Thursday, 26 November 2015


How is it possibly the last weekend in November already? I really don't know. But one thing I do know is - its been a strange month. I've been really sad, really stressed, and really happy all at different points of this month. Its been crazy. But I feel like a stronger person for it - is that really strange? Who knows... Anyway, Decemeber is around the corner and I just wanted to say ... GOODBYE NOVEMBER (you've been eventful!)

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Heavens Gates.

So a few weekends ago me & my little Slimmy decided to go out and get absolutley white man wasted - obviously the next day we felt very sorry for ourselves so we decided to go to our favorite place The Lock Inn and then afterwards we went for a little adventure to "Heavens Gates." I love Lauren (a.k.a Slim) so much and weekends spent with her and my fav. 


Halloween was a long time coming and let me tell you, it was worth the wait! I had the best time with the best people... Although I might only remember little bits here & there I wouldn't change any of it, I flipping love my friends (even when they're covered in blood & they've had one too many shots...)


Zombie eyes with Wan...

Toilet chats with Tommy...

Before Vicky got kicked out of the night club.... Hahaha...

Pre drinks...

Me bestie...

I do not remember taking this photo, I might've been dressed as a zombie but by this time I definitely felt like one!

Zombie husband & wife...

Sunday, 11 October 2015


This weekend I received a little bit of good news... I have been promoted at work! I am leaving the shop I currently work in to go and be the assistant manager in another, much bigger, shop. I am beyond excited! Currently it is a 5 month contract to see if I like it, if they like me, and to see whats happening with the manager of that shop, but either way its an amazing opportunity for me and I am very happy. I really do love my job and can't believe I'll be moving shop after two long and unforgettable years!  I have met some awesome people in that shop, made some hilarious memories and learnt loads of lessons... But now, its time to go and make some memories in a different shop...

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Sunday, 27 September 2015

A Week Of Birthdays.

Pink Ribbon = Mum & Blue Ribbon = Dad. (Unique hey!)
This week has been a week of birthdays in the Starling household. The 22nd being my Dad's birthday and the 25th being my Mum's birthday! For my Dad's we celebrated with presents in the morning and a take-out in the evening. (Birthdays always = Chinese take away in my house!) 

One of my favorite jumpers is making a comeback! I love Autumn. 
Then, for my Mum's birthday we went to Swindon Outlet Center shopping! We love the Outlet Center because it has some really nice shops (with really nice price tags!) and for lunch we went to Giraffe - one of my favorite places! Its so awesome inside, it has a really industrial edge to it - and the food and drinks are amazing - I went for the Giddy Giraffe smoothie which, although looks awful, tasted incredible

Life tip - ALWAYS opt for Sweet Potato Fries - they're God's gift to Humans.
I really enjoy birthdays, buying presents, wrapping presents and making other peoples days special. Its the one time of year its acceptable to be a bit soppy, let people know how much you love them, and wind them up by filling their cards with confetti. Mwhahaha!

Monday, 21 September 2015 happy

Being happy is the best thing you can be! I am 19 and have not idea what I want to do with my life, for the most part I am just winging it. Whenever people ask me "what I want to be" or "where I see myself in 5 years time" I just want to be happy and right now I must be doing something right because I am happy. :)

...this song is also making me very happy at the moment too! 


Autumn Skin Care.

Just lately I have decided I am going to look after my skin alot more. I have so many skincare products which just sit in little baskets in my room waiting to be used. Well, their day has come, its time for them to be used...

Drops Of Youth Face Mask - this product has been chilling in my collection for a little while... When I first bought it I loved it and used it almost everyday - however I got lazy and it ended up in one of my dreaded baskets-of-no-return. Last night, I decided to give myself a mini facial, because I've had so many late nights lately it was looking a bit "dead", this is the product I reached for and oh boy I have been reminded about how much I love it! It leaves my skin so soft and smooth. There's no unevenness or redness, it just looks smooth and awake. I bloody love it - and its so convenient to just slap on a thin layer before bed... (This should really be every lazy girl's skin care must have!)  

Oils Of Life Facial Oil - I'm a big believer in oils reduce oils. I used to use The Body Shop's Vitamin E overnight serum-in-oil which I really enjoyed, however, I thought I would shake it up and try The Body Shop's brand new Oils Of Life Oil instead. I am so glad I did. This product really is a luxury product, from the second I opened it I knew that. It smells amazing, looks amazing, and feels amazing. I'm not sure I would use this product everyday because it really is so rich and nourishing however I plan to use it atleast everyday other day. It feels incredible. Love love love it.

