Thursday, 25 September 2014

"I Love Drugstore Makeup" - TAG

Good morning sunshines!

What better way than to start the morning with a tag. Last night I was roaming the blog-a-sphere and I came across TaylorsCollection blog. Over there I spotted she had done the "I Love Drugstore Makeup" tag and I decided there and then that I wanted to do it! Before I'd even read the questions. So guess what? I'm going to do it!

(I found this on Google and thought it would be perfect for this post!)

I love reading other peoples answers to things like this and seeing what they like & dislike... So, if you're interested, here's my answers! I tag everyone reading this to take part & do the tag! I love alot of drug store makeup mind so, obviously, I won't be able to mention everything! If you know of any longer/more detailed tags leave me a link below & I might try those out! As I said, I love this sort of thing...

Question One...

"What is your favorite drug store brand?"


Question two...

"What're your favorite lip, cheek & face products?"

My favorites (at the moment) are Maybelines Colour Sensation lipstick (in Pleasure Me Red), Max Factors Miracle Touch Foundation, & Sleek's Blush By 3 Blush Palette. 

Question three...

"Least favorite product?"

Hmmm. Rimmel's cream blushers. I bought two of these a while back and remeber trying them once and thinking "never again." Off the top of my head I can't think of any others I really didn't like... 

Question four...

"Whats the best make up bargain?"

Once I was really desperate for foundation and it was a few days till payday so I had hardly any money! I bought Boot's own foundation. (I can't remember the name of their brand!) But it was only about £2.99 and it was actually really good coverage! It was a foundation specifically for oily skin and I really enjoyed it...And for that bargain price you can't go wrong! I also really love MUA's lipsticks for £1!

Question five...

"Your favorite underdog product - something you love that often gets overlooked..."

Revlon's Lash Potion mascara! My all time favorite mascara... I don't feel it gets enough credit! I lovelovelove it. 

Question six...

"A drugstore product that is over priced?"

I can't think of one off the top of my head! But nails varnishes are pretty pricey these days. I always find myself waiting till they go on 3 for 2! I hate paying more than a fiver! Ha ha. (cheapskate over here!)

Question seven...

"Your best drug store dupes?"

I don't know if it counts as "drug store" but the best dupe I've come across is Sainsbury's own Boutique range of lipsticks. One of the colours matches perfect to my MAC pink plaid lipstick! And they're only £7.99. Bargain!

Question eight...

"Drugstore product that isn't worth the hype?"

The Rimmel Miss Manga mascara. I really wasn't impressed & ended up throwing it out. I hate clumpy eyelashes and that one was terrible for it... I wasn't impressed, especially after all the hype, posters & excitment before it came out... 2/10 from me! Ha ha...

& that's it! I now nominat everyone that's read this to take part!
Go on... It's only eight questions. ;)
If you do leave a link below so I can go on over and stalk your answers!


Here is a link to Taylor from TaylorsCollection blog & her answers! HERE! :)

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Autumn Cardigan. - Sainsbury's TU.

Good afternoon :)

Today I've had such a nice relaxing day! I started the morning off with a lovely lie in, a nice long bath, and then out for a spot of lunch with my mum and a wonder round Sainsbury's. I never seem to get bored of walking round supermarkets - especially if they do nice home wear, clothes and makeup! Anyway, today is realized it was 25% off in Sainsbury's and I am just cannot resist a bargain...

I picked up this gorgeous autumny mustard cardigan today. Mustard yellow & navy blue are really in at the moment and there lots of bits and bobs in these colour's! When I saw this cardigan I just couldn't resit... I love a good cardigan me. It was £20, but down to £15 with the 25% off! Happy days! I really love it, it feels gorgeous on, its alot thicker than you would imagine as well - feels alot more expensive that £20! Ha ha. I also love the detailing on it, the little marble navy blue buttons are so sweet. I know mustard isn't to alot of peoples tastes but I love this colour and just wanted to share my bargain with you! I also feel like supermarkets don't get enough credit for their clothes! Like, do you ever feel embarrassed to say to people: "This was from Tesco's!" ...sometimes I do, and afterwards I always wonder why...I mean as long as I like it what does it matter where it came from? Hey-hoe, I guess it is how it is. But yeah! I would recommend checking out Sainsbury's autumn range, especially with a cheeky 25% off! :)

My OOTD today...

