Friday, 30 January 2015

January = DONE!

Finally! Its over and payday is finally upon us! Woooopppp! After the longest month of my life I finally have money! F.i.n.a.l.l.y. Although I owe out £300 of bills, £250 for my holiday and over £100 for my driving test. (Yes, I fully just heard my purse GULP.)  Oh well, money isn't everything right...?

I can't believe January is over already! The first month of 2015 is done! Yet I still haven't bought a calendar or a proper diary - I think I deserve a pat on the back for being organized! (Ha!) Was January amazing? Yeah, pretty good, I saw my two my two lovely friends return from Australia/Hong Kong with gossip, gifts and suntans (lucky bitches), I had Jodie return from Austria for a whole week, I spent a lot of time with Jord, I earned alot of money, I was told the amazing news that I'm going to see Paloma Faith in June,  I lost 9lb (although have probably put that back on now) and... best of all... I booked my holiday to Benidorm! Ahh... What a crazy month, I feel like I haven't had time to breathe! Busy busy busy...

I am so excited to see what February and the rest of 2015 brings. Eeee *fist pumps.* Now I'm off to finish January in style - a day of bubble bath's and The Vampire Diaries. What. A. Dream... Byeeeeee.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Throw Back...Monday?

Very recently my laptop had a complete meltdown and wiped everything off of it for about 30 minutes before I cracked out my nerd-skills and managed to get my 5,000+ photos back! My laptop is about 4 years old and is full of memories, people, photographs, videos and allsorts of things I would never want to loose so I thought if I upload a couple onto my blog I will never loose them. (Fingers crossed anyway.) 

Sunday, 25 January 2015

First Sunday Adventure Of 2015.

What a crazy day! I was lone-working all day at work which was awful it was so busy and I was so lonely (lame, I know) and it just wasn't very nice! I got home stressed and hungry so was very happy to see a massive plate of sweet chili ribs and vegetables waiting for me! (Easily pleased aye!) 

After scuttling upstairs and getting under the duvet I logged onto Skype to Skype my two best friends, Jodie and Jordan. As I'm sure I've mentioned loads of times Jordan now lives in Gloucester where he is at university and Jodie lives in Austria where she's training to become a Ski Instructor. We don't always have time to talk to each other where we are so busy doing different things so I was quiet looking forward to our long awaited catch up... As I was saying, I got under the duvet nice and cozy and accepted my Skype call to see Jodie's face smiling away at me... "Where are you?" I asked her, because it looked sooo dark, "I don't know. Where am I?" she replied... Erm, what? How would I know?! Next thing I know she shoots the camera round, away from her face, and shes outside my house in England!! Whaaatt!! Mind blow! She had flown all the way from Austria, traveled from the airport and was outside my house. I had no idea. After a little cry and a hug we drove off and ended up in Alexandra Park...

Alexandra Park is a park (well, duh) in the City of Bath which is about 20 minutes away from where I live. Neither of us had ever been before so we thought we would go and see what all the fuss was about... It was amazing. Sitting on top of a hill over looking the whole of Bath was beautiful! And it was so weird to be doing it with Jodie. Just yesterday she was miles away from me and now we're sat together, in England, in Alexandra Park... Words can't describe how weird it was. Although, considering we haven't seen each other properly in 3 months it didn't feel like a day had gone by! We were just chit-chatting away like we saw each other yesterday...

Anyway, that's the end of my Sunday adventure - I just wanted to share with you how beautiful Alexandra Park is! Isn't it amazing? Might possibly be my new favorite place. Ha ha... Welcome home Jode. :)

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Benidorm Bod...

2 weeks in and I'm half a stone down! I can't actually believe it, I went out for a Chinese the first week, and had a dominoes the second week... I thought I'd of gained half a stone let alone loose one! (When I texted Anna she replied with "you lost half a stone? Where to? Do you want me to help you find it? Haha - so much for supportive friends!) Oh well, hey-hoe, I must be doing something right - maybe exchanging my normal fizzy drinks for "zero's" or "diet's" is doing something...And changing my usual order at spoons to a jacket potato is helping...Who knows! But I just thought I would share with you my accomplishment! Roll on Benidorm.... Only 3 months, 20 days, 5 hours and 13 minutes to go... Keep praying for me and my benidorm bod - please

FOTD. Current Favorites.

