Monday, 24 November 2014

Festive ASDA Haul ft Yankee Candles...

This afternoon myself and my mum popped to our local ASDA after having a well deserved Subway! When walking around ASDA I stopped to pick myself up a large Yankee Candle, after sniffing them all my mum said to me "please don't bloody buy one" ...but I couldn't understand why! When we got home she gave me one she'd already bought me for Christmas! Ha ha, result! Every year she buys us both a Christmas candle to burn everyday in December up until Christmas. This year she bought me Christmas Cookie which strangely enough a few people have told me to try because they loved it so much! Now I've got it, and smelt it, I can see why! It smells amazing. Although I did still have to pick up this little box of Yankee Candle Christmas votives. The smells inside the box are; 

  • Holiday Magic
  • Cherry Vanilla 
  • Frosted Cinnamon 
  • Christmas Treats
  • Frosted Snow
  • Frosted Spruce

And let me tell you - they smell soo good! Especially Christmas Treats I think that might possibly be my favorite. I love all the foody sweet vanillary ones as appose to the outdoory piney smells. I love Yankee Candles and think they're so nice, they're like a little indulgent treat. However I do also love, as a cheaper option, Glade candles. Glade candles I'm sure I've mentioned on my blog before? They're really strong smelling candles which come in beautiful little glass pots which you can keep after (although I never have! Maybe I'll start.) They're alot cheaper than Yankee's especially when they're on offer. Today I bought 2, for £2's each! Bargain. They're normally around the £5 mark. The smells I picked up today are;

  • Cashmere Woods
  • Roasted Chestnuts and Macaroons

Both of them smell really lovely and christmassy so if you see them about I recommend picking one up! Especially at that price. The Yankee Candle I've got (probably) costed around the £10-15 mark, and the box of votives costed £6. (You can buy Yankee Candles in ASDA because they do a Simply Home range which is ever so slightly cheaper than the original Yankee Candles which you can buy online.)

Finally the other thing I picked up was a packet of Christmas socks. (I'm such a kid!) I love Christmas socks and get some new ones every year. I'm 99% sure I have more Christmas socks than I do normal socks! But these ones were £5 for 5 pairs today in ASDA so how could I say no? That's only £1 a pair! Bargain.

Anyway that's everything I bought today, I know this isn't a overly exciting post but I just feel so festive today! And my rooms smells like Santa's grotto right now with all these candles, so I thought I'd share my new goodies with you... Only 1 month and 1 day until CHRISTMAS! :)

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Old friends + Food Coma + Fortune Cookies.

Earlier this week I went for a yummy Chinese with one of my old chums, Lauren... I've known Lauren since I was four years old and started primary school! She is 2 years older than me and I met her through my other friend, and her sister, Tamara. (Who's my age.) I haven't seen Lauren in what felt like forever because we've both been so busy with...well, life! Ha ha. But it was so nice to sit down and have a right good catch up.

We decided we would go out for tea as we'd both been at work all day, and let me tell you - it was bloody delicious. Personally, Chinese is my favorite take away/meal/place to eat out. Now, don't get me wrong, I love a good pizza from Dominoes or a double cheese burger from McDonald's but if I had the choice I'd choose Chinese food every time. (I sound like such a fatty. Its because I am.) Ha ha. We went to a place called Lee's Chinese which is a really nice, but overly price, restaurant in the middle of where we both live. Sadly I didn't get a picture of my starter, I totally should've though because it was amazing. We had BBQ spare ribs and Chicken Skewers with peanut sauce to share. OOOHH LORDY. They were so good. Then we went on to our mains (stop judging! I already warned you I was a fatty! Ha ha.) For my main I had Roast Pork Chow Mein with vegetables and chips (delicious) and Lauren had chicken curry (yuck! I hate curry!) with chips...And ofcourse, some cheeky chickens balls.

Yes, it tasted as good as it looks I can promise you!