Today was a really casual day! I just wanted to share my ootd because I love my scarf. Its like a picnic blanket - its so cosy. I got in last year from New Look and when I was scoping their website last week I notcied they've bought it back for this year! I've had so many compliments on this scarf and its so nice for this time of year...especially for when it gets cold! I love it. (Excuse my freshly washed & wet bath hair! Ha ha)

Have you been out buying anything new for your autumn wardrobe?
Any suggestions? :)


Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Drops Of Youth Eye Concentrate. - The Body Shop.

Hiya :)

My thoughts/opinions on The Body Shop's new Drops Of Youth Eye Concentrate, part of the Nutriganic's skin care range... Enjoy :)

The Body Shop is, in my opinion, the best shop on the high street for skin care. You can walk in and find what you want in several different variations - making it easier to find whatever's best for you. For example if you were after a eye cream that focused on something specific, like hydrating and moisturizing, you'd be directed to something like the new eye concentrate or the vitamin E eye cream. Whatever your skin type they'll have something to suit you! 

More often than not I get people telling me "I don't need" to use the Nutriganic's range because a few of the products have "...of youth" in the title. People automatically presume that this is because they focus on ageing skin. I'm afraid this isn't the case. The Nutriganic's range focus on first signs of ageing - for example people in their twenty's should start using this! Its better to start too early than too late remember. ;) I however am I only 18 but I suffer with a very dry, dehydrated forehead and I often get dehydration lines! (Poor me) so I use the drops of youth serum everyday in the morning to moisturize and hydrate my forehead. I don't use it anywhere else just my forehead! Its not wrinkles I am worried about its just to give moisture where needed. :) I love the Nutriganic's range. Although a little bit more expensive that the other Body Shop ranges it is no where near the prices of other products with the same quality on the market! The Drops Of Youth is a Body Shop beauty gem and I can see why. It smooths and hydrates skin without leaving it feeling oily/sticky. I would recommend to everyone (and it smells divine.) 

Anyway, I am completely rambling... Because I have been using (and loving) the Drops Of Youth facial serum I was really excited to try this new eye cream. I use a eye cream every morning because I feel like it refreshes and wakes me up more...Preparing me for the day! So when I heard that this was coming out I was overly excited! The packaging of the eye concentrate is amazing! It comes with a little button which you press and the concentrate itself comes out around the little massage ball, then you gently roll it around your eye and over the lid. Not only does it feel amazing but because you're really massaging it in no products gets wasted. Its such a good idea and great value for money. I have been finding it a real luxury treat for my eyes. The product is full of natural, organic products (one of which is Edelweiss) so it is fine for sensitive eyes to use. The products claims to give "instantly firmer eyes" although I'm not sure this is true I do find that it refreshes, awakens, moisturziers, and takes away my bags...It also soaks in immediately. I've been using the concentrate for a week so far  (maybe nearly two!) and I have loved it and found that I don't look as tired during the day (result!). I've used it twice a day everyday and will be sticking to this as my new eye cream. 

I also love to use it before I go to bed. When you've rubbed and scrubbed your eyes to get the days makeup and dried mascara off they can often feel a bit sore but this stuff really cools and relaxs them... Although I've really enjoyed using it in the morning its been a right good treat to use at night time too! I would recommend this products to older and younger peoples because, like I said, its better to start using an eye cream earlier rather than later! And for the older people it is a product which claims to firm skin around the eyes & reduce the appearance of fine lines. It is a dream. Another really awesome bit about it is that you can mix it with other eye creams. For example, if you have a really thick creamy eye cream that focuses on something that this one doesn't you can mix them together to get an even stronger/better effect. (A popular combination is the Nutrigranic's eye cream with this new eye concentrate.) So if you're concerned about ageing eyes you can use double the amouth - for double the effect! This isn't something I'm worried about mind so I haven't, and won't be, mixing it with anyway! Ha ha.