Shea Lip Butter - Every night, before I go to bed, I plaster my lips in some form of lip product. Sometimes to the point where I look like a right wolly with it all over my face! However, its worth it! I wake up and my lips feel and look so much better. My current favorite has been The Body Shop's Shea lip butter. I found it in the pocket of my old dressing gown and just fell back into love with it. Definitely one of my "must have" products!

This is my little "skin epiphany" I have told myself I am going to do my skincare everyday and I am going to have better skin by the time winter comes around! These products are just a couple of my favorites for the evening - what are yours?

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Goodbyes are hard!

Even if it is only for a short while, I have finally said goodbye to all my friends who are returning back to university. Saying goodbye really sucks! I picked Tamara up at 10'oclock this mormning to get her to the coach station for half 10 - I know shes not left the country but saying goodbye seriously sucks! Especially after having such an amazing summer! Oh well - before I know it they'll all be home again for Halloween! (One of my favorite holidays and I am most excited for it already!) 

Also - I just want to throw it out there that I've been to see two of the best films recently! Over the past few weeks myself and Tamara have been to the cinema once a week, every week! (I am a bit of a film fanatic if I'm honest!) Me and Earl and The Dying Girl was i-n-c-r-e-d-i-b-l-e like honestly amazing - I cried pretty much the whole way threw, and fifteen minutes afterwards in the car park! It was amazing and made you feel "all the feels" if you know what I mean? It was amazing - I would recommend it to anybody. The second brilliant film we watched was "The Maze Runner - The Scorch Trials". I am such a fan of The Maze Runner trilogy (and not just because Dylan O'Brien is the main character - that's just an added bonus!) So I feel like the second part has been a long time coming and boy did it do good! It made me jump, laugh, cry, everything! I loved it (and kind of want to watch it again!) 

Finally, I have had the past five days off of work and it has been heaven being able to stay up late, have nights out, sleepovers, donut-dates and spooning-days with my friends before they return. 

Now - I am off to do a facemask and have some "netflix and chill" time! Ha ha - I love Sundays.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Autumn Has Landed!

Hello jumpers, fluffy pajamas, warm socks, winter duvets, dark lipsticks and hot chocolates! My favorite time of year is fast approaching and although I can't wait I am sad to see the end of summer! I just thought I would share with you my last few pics from this summer, I can't believe its over already and everyone is headed back to university... 

Dun dun duuuhh!

I have had such an amazing, laugh filled, alcohol filled, hairspray filled, late night filled, early morning filled and dean's diner filled summer. (Does that make any sense? Who knows! But Its been amazing.) Can we rewind to the beginning of May again please? Or maybe fast forward till Christmas. *Snow is faaalling, all around us....*

Monday, 24 August 2015

Life is amazing, sometimes.

Looking back on all the things I've done, people I've met, lessons I've learned, and things I've accomplished during 2015 I realized how lucky I am to have the family and friends that I do, although there is one special person missing. 

Life, no matter how amazing it can be, can also be really quite shit sometimes. Today, my beautiful cousin Sophie should have been celebrating her 22nd birthday... I can't even begin to imagine what we would've been getting up to! But sadly life got in the way and stopped that from happening. I like to think that Sophie can, and does, live on in life with me and is there with me for the crazy nights where I'm dressed up as Buzz Lightyear, and for the days I'm led on her family sofa watching Frozen. However, for now, I am left with beautiful memories, photos which speak a thousand words, and family members to remind me of what an amazing person she was to all of us. 

Happy 22nd Birthday to the brightest star in my sky. Not a laugh, a tear, or a day goes by without me thinking of you Soph. x

The Squad Take On Bridgwater.

Sunday Funday this weekend resulted in the squad heading down the motorway to visit and celebrate with Rhi, for her 19th birthday. After deciding earlier on in the week we would all take on the world in our pajamas that day we probably looked like a right load of numpty's heading down the m4, pyjamas on and walkie talkies out.. But did we care? No. Did we have an amazing time? Yes.

From pile jokes, queef's, fairy puffs (don't ask!), wine overload, ring of fire, brownies and a massive spooning session I'm not sure which part was my favorite. An overall success, Wiltshire take on Somerset = complete. Although I am really paying for it today...To infinity and beyond!