye deep red lipsticks see you again around October time!

  • Foundation = Benefit Hello Oxygen Foundation in "Oh Honey!"
  • Primer = The Body Shop's Wonderblur
  • Bronzer = Rimmel London Sun Love Bronzer 002
  • Blusher = The Body Shop's Macaroon Blush
  • Lipstick = The Body Shop's Smoky Poppy universal lip & chick tint.
  • Eyeliner = The Body Shop's liquid liner (black.)
  • Eyeshadow = Maybelline Colour Tattoo shadow in Pink Gold.
  • Mascara = Benefit's new mascara; Rollerlashes. 

Monday, 2 February 2015

Smoky Poppy.

Pinch, punch, second of the month!

Tonight I thought I'd share with you the super exciting new goodies I got from The Body Shop today! As I always treat myself to all the new goods The Body Shop have to offer this range would be no different! I introduce you to; Smoky Poppy.

The Smoky Poppy range is unlike anything else TBS (I can't be bothered to keep typing The Body Shop haha) have to offer, its very musky as uppose to fruity or nutty like the other selections... The smell is very sensual, deep, musky, and I almost think its "mysterious" - but  maybe that's because I've never smelt anything like it. I feel like its unique smell and sleek black packaging make it seem really intriguing and  mysterious. I think that it'll be perfect for relaxing in a candle-lit bath after a long day, or on a evening out when you're all dolled up and reaching for your favorite night time perfume - I don't think this is light enough to be a day time perfume, its too intoxicating and musky for that, its much better for evening wear. Also, whats nice about this is that it is so different from what TBS already have to offer - you'll either love it or you'll hate it but either way it'll be one of those things people talk about... I have a feeling this range will be really popular because of its uniqueness and stunning packaging - well done TBS you've got your Valentine's Day range down to a T this year. 

Sorry I didn't get better pictures! As soon as my mum got her mitts
on this she was off using it! Ha ha. Didn't think half used photos would do
it justice - so just enjoy the gorgeous, mysterious black packaging!

Next I picked up a Red Musk fragrance "mist" - over Christmas I wore alot of the Red Musk eau de toilet but felt like maybe it was abit strong for day to day so I really love the mist because its alot lighter and fresher as uppose to be heavy and musky, don't get me wrong I really love the EDT but the mist is alot more me so as soon as I smelt that I knew I just had to have one! (I'm a spend a holic - I know!) Again, I think the Red Musk range has a very expensive smell to it - don't you love getting a "high end" product with a "high street" price tag?

Finally I got the new and most exciting thing... TBS's new lipstick! Or shall I say "velvet stick"... Its a universal lipstick that changes colour depending on who's wearing it - I know, weird huh? It changes due to a persons skin type, ph level, and temperature. When I first applied it, it was a deep purple-y plum but once I'd warmed it up, by rubbing my lips together, it turnt a beautiful hot pink colour. I just had to buy one of these simply because I've never seen anything similar to it before and I was so intrigued! Myself and my friends; Anna, Natalie, Jodie and Christina have all tried it and it went a different colour on all of us... It is very strange! But unique, which is what I like about it! 

So, in conclusion, I bought...

  • Smoky Poppy bath bombs - £12
  • Smoky Poppy Shower gel - £4
  • Smoky Poppy mini body butter - £5
  • Smoky Poppy eau de toilet - £8.50
  • Universal Lip & Cheek Velvet Stick - £12
  • Red Musk fragrance mist - £7.50

There's loads of other bits and bobs included in the Smoky Poppy range like a massage oil, a body scrub, large body butter, body lotion, limited edition bath lily (shaped like a poppy, duh), 5 other shades of the poppy velvet sticks, a poppy shaped blusher brush, and 2 poppy eye shadow quads... So there's plenty to chose from. As I mentioned earlier TBS have bought out Smoky Poppy for Valentines Day so I think I better go on a boyfriend hunt to hunt someone down and make him buy me the remainders of the collection! Ha ha... 

Right! Now I'm off for an early night and to watch a few episodes of Awkward before bed. (My new fav TV program - hallelujah for Showbox!) I hope you enjoyed reading about TBS's new product's and I hope I did them justice, I never realized how hard is it to write about and describe smells! *Note to self get a better descriptive vocabulary for next time.* 

...cheekily got this off of Google!