This is photo off Google images! Not my own :).

The product retails at £18.00 which, like I also mentioned earlier, is a good price compared to others similar on the market. The Body Shop are slap bang in the middle of high end and high street. You always get a high end result though with their products - so definitely worth the money! If you haven't tried this already I really recommend it and even if you're not interested I suggest everyone goes into their nearest Body Shop and has a little play with the packaging! Its so unique and I love the massage ball concept...

On their website The Body Shop have described this beautiful eye concentrate like this... "See life through younger-looking eyes. Our unique Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate, enriched with Edelweiss plant stem cells, instantly refreshes the eye contour, and smoothes out the appearance of lines, bags and fatigue* for younger-looking eyes" I completely agree and love the results its given me. Definitely one which I will repurchase. :) 

Perfect pair!

Have you tried it? What did you think?


Good morning! 

I have decided to go on a spending ban! This is something I have never done before and am probably going to find really hard to keep up with... In all honestly I just love spending money! Especially on shiney new beauty products. But after scrolling through blogs, nosey-ing, and have a general read last night I came across Grumpy Woman Loves Beauty's blog and I read her post about her spending ban. (I will link it HERE!) 

After reading her post I felt completely inspired by how well she had done and thought "I can do that to!" as I type this now I know I have ridiculous amounts of products in my beauty drawers so I have plenty of products to last me a little while! Obviously I am still going to buy the basics like shower gel & deodorant (which I probably also have plenty of for now!) but I am going to try really hard and do this from now until (atleast) December so that I can treat myself to exciting new make up come Christmas...I flipping love buying new makeup for Christmas and having a nice new ruby red lipstick and smokey brown eyes for the festive season.

I also think it will give me a chance to use the products which I do love but never find time to wear/use. I have so many palettes that just get put aside and forgotten about! Its time for those bad boys to have their debut! Hopefully I'll at least hit pan on them! Ha ha.

Anyway, Wish me luck on this because I am going to need it! What am I going to do on my lunch break if I can't go out and buy make up? Aaahh.... Are you a hoarder like me? Maybe you should try it to! I imagine it feels pretty good to clear out the old and bring in the new... I will keep you updated on how I get on... Eeeee... :) 


Monday, 22 September 2014

Recent Make Up Favorites...

  • Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette
  • The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzer - 03
  • The Body Shop Baked To Last Blusher - 02 Coral
  • The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals Loose Powder - 302 
  • Eco Tools Powder Brush

Honey Bronze, Bronzer...

Recently these are livings which I have been loving to wear. I fell in love with The Body Shop's honey bronze bronzer in the shade 01 earlier this year and ever since have been meaning to go a few shades darker - eventually I did and I very happy about it! :) I think it gives me a nice bronzed looked without looking to OTT, like I've just spent 6 months in Ibiza. Ha ha. I really like how it is a matt bronzer as well, I don't like contouring as much with a shimmery bronzer as I don't think you get as good a finish...So most days I will use this one, and if I'm feeling daring I'll stick a shimmery one on top... Ah, I'm rambling, basically I love this bronzer & really recommend it. :) 

Naked Basics Eyeshadow Palette...

Well, well, well. This eyeshadow palette has been a firm fav of mine since I got it as a present back in May. I have literally worn it everyday since! I can't believe how nice it is. The colours are sooo pigmented and beautiful, and they last all day without creasing/falling/ect. The range of colours is also perfect for a natural, nude, everyday wear...But something you can jazz up in the evening with a little dabble of the black shadow - Crave. I also love the compact packaging which you can take with you on holidays, to events, nights out ect. Its perfect. Also has a great sized mirror. I lovelovelove this palette and would recommend to everyone. Like I said you can go for the nudest of nude eyes, or a nice smokey look the decision is yours! The colours are also easily blend-able if you want them darker or lighter... This palette is g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s. :)

Extra Virgin Minerals Loose Powder...