Recently I have been wearing the same handful of make up day in, day out, I'm really happy with how my makeup looks at the moment so I haven't wanted to change it. Y'know when you just find a little collection that looks so nice together you think "why wear anything else?" Haha, I'm in the bubble at the moment and I have had quite a few people tell me they really like it also - which is always nice to hear! So I thought I would share with you the items currently in my everyday makeup bag... A few are new(ish), and a few are old favorites so excuse the beaten up packaging...

The first thing I apply is my primer - I wrote a whole post on my gorgeous primer the other day so I will leave the link here if you want to go and read about it in more detail! Basically the primer is a gorgeous new product by The Body Shop, its a very feather-light texture which completely evens out black heads, open pores, fine lines and any other skin imperfections. It makes my skin so even, soft, and perfect for my foundation to go on smoothly afterwards. I love it. Oh and its called Wonderblur! (How could I miss out the name?! Haha...)

Secondly its time for foundation. At the moment I am loving The Body Shop's moisture foundation - having oily skin usually results in me using a foundation which is oil-proof, or mattifying but just lately as its been cold, 'orrible weather I've found that the moisture foundation is perfect for me and it leaves my skin more "glowing" as upos to shiny/dewy which is usually does... Its a really nice coverage to and my skin looks so much clearer with that and the Wonderblur...

Next its concealer time. I'm so spotty at the moment! I think its because last month my Benidorm buddy Anna had a few spots which she was really conscious about (you could barely see them!) so I kept winding her up about them... Well, didn't karma come around and bite me on the bum! Haha. Lately I've been using alot of The Body Shop's "flawless concealer" around my spotty areas. Its been doing the trick and has hid them pretty well! (I think!) 

Afterwards I crack onto the bronzer stage... Once upon a time I found this Rimmel London bronzer in Superdrug's bargain bucket! It was 90p (!!) and was in perfect condition. I've no idea why it was even on offer... But hey-hoe, I scooped it up and have loved it everyday since. Its such a gorgeous, subtle, matt bronzer which really helps shape your face and make everything look abit "warmer" which is nice during the winter... Especially as I am paler than milk at the moment! Sadly I have literally just taken these photos; right at the end of the day so you can't really see any of it left! (Boohoo!) but take my word for it - its beautiful. And sooo worth 90p. Haha. (I wear the shade 002 sun love.)

Once I've done my bronzer I pop my blusher one... The blusher I'm currently using is an old favorite which I think I got for my 16th birthday! (Do blushers go out of date?! Haha, who knows!) Anyway, its a lovely peach-y colour and its called Macaroon. I absolutley loved it when I got it and had completely forgotten about my love for it until just recently! Its a light, peach-y/pink, matt blusher which just gives you a touch of colour... I hate statement blusher on me, I never suit it! I much prefer a subtle pink like this one. (This is also from The Body Shop.) :)

Lastly I do my eyes. I always do my eyes last - is that weird? Who knows. At the moment I am loving Maybelline's colour tattoo eye shadows... They're so nice, creamy, and the pigment is amazing! The colour I've been wearing is Pink Gold; and I just love it for a subtle everyday shade... These are also such a bargain! They're only £5 - and I scooped up a few when they were on 3 for 2. (Gotta love a bit of 3 for 2!) I really love how easy these are to apply as well because you can literally whack it on with your fingers! Sooo quick and simple, especially when you're running late for work! (Which is near enough every day for me!)

After applying my cream shadow I have been applying a tiny bit of shadow on top of it... I think it just makes the colour pop more... I have found myself reaching for the W7 palette "In The Buff" for this as it is full of loads of nice, natural nude colours. The range of colour's are such easy-to-wear neutral shades... The colour I have been wearing with my Pink Gold colour tattoo has been Sand; which is the third one in from the bottom, its a nice light matt pink which compliments the cream shadow really well. (This palette is very cheap! I think I picked it up for £5! You can only buy it from really random shops mind so you'll have to keep an eye out!) 