Finally, at the end of my meal, when I was sure I was hitting the food coma stage, the waitress bought us both out a fortune cookie. My local Chinese doesn't do these so every time I go elsewhere and get given one its quite exciting! Almost like Christmas! Ha ha. I think they're such a cool concept. Inside my cookie (which tastes nothing like the cookies I'm used to!) was my fortune, it read;

"A great pleasure in life is doing things what others say you can't."

Sorry for the poor quality photos I wasn't planning to write a blog post!

I loved this quote and thought it was so cute and inspiring. Lauren's said something like "there's something good waiting around the corner!" I don't know, I don't remember but either way I think fortune cookies are a bloody brilliant idea and are the perfect way to end a ma-hoo-sive meal. (Although, if I'm honest the actual fortune cookie tasted vile.)
I really enjoy doing little things like this with my friends so I just thought I would bookmark it on my blog. Hope you enjoyed reading about my yummy food and you're not too hungry now! Ha ha ha!

"Get To Know Me." - TAG.

Happy Sunday guys! Here is my Get To Know Me tag. One of my most popular posts on my blog is a tag post and as I love reading these types of blog posts myself, I thought I'd do one today... Enjoy :)

...well this is me! Incase you didn't already know!

Do you have a middle name? 
I do indeed! It's Patricia, after my mum! Hence my Instagram username "meganpatricia" 


What was your favorite subject at school?
English! I used to sit with my best friend Jordan and we used to have such a good laugh. I also loved my English teacher and I still keep in contact with her now. (3 years later!)


Whats your favorite drink?
Alcohol wise I'm partcial to a cocktail, my favorite being; Dune Bug. And normal drink? Hmmm. That's so tough! It's probably a toss up between Dr Pepper, Strawberry milkshake, or Fanta Fruit Twist. (Yeah, sooo healthy...)


What's your favorite song at the moment?
I'm really loving George Ezra's Blame It On Me, Rixton's Appreciated, and G.R.L's Ugly Heart.


What would you name your children?

No idea. If I ever have a daughter I'd love to call her Sophie, after my beautiful cousin, but its wouldn't just be up to me would it! And I don't think you can pick a baby's name before you've met them... I mean, my parents were going to call me Grace before they realized I was anything but graceful!


Do you participate in any sports?
LOL! Next question...


Whats your favorite book?
"Where Rainbows End" by Cecelia Ahern. (They made a film based on the book called "Love, Rosie" which is good...but noway near as good as the book. I think they may have renamed the book to suit the film to as when I googled book covers alot of they said "Love, Rosie" however, to me, it'll always be "Where Rainbows End.")


Whats your favorite colour?
Emerald green. 


Whats your favorite animal?
CATS! But I love Owls & Elephants as well. :)


Whats your favorite perfume?
Its a toss up between Sarah Jessica Parker's NYC & Chanel's Coco Chanel Noir. I also love the smell of The Body Shop's Satsuma range. (Very different price ranges there, ha ha.)


Whats your favorite holiday?


Have you graduated from High School?
Erm, is that secondary school in England? I've been left school nearly 3 years... But I didn't go to university? I don't know what high school is! Ha ha.


Have you been out of the country?
Yes, but only twice. Once to Paris and once to Ireland. I'd love to travel the world. (My dream is to travel down Route 66. (In America.)


Do you speak another language?


Do you have siblings?
Yes, two brothers.


Whats your favorite shop?
Errrrrmmmmm.... Lush, Primark, Pandora, New Look, I don't know? I just love shopping? Ha ha.


Whats your favorite restaurant?
My favorite places to eat are The Shed (a little café near me) and The Lock Inn (a beautiful pub about 20 minutes away from where I live.)


Do you like school?
I did, yes! I just enjoyed seeing my friends everyday! Sometimes I wish I still did. 


Whats your favorite movie(s)?
Sex In The City, Phantom In The Opera, Pretty Woman, The Great Gatsby, anything Disney really, or anything with the beautiful Leonardo Di Caprio!


Whats your favorite TV show(s)?
I love sooo many... Orange Is The New Black; Prison Break; 90210; Gossip Girl; Ugly Betty; True Blood; Vampire Diaries. (Urgh literally sooo many! I love TV shows. They're the reason I'm addicted to Netflix!)


