Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Bright, bold Lips.

Good afternoon guys :)

Strangely I am up, awake, and ready for work...But I don't start till 2. I have nearly 2 hours to kill & am finding myself bored. I usually sleep in, but today my body had other plans! So, due to my spare time  I thought I would write a new blog post all about....


This time of year I always wear bright  & bold coloured lipsticks so, today, I thought I would share with you the ones which I am loving  at the moment...  

As you can see all these colour's are bright ones... I just love them. I think its much easier to pull off a bright lip during the summer because you have a tan & they don't wash you out as they might do in the summer. I am especially loving the deep purple one on the left & the bright red one in the right bottom corner... But I do love them and have been wearing them all recently. I think they look really nice with a natural eye & a nice brozer. I love bronzer in the summer and have been wearing a much darker one that I do usually wear day to day, and I think it really compliments these beautiful lipsticks. :)

Starting from the top bright pink one & round, clockwise, they are:

  • Lush - Glamorous
  • Boutique - Out & A Pout.
  • The Body Shop - 105.
  • MUA - Shade 3.
  • The Body Shop - 101.
  • The Body Shop - 205. 
  • The Body Shop - 240.
  • Maybelline, Colour Sensation - 175.

If you are wondering why Lush's lipticks have a very strange top, almost like a peppet, its because you can use them on your eyes, lips, and face. Personally, I wouldn't wear that bright pink colour on my eyes! But I have worn it on my cheeks before