Finally! Last but not least is Mascara. I was gifted a box of L√≥real makeup for Christmas and this beauty was in amongst all the other delights... Honestly, I have never found a mascara I like as much as this. I mean, don't get me wrong, I have used loads of nice mascaras because but I find this one is on another level! It makes my lashes so long, even, and dark... It generally is like wearing falsie's. There's no clumpiness or dropping, it is just perfect and so many people have said my lashes look nice since I started wearing this... Eeee, I just love it and know it'll be a firm favorite of mine for a long while! 

Friday, 23 January 2015

Red Lips.

I am always wearing something on my lips, 9 time out of 10 it'll be lipstick, but occasionally I do reach for the lipgloss... It just so happens that lately it has been lipglosses I've been wearing - and I've been wearing alot of red... I mean, everybody loves a good red lip don't they?

These two lip products are my "go to" lip products at the moment. The first is one of Rimmel London's Apocalips - sadly I ripped the label off when I opened it so I no longer know the name of the colour! Eee, sorry, but it is a gorgeous deep, dark red which I love. Its so easy to wear and its a really good smudge-proof gloss. Sometimes I find lipglosses slide off your lipsticks too easily, this one doesn't! He's a keeper. Haha. You can also get these super super cheap now - I saw a few in the Poundshop the other day! How could anyone say no to that price! 

The second is The Body Shop's Frosted Cranberry lipgloss - I wore this alot over Christmas as it was part of their seasonal range however lately I've been wearing this alot during the day as its a nice light red - not too statement-y... Y'know? I find this one to be alot more moisturizing than the Apocalips, and I prefer the texture; this one is alot lighter whereas the Apocalips is ever so slightly sticky - however I do reach for the both an equal amount.

The other day I thought I'd be really crazy and I wore them both together. (I know. What a wild life I lead!) Haha. Either way I thought I'd share these two products with you because I love them and have found myself wearing them again and again recently! What lippy's have you been loving throughout January?

Hair Dilemma...

Aaaahhh!! At the moment I am feeling so unmotivated with my hair. I used to make atleast a little effort when I left the house...Ha! What does effort even mean these days?! I would do a fishtail plate, curl it, straighten it, y'know...I would shake it up a bit and do a variety of different hair styles but lately its just been bunbunbunbunbunbunbun... Having long hair has its pro's and con's and often I find myself wondering what if I just grew a pair and cut it all off... It would be so much easier!

This morning it was on the greasy side, the knotty side, and the bushy side of life so I decided to do a high-pony tail, and then plate it... I haven't worn my hair like this since primary school! It felt so old school having it all pulled back, but I actually really liked it and alot of people said that they really liked it too! So I've decided I have got to start making an effort with my hair again... No more buns!  I'm even going to treat myself to a curling iron when I get paid. (Roll on payday! Only 7 days to go...)

Also, today, I found this photo of Natalie and I from our friend Debbie's wedding last year... Its so weird to look at it now! When this photo was taken me and Nat's still worked together, Julianna (another friend) still worked with us, and Debs still lived in England! Now they have all left me at work and Debs has moved to America! Its crazy how much can change in under a year... I feel very lucky to have met such lovely people through work, and even luckier to be able to call them friends. :) (Soooppppyyy..) 

Finally... this really cute quote popped up on my Instagram today! I really enjoyed it and thought it was really inspiring. :) ...I am determined to make 2015 an amazing year! "A head full of fears has no space for dreams." 

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Instagram Week.

A Good Week!

  • Bought myself some new makeup brushes! Eeeekkk.
  • Slippers & dressing gown on my first day off in EIGHT days!
  • Cold, feet up, long ol' bus journey...
  • Yummy dominoes pizza with Anne.
  • Cat alarm clock!!
  • Four-eyes selfie with Anne
  • Pub lunch
  • Mid laugh selfie with Lauren
  • Snow Angel (Lush bath bomb)
  • My new holiday money box... Miniooons!
  • The cutest quote! That made me smile mid-week.