PC or MAC?
PC aaaall the way. Hate MACS!


What phone do you have?
iPhone 5c, in blue.


How tall are you?
No bloody clue!


Any pets?
Yes! Two lovely kittykats. :)


Summer or Winter?
Autumn! Days that are warm but I can still wear a jumper, leggings, and boots.

I tag my two bestest bud's Jodie and Jordan to answer these questions now. (I bet they don't, boring buggers.) But, incase they do and you want to read their answers, there are links to Jodie's blog  HERE and Jordan's blogs HERE.

- You can also read my other tag posts; HERE and HERE -

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Elle Magazine ft Benefit They're Real Gel Liner.

Today I finally caved and bought my first ever copy of Elle magazine. I fully feel like a grown up, mature woman now. What a difference a magazine can make. Ha ha. It feels like I've spent alot of my teenage years wanting to buy Elle but not wanting to pay the hefty price tag for it. Turns out its actually so worth the price tag! I got home today and sat down to read my new mag and realized its more like a novel than a bloody magazine! With over 200 pages this magazine probably weighs more than me! (Ha ha ha! I know what you're thinking... "Good joke Megan!") But honestly, I'm outstanded at the size of the magazine and quite frankly I'm so impressed. Normally I run myself a nice hot bath and by the time the waters gone cold I've finished my magazine...but Elle has left me with even more reading for tomorrow! Happy days.

Not only was I impressed with the size of the magazine but I was over the moon with the free gift... Inside the plastic house of Elle sat a miniature, travel size of my favorite eyeliner and that's; Benefits They're Real Gel Liner. Oh lordy I was (and still am) in my element. I've decided I'm going to keep the new found member of my eyeliner family in my handbag's everyday makeup bag because it is the peeerfffect size! Brill. Although, not going to lie, I've never needed to top up my eyeliner when I've been wearing this beauty. It lasts all day like seriously I'm sure it lasts well over 12 hours! The tip of the liner is the most perfect shape, its slanted and pointed just perfectly to draw right over the top of your lashes and make the perfect flick... And its even easier with a tiny-weeny one! If you want to try the liner I really recommend getting it with this months Elle magazine. You get a brilliant magazine as well as this fab product, all for only £4! The normal sized liner is usually £22 (I think! Don't quote me on that, it may be slightly more/less!) So getting it for £4 is a right ol' bargain. I flipping love it, if you hadn't gathered already!

Another perk is that the beautiful Emma Watson is on the cover.

Lastly, I probably sound like such a Elle newbie, but I was so chuffed with all the perfume samples you get inside the magazine. Especially with it leading up to Christmas I thought this was such a good idea to get ideas for presents! You can have a good ol' sniff and see what popular perfumes, like Victor & Rolf's Bonbon, smell like. (Bonbon smells amazing! One of my colleges at work is always going on about Victor & Rolf's perfume's and now I can see why. Bonbon smells beautiful, I even showed it to my mum as a subtle hint for Christmas! ;) )

Anyway I'm off to go watch I'm A Celebrity and finished reading my first ever copy of Elle. If you're like me and have been forever umm-ing and arr-ing over whether or not buy a copy of Elle I say do it! Especially this months. I love it, you get so much reading, a beautiful preview look at high-end and high-street fashion, gorgeous smelling perfume samples, and a bloody lovely eye liner! I'm definitely going to be a regular Elle reader from this day on! Corrr, changed woman me. :)

Night guys!

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Indulgent Sunday.

I'm being very naughty today and as this is the first Sunday I've had off in what feels like forever I thought I'd treat myself to a right good pamper day...