I've been wearing The Body Shop's Extra Virgin Minerals (EVM) foundation for a little while now and I love it. Its a liquid foundation which has amazing coverage, an SPF inside, and a wide range of skin colours and tones. I love it. So when I was having a bit of a oily/spotty stage with my skin I decided to team it with the EVM loose mineral (matching) powder. I went for the same colour I would wear if I was wearing the EVM cream compact (302.) and I love it. I love the finish it gives my foundation. Its a thick coverage which hides any spots/blemishes/redness/pigment/ect but it also takes away any oily shine...I also think it keeps it away where a powder compact does not. I haven't felt the need to "top up" my powder or my foundation during the day and I've noticed my skin isn't anywhere near as oily! I am so happy with it. On the days where I'm feeling brave and having a good skin day I wear just the powder, it gives such good coverage, if you have oily skin and you get the horrible shiny T-zone I would reaaally recommend checking out a loose powder. (Although they're abit messier than pressed powders!)

Baked To Last Blusher...

For months & months my friend and college Natalie has been telling me to try The Body Shop's baked to last blusher...She loves it. Eventually I gave in and thought I'd see what she loved about it...Now I can understand! It gives you such a nice pink rosey glow, like you've just come in from the cold! I love it. It isn't too OTT and teamed with a pink lipstick they're the perfect combination. I loved it during the summer time and I'm going to move onto the 01 blusher for the winter because its not as virbrant. It is such a lovely blusher though with a good amount of pigment, and you have the choice of using the peachy/coral side for highlighting if you want to. (I tend to just grab a big ol' brush and pop it all on together mind.) I also love the fact its matt but not too matt, you still have a nice amount of shimmer to give your face abit of definition/highlight and make your cheekbones stand out more :).

Sorry I don't have any photos of me wearing the products! I will remember for next time...But for now you'll have to take my word for it. ;) I love these products and think they're sooo worth having in your makeup collection. :)


All About That Bass.

Good Afternoon :)

I just want to quickly share with you a song which I have been loving recently! 

It is: ALL ABOUT THAT BASS by Meghan Trainor. (Meghan? What a good name!) Ha ha. I absolutley love this song and its been on my replay list for the past week now. Its so up beat & feel good, and I love how its about all girls! Y'know, giving us plus size girls some loving to! If you haven't heard it I really think you should have a little listen & you'll be popping along in no time. :) Warning you need the volume up so you can have a good little boogie to it... 

Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top. :)
I think this is such an important message I think these days everyones feels a little unperfect and in reality nobody is perfect.... That's what makes us all perfect. Is that really cheesey? I don't know. I just love this song, & its message. 

Let me know what you think...?


Sunday, 21 September 2014

Autumn Lipstick. - Pleasure Me Red!

Why hello there! :)'s finally September! Which means one thing & one thing only... Goodbye summer! Hello Autumn/Winter. My favorite time of year. (Can you believe its only 4 months and 4 days till CHRISTMAS! What complete & utter madness.)

With Autumn comes all the new colour's, not just in the shops and on our clothes, but outside! The leaves fall from the trees and turn into beautiful shades of browns, reds and yellows. My favorite types of colour's! Eeee, I feel excited just thinking of them. One of my all time favorite colour's is actually mustard. I just really like it. It's so warm & inviting, and its just so autumn. Don't you think? Autumn not only brings those glorious colour's but it also brings chunky cardigans, cozy jumpers, hot chocolate, fluffy socks, onezies, dark lipstick,boots, and early nights where you can just stay in with friends, eat pizza, chill and watch Netflix! Yessss these things are the things which I enjoy more than anything! (Am I sad? Erm, maybe.)