A good week! Although a busy week... Saw two of my lovely friends return from Hong Kong/Australlia, caught up with my two bestie's (Jodie and Jordan) who now live in Cheltnham and Austria, then had lunch with my holiday pal (Anna) on Thursday and today, booked my holiday (woooo), spent an evening with the lovely Lauren, and then finished off the week with a relaxing day! Such a nice, friend-filled week. I'm very lucky to have such good friends! :) I wish every week was like this! 

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Laugh till it hurts, and then laugh some more.

Last night was one of the funniest nights I've had in a long time. Myself and my friend, Lauren, decided to go for one last Chinese before our diets began (although mine began Monday, a cheat day 2 days in doesn't count...right?) Either way we decided to go to our favorite Chinese and have a catch up over a chicken ball, or two...

I don't even know what was so funny about the night but after demolishing our Chinese and being so full I'm sure I could've sneezed out a full sized chicken ball, we retreated to her house where we ended up laughing so much I had tears streaming down my face, a stitch bigger than you can imagine and maybe a little bit of wee in my pants (to much info?).

I really love spending time with my friends, being around people who make you laugh like that is always good! Laughing is exercise anyway isn't it? If that's true I might've burnt off that Chinese before I'd even got home... (Pray for me and my Benidorm body please people.)

Benidorm = BOOKED!

Just a mere 3 days after writing my first BENIDORM post my holiday has now all been booked, planned, and paid for. I honestly couldn't be more excited. On Tuesday I had a long ol' day at work and I'd just reached the stock room, breathless (2 flights of stairs!) and wanting to go home (it had been a long morning!) when I received a text off of Anna "Shall I book Benidorm?" It took me all of three seconds to reply with; "uhhhrr YEAH" I generally don't think there is a better way to turn around a otherwise shit day than with news like that! here we are, January 15th 2015 and I am counting down the days until May 15th already. Exactly four months today (119 days) and I'll be chilling by the pool, book in one hand and cocktail in the other... Eeeeekkk!! *Excitement overloaaaddd!* 

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Bargain Hunter! - Boots Haul.

This week I was abit naughty and treated myself to a few new goodies from Boots. I've worked every day since last Thursday, including the weekend, and am working everyday now until Friday - so I deserved this, right?! Ha ha... Every year my local Boots seem to randomly put out a basket/box of insanely cheap makeup goodies at some point during January... They don't make a big thing about it they generally just shove it all in a box and leave it out for you to hunt your way through and get some bargains! Most of it is rank and beaten up ol' make up...But usually you come across a cheeky bargain or two! I remember last year Barry M Dazzle Dust's were £1 each! (They're usually around the £5 mark!) 

These are the bargains I picked up this year: (Including a Body Shop nail varnish I also scooped up, that obviously was not from Boots...)

  1. The Maybelline "FIT ME" foundation/concealer stick. I have used this product before and I really liked it. It was a really good shade for me and I really like the coverage and finish it gave me - however I thought it was abit pricey for the amount you get (which is not very much) so I never re-purchased it... Its something I've debated buying again a few times but when its around the £9 mark I decided against it and went for a "proper" foundation. (You know what I mean, the normal liquid-y type.) However at £4 how could I say no! 
  2. Maybelline Colour Show nail polish. I had just bought The Body Shop's nail polish shown in the picture and when I saw this I thought the two would look really nice together. I really like the Maybeline Colour Show polishes so I couldn't say no to buying one when they were 75p could I! Just could not resist...
  3. My favorite lipsticks at the moment are the Maybelline Colour Sensation's! I am loving them and have recently splurged and bought myself some (at full price may I add!) so when I saw this one going at £3, again, my will power took a dive head first off of a bridge and it ended up in my basket! This lipstick is a beautiful bright pink colour. (Perfect for summer!) Its a really nice consistency and it feels really nice on.
 I am very happy with my findings and wish Boots would chuck some more goodies into their sale... I feel like I deserve another £1 dazzle dust! Is that to much to ask?! Ha ha..