First off I woke up and washed my face with my favorite face wash from The Body Shop and that is the Tea Tree Cool And Creamy wash. I bloody love this face wash, it is so rich and creamy that is just leaves your skin silky soft afterwards. I don't think you can beat it! It also helps fight spots, bacteria, black heads, and oilyness. Win win win, wouldn't you agree? Even when I'm having a good skin day I like to use this because I put my good skin days down to this doing its job! Its perfecto. I also find because of its fresh tea tree smell its really good for waking me up in the morning... One thing which I love doing with this wash and it lathering it up and putting it onto my face, then putting a hot flannel over the top to open up my pores and really let the wash sink in... Not only does it feel great but its super good for black heads!

Next, I put on my favorite face mask, which is the Nutriganics Smoothing Mask. As I've mentioned before on my blog I love the Nutriganics range, although I'm not worried about aging skin yet I know it'll benefit me in the future! (You can thank me later future Megan!) This face mask is a really indulgent buy from Body Shop and it is more expensive than any of their other masks... However it is worth it 100%! I've just used it now and I can see a difference in my skin already. It has made my skin beautifully soft and make-up ready! My skin looks alot more alive, and alot fresher. (Next time I will do before and after pictures because, honestly, you really can see a difference. I also find because this is a smoothing mask it really helps my problematic areas (where I have blackheads!) so using this and my creamy tea tree wash I am on a killer-black-head roll! Ha ha.

After my mini facials done I used my gorgeous Vitamin E body butter. I honestly don't know why I love this butter so much, I just do! It smells beautiful and fresh and reminds me of fresh linen and cotton smells... I think this is a much more indulgent body butter as well because its so thick and moisturizing from all the Vitamin E and Wheatgerm Oil that's inside it. Although the other body butters smell gorgeous and are good enough to eat this one is, in my opinion, better for the skin. I love love love it. (I have mentioned this butter before in a blog post, you can read that HERE if you want to.)

Finally, my brand spanking new hand cream! Today I am using the Pink Grapefruit hand cream from The Body Shop and I am loving it! Its a new addition to their hand care range and I love it. I usually go for the original selection of hand creams they do (Rose, Almond, Absinthe, or Hemp) but just lately I've been loving their new, fruity, ones. Pink Grapefruit is so beautiful and zesty I find its nice to liven up your day and bring a bit of summer back into these dull, miserable days we're having at the moment. I've just used it on my hands and I can't help but sniff them because it smells so yummy! So if you want sniff-ready hands try this beautiful hand cream! (I have also been loving the Satsuma one which I mentioned in my Current Favorites post!)

The Brightest Star In The Sky.

Today it is my beautiful cousin, and very best friends anniversary. My cousin Sophie and I were best friends. I've never had a friendship like it, and I know I never will again. She was my idol, my friend, my family, my partner in crime and she was someone I was completely myself around. From making silly dance routines, fighting over who was the better singer, playing imaginary games, talking on the phone for hours, shopping together, staying awake all night and making our own secret language, to just general growing up together she was a huge part of my life. Being three years older than me she used to guide me through life! Telling me what to wear, what music to listen to, what school bag to buy, and even telling me how to wear my hair on my first day of secondary school! As I said before, she was like my idol! 

 On November 16th  2009 Sophie passed away from a  very rare illness called Juvenile Dematomysitis. Today she has been gone for five years. Five years. Its so weird because some days it feels like those five years were yesterday, and I find myself still thinking things like "ah I have to tell Soph that" when I hear a good joke or a bit of gossip, and then other days it feels like those five years were so long ago and I haven't seen her for such a long time that I struggle to remember what her laugh sounded like...

Tonight I'm going round to my Aunties house to do the same thing we've done every year since; to sit, laugh, joke, light fireworks and reminisce about what a wonderful cousin, daughter, sister, niece and friend she was... I wrote this post because needed to get it off my chest the fact I miss my best friend and cousin, and I miss her a little more everyday. :)

Thanks for reading.

Rest In Peace Soph, August 24th 1993 - November 16th 2009.

I'll never forget the first time I heard Florence And The Machine, she was playing at T4 on the beach and me, Sophie, and my cousin Jade were all watching it eagerly on TV. On came Florence and we were all a bit like "who is she!" Later I became obsessed  with Flo while Soph was still unsure... I rushed out bought her album and fell in love with her song; You've Got The Love. When Sophie passed away I listened to it religiously and when my mum and auntie rang me and asked me what song shall they play at her funeral I chose You've Got The Love. Listen to the lyrics, it is such a beautiful song and for me now it is full of happy memories.