Anyway; the other day I was at work, working hard and stuffs...And in walked Jodie holding a present for me! *I have amazing friends, I know* the present she has just bought me was a gorgeous new lipstick. It was a beautiful moment when I popped off the lid and behold a new, never before used lipstick. (Isn't that such a great moment? Yes, yes it is...)

I have worn the lipstick everyday since and it has made itself firmly at home inside my "everyday makeup" makeup bag. Its so perfect for this time of year! During summer I like to wear a bright red lipstick, y'know, one with a bluey under tone that makes your lips pop, but come autumn its all about this beauty:

The lipstick is a COLOUR SENSATIONAL lipstick, by Maybelline and it is number 547, "Pleasure Me Red." I am in love with it, I really am. Ha ha. I am going to insert a cheeky "boozy" picture here from my friends birthday the other night where I was wearing it. Mind you I had had a few to drink so the photo is a wee bit blurry!...

Here is also a not so attractive snapchat selfie with my work collegue Christina, I am modelling the lipstick here too. ;)

It is a very thick, matt consistency so it doesn't have any shine or gloss to it, however, I tried it with The Body Shop's new Argan lip oil and that gave it a gorgeous & glossy shine...So if you're not a fan of a matt lipstick you can try that! (Top tip!) I, personally, prefer to buy a matt lipstick because I like to have the option to do that with it, and then wear the lipstick however I am feeling that day. 

That is all I have to say really! Gorgeous lipstick, love the colour, perfect for this time of year, reasonable price, high street brand, my new favorite, staple lipstick, September favorite, autumn = dark lipsticks, try it with the Argan lip oil for a glossy look... WOO! Whole post summed up into one sentence. Ha ha. I really am loving wearing this colour at the moment and think you should try it out if you're thinking of branching out to a red lip for the Autumn/Winter. :)

What's been your September favorite?
& whats your favorite red lipstick? 


Seaside Snaps.

Howdy :)

Sea, sand, cocktails, chips, boats, shopping, ice cream and a long road trip with good music. There are a few of my favorite things... *Insert sound of music track*

Recently I went on a lovely trip down to Poole with one of my bestest chums, Jordan. We have been friends since we were eleven and it only feels like yesterday I was starting my first day of secondary school and meeting my tutor group for the first time. Luckily, myself and Jordan were in the same tutor and we have been friends since day one! We share the same love for food, music, nights in, movies and dry sense of humor. So after a random decision to go to the beach for the day we set off at 7:30am with a car load of sweets, sandwiches and mini cheddar's... Living the dream! 

We had a really nice day and went to the ever famous Lush shop on 29th street. Every lushies dream. I would of so gone and have a cheeky massage if Jord had waited! We then spend the afternoon in the Slug & Lettuce drinking cocktails, eating chips and people watching. (The windows were really cool, instead of opening they just took the whole window out so it was like we were sat outside. How snazzy!) The cocktail which I enjoyed the most was the Dune Bug. One of my favorite alcohol's is Malibu so when I spotted that it had Malibu in I thought I've just got to have one...I'm so glad I did! I would recommend that drink to everyone & anyone. :) 

I love doing this sort of thing and going on a mini adventures with friends. I would recommend doing this asap mind! As the weather seems to be taking a turn for the worst lately... Thankfully when we went it was beaming sunshine! Lovely. :)


A Break From Blogging.

When I left school (two years ago, how has that gone so quick?) my tutor wrote me a lovely card saying: One day your life will flash before your eyes - make sure it's worth watching. (And that you're there on time!) I am rubbish with keeping my time and I always have been. I've been really busy lately and with everything that's been going on and that I've been doing my blog has been pushed aside. But that's now a thing of the past! I am feeling inspired at the moment. I love reading blogs so I want to carrying on writing to mine... Regularly, not with two month breaks! ...tut tut!

I just felt as though I needed to say that before I jumped back into blogging. I have a week off of work now (lovely) so I plan to go blog cray-zeee because I have so many new things, opinions and things to share.  

I'm sorry! Speak soon! 

...what I've been up to!