Monday, 12 January 2015

WONDERBLUR! - The Body Shop.

Hello hello! Today is the day that The Body Shop launches their brand new and initiative product; The Wonderblur.  I am beyond excited for this product to launch as I absolutley love it. Its essentially a primer - but at the same time it is so much more than that. Not only does it prime and prepare the face it also makes open pores vanish, blackheads become barely visible and fine lines are minimized...(not that I have any of those, yet!)

Normally when a product claims to do all of these things I think "yeah right" but in this case it really does do everything it claims to. I honestly can't tell you how much better my skin looks now I'm using this! I fell in love with this product from the second it touched my skin - it is so silky soft and I don't know how but my black heads just disappeared! My skin became soft, smooth, and even. I know I won't wear anything else under my makeup from now on. This really is gorgeous. I also find it makes my makeup look so fresh and natural - I never look cake-y or to thick (like some primers can leave my skin looking!) Its just such a light product its like you're not wearing anything. 

Gah, I just love it. I have found my makeup lasts so much longer and looks so much better, my skin looks alot more even, my pores/blackheads are hidden and almost completely gone and even after taking my makeup off my skin still feels fresh and soft. I love it... I don't find myself looking in the mirror mid-morning and being like; "where has all my foundation gone?!" Its still there, its still matte, it still looks great and it still looks smooth... I also love the gorgeous green packaging! Don't you just love a well packaged product? Ha ha. (I feel like I've said LOVE one hundred times - but it's true, I really do love it!)

I feel like this product is so much more premium than the other The Body Shop primers; I am usually partial to a bit of their "Instablur" primer - however I have been completely converted to the Wonderblur now... It really works wonders! (Yes, the pun was intended!) I really recommend everyone try's this product... You can thank me later! ;)


I thought I would share the weird and wonderful news with you that myself and my friend, Anna, are off on holiday to Benidorm together. Anna is somebody I have known all my life - our parents are friends so we've known each other since day dot... Sometimes she knows things about my family before I even do!

This year we both turn 19 and as our birthdays are 1 month apart we decided to do something crazy and go to Benidorm for the weekend... A weekend of sun, swimming, cocktails, laughs and food is exactly what I need! We both work together now so we're being each others inspiration to save money for the holiday and to "diet" and get a "Benidorm body" (HA! We both caved and had a sausage roll yesterday - working next to a bakery is alot harder than you'd imagine!) I also need a little (alot) of guidance when it comes to money; I am one of these people that manages to spend their wages within 1 week of being paid (oops) so working with her she'll be able to shout at me when I go to buy things I don't necessarily need... It feels so weird that we're actually going, it started off only a week ago us joking about it, and now we're looking at flights and preparing to buy tickets. (On payday of course, because as I mentioned I am shit with money.) 

I've been saying to myself for a while now that as I work full time I should "do" something with my money as appose to wasting it all the time so being able to pay for myself to go away on holiday feels really weird. (Even if it is only Benidorm!) We chose Benidorm because we thought it would be a laugh - cheap alcohol, beaches and abit of sunshine is all we had on our check-list! We fly out at the beginning of May and excited doesn't even cover it!! Eeeeeppp,

This is Anna! 

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Hello 2015 - Happy New Year!

My first post of 2015... 8 days in, £80 down, a fresh shiny new laptop screen and here I am. (Lets not talk about that; its a new year its meant to begin well!) I can't believe we're 8 days in to 2015 already! I feel like its flying by already. S L O W D O W N! I need time to even think of a New Year's Resolution let alone start one. I haven't even bought myself a diary or a calendar yet! Damn - being more organized is definitely going to be one of my resolutions... Eventually! 

This is how I've spent 2015 so far! With some of my favorite people and doing my favorite things; friends, family, food, cats, lipstick and Disney. (Note my new Disney slippers - best £2 I ever spent!) I hope the New Year is one of my best ones yet - its been pretty good so far. :) Happy New Year everyone. x