Friday, 7 November 2014

Current Favorites.

Recently I have accumulated a little pile of things which I've been loving and I thought it'd be only right to share them on my blog! I hope you enjoy reading about my little bundle of goodies. 

Vanilla Brulee.

Oh me, oh my. This stuff is gorgeous. Vanilla Brulee is the new Christmas range from The Body Shop... Being a massive Body Shop lover of course I just had to try it! So me being me I splurged  out and bought the whole range! (Oops!) But boy was it worth it. Within the range there is a (gorgeous) new bath melt, a shower gel, body butter, body polish/scrub, soap, and a perfume (or shall I say eau de toilette - however I forgot to photograph it as its a staple in my handbag at the moment!) I am not normally a vanilla lover, I usually find its a bit nothing-y if you know what I mean? But this vanilla is beautiful. It smells so rich and indulgent - perfect for this time of year. I have been loving whipping the body butter on before bed and smelling bloomin' beautiful and feeling silky soft. I've also found that it makes my perfume last alot longer on the skin and have been smelling great even after a long day at work... But I have to admit my favorite product in the whole range is the bath melt. The Body Shop don't have a massive range of bath stuff and (you may already know this) I am a massive bath lover, I don't think you can beat a good ol' bath, whether its winter or summer I l-o-v-e them and this product did not disappoint! The amount of bubbles was unbelievable, I almost had to fight my way through them! Ha ha. I also got out of the bath feeling very moisturized and my skin had a lovely smell of vanilla left on it for hours (I can smell it right now!) So this range has been a firm favorite of mine this past week, I really love it and know am I going to love it all the way through the winter months leading up till Christmas... 

Sanctuary Spa BB Cream.

I picked up this BB cream this month, on payday, and have worn it every day since I made the purchase. I really like it! I've found its made my skin feel alot soften and look alot...brighter? I don't know how skin can be "brighter" but that's what drew me to buying it...and it has worked! I've even found my blacks heads look much better when I'm wearing this, I really like it just for an everyday foundation to chuck on. Its also really moisturized my face and I've found I don't need to moisturize on the mornings I'm wearing this. (Time saver!) I really like it and got it for a bargain price of £5! Totally worth it. I really recommend trying it for a winter foundation when you're skin gets dryer and the weather gets colder. I've also been chucking this in my handbag and have found its easy to "top up" and blend in on top of spots/blemishes during the day... And finally another bonus is that it has a SPF15 inside, you can't go wrong there can you! The box also says it can be worn underneath foundation for thicker coverage, so if you want a bit of moisture and a thicker coverage you could try that - that's what I plan to do when I want a flawless finish! 

Yankee Candles.

Lately I have been loving my Yankee candles. I have always been, and always will be, a candle lover! But just lately I have found myself picking up quite a few Yankee candle votive's and wax melts. I store all of them old fashioned glass jars and think they look so pretty on my dressing table which is obviously another perk of them! Ha ha. I have been really enjoying Margarita Time just recently. The first time I tried this particular candle was when I turnt 18 in May so it brings back memories from the summer and I just love the sweet smell of it - it really makes a room smell gorgeous. I've also been loving the Halloween ones - which I've sadly burnt away now :( but that's okay because that means one thing and one thing only... Time to crack out the Christmas smells! Mmmm! But yeah I've really been loving my candles lately and have found myself lighting a few every night before hopping into bed and watching Prison Break (current favorite on Netflix!) 

Glazed Apple Room Oil.

As well as candles I love oil burners. From wax melts to oils, I love burning these things. I just love nice smells! And lately I've been loving burning Body Shop's Glazed Apple. Its so sweet and refreshing and it smells good enough to eat. :) (I also recently picked up Candy Cane Lane and Cranberry Ice... I can't wait to try those.)

Glade Candles.

I know I've just spoken about candles, so I'll try be quick! But just lately I have stocked up on a few Glade candles because they're a bargain price of £1.75! That's over 50% off I'm sure, but hey I ain't complaining... These candles are so strong! Glade makes alot of air fresheners so they know their stuff when it comes to making homes and rooms smell great - and their candles do not disappoint! I really enjoy burning them, especially the Christmas ones! I've got stocked away about six in all different scents and they all smell great... My bedroom smells like Santa's grotto when I've got these going!   

Cranberry Ice Lipgloss.

I am never a lip gloss wear-er. I love me a good lipstick, lip balm or a lip butter but never have I been a fan of lip gloss... However when I tried the Body Shop's new Cranberry Ice lip gloss (out for Christmas) I found a new love! It really shocked me how smooth and nice it felt - not at all sticky and gross... It also has great color pigment and looks nice by itself, or teamed with a juicy red lipstick. I really like this and everyone loves a red lip over Christmas don't they? So I have been, and plan to wear this alot over the festive season. :) (I feel very Christmassy already this year! I feel like its already begun...I have to keep reminding myself its only November!)

Satsuma Handcream.

Another Body Shop product here (oops!) and its their new Satsuma hand cream. For years and years I've loved the satsuma fragrance so when I heard that this was coming out I was beyond excited...And it has so lived up to my expectations! I love it. I usually find satsuma too summery to wear all year round so its so nice to have a little bit of summer in my handbag in the form a handcream. I love it! It smells beautiful, zesty, and so refreshing... Lovelovelove.

Baby Lips.

I recently had a "blurgh" day where I just could not be bothered to wear makeup, but because I was leaving the house I felt I had to put a little something on, so I picked up one of my (many) Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch and it looked (if I do say so myself) so nice. I really enjoyed the way it brighten up my face and made me look as though I'd made a little more of an effort than I really had. It's a really nice glossy pink and makes lips look fuller and moisturized...It also feels gorgeous because of its balmy texture. I've had this stored away in my lip balm collection since they came out and its not had much use! But since my "blurgh" day its been, another, firm staple in my handbag ready to save in a quick I need lipstick situation!

Garnier  Eye Make-Up Remover.

Lately I have gotten so lazy at taking my make up off so I decided to break out of the lazy cycle and treat myself to a nice new eye make up remover... So considering I love the Garnier Micellar Water I thought I'd try their eye make up remover. Its been so quick and easy to hop into bed and wipe round my eyes with this... All I literally do is pop it over my lashes, sweep away and Bob's your uncle its all gone... I've also found it really good for getting my eyebrows off! I really love taking my makeup off properly, your skin feels so much fresher and alive! Everyday since buying this I've taken my make up off properly and I plan to stick to it! I really enjoy this remover...especially how quick and convenient it is. I also love the fact its enriched with apple extract to make it smell nice - it smells divine! (Its also recommended for sensitive skin so if you're someone with very sensitive eyes you'll like this!)


This next thing is really random, but lately I've been loving my new bedding. I was on the hunt for a eiderdown for my bed and must've spent hours online looking and looking for the right one. I found ones for £65, £100 and even more! But I was not prepared to spend that on something to throw over my bed... Then I went into Primark and unknowingly stumbled into the Home section where I found my new favorite things in the world... A beautiful floral, shabby chic, eiderdown with a matching, massive, comfy cushion. I am in love. I also picked up a gorgeous fluffy blanket to sit on top of my freshly painted ol' toy box in the same colours. I love these three things and think they really finish off my room. They're so nice and were so cheap. The eiderdown was less then £20 and the fleecy blanket and cushion were around £10... I'd say I spent no more than £35 for the three! Bargain. What a beautiful bargain. Ha ha. I really do love Primark - it never disappoints! (I also got the cute little love heart pillow for £3!)

Rixton - Appreciated.

I wanted to chuck into my currents fav's a song which I've been listening to on repeat lately... And that's Appreciated by Rixton. I first heard this song when I was at work and I instantly fell in love with it, so I patiently waited until the next time it came on to jot down the lyrics...which I then went home and googled until I discovered what song it was! I felt like a detective searching for it! Ha ha. I finally found it and have listened to it probably 100 times since, I'm not sure why I like it so much... Its just so sweet, I love the music, the whistling and just bloomin' everything...Aww, I've just started playing it now! I LOVE it...

McDonald's Latte.

This is something I've just decided to add on tonight because I enjoyed it so much, and thats McDonald's new festive latte... I'm not usually a big coffee drinker but I've always loved the smell of it! (Apart from when it lingers on teachers breathe - doesn't coffee always make you think of grumpy maths teachers and stinky staff rooms? Hmm, maybe its just me?) Anyway, I decided to push the boat out tonight and try their new Toffee Latte! Yum bloody yum is all I have to say on that... Its literally Christmas in a cup and I loved every sip of it... I can't wait to get my next one! Ha ha.

That's all of my current favorites! I feel like this is a right long essay? Sorry if you got bored half way through! These are just things which I've been enjoying using/smelling/drinking/listening to and I wanted to write about them and share with my blog how great they are! :) 

Have a lovely weekend...
Night night! 

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Goodbye Jodie!

Hello :)

I haven't written in a little while, and I don't really have a excuse for it... But I thought I would write and say I'm back! And I have some news! Something rather significant happened over my weekend, and I just wanted to bookmark it in my life with a little blog post - even if I am the only one who reads it!...

My life long friend Jodie moved away yesterday, Saturday 1st November 2014... Me and Jodie have been friends since we were born, I was born on May 22nd 1996, and she was born 2 days later, on the 24th. Our mums were in hospital together, and we have literally known each other all our lives... I know friendship doesn't go on how long you've known someone but that is definitely a big input in ours, we've fallen out more times than I've had hot meals but we always end up being friends again because with as many memories as we have - you just can't not be friends... I can't imagine my life Jodie-free. (Probably alot more peaceful!) She is the one person I can tell everything and anything to and 9 times out of 10 she knows exactly what I'm thinking. Besides being verbally and physically abused by her on a daily basis I wouldn't change our friendship for the world. Strangely, Jodie  and I are complete opposites. You couldn't pick two more different people! But I think that's what makes us us, if you know what I mean. Anyway, moving on, I think I might be completely rambling and quite possibly talking shit... 

In all the years I've known Jodie (apart from holidays) she's only been approximately 7 minutes down the road (in a car) in a little village next to the town I live in... So being all the way in Austria with a one hour time difference it is the weirdest thing you can imagine!

On Friday night her mum arranged a surprise leaving party for Jodie and I was in charge of inviting all of our friends... The night turned out to be, from what I can remember, one of my best nights out! Although one of the saddest nights out aswell. In between getting face paint done together and listening to "our" songs and doing "our" dance moves I must've been a blubbering mess - its alright, I'll blame it on the alcohol.

Friday evening (before the party) we also went out for the cutest tea together! Me, Jodie and my bestest fat mate Jord all went to a little restaurant/cafe called The Shed. We ate, laughed, and opened presents in a kind of I-cant-believe-Jodies-leaving-tomorrow daze.. (I know I've said it before on my blog but I do really love Jodie & Jord - they're keepers they are!) It was so hard not to let it slip that she was having a surprise party later that night! So when she said goodbye to us at the shed she thought it was goodbye until April - little did she no! Ha ha ha...

You don't get better chips ANYWHERE! The Sheds sweet potatoe fries
are incredible! Ha ha, just thought I had to chuck that out there...

Anyway, I just thought I needed to put it out there that my best friend and partner in crime is no longer in the country - and although people have said to me "atleast you'll see her again" and "its only six months" it is still hard to come to grips with!...

Goodbye & Goodluck Jodie!
You've only been gone 48 hours and I miss you already... Roll on April 2015!

This is a cheeky selfie of the three of us at The Shed. We hardly ever get
photos of just us three - I think there is only 3 out there! Ha ha.
I love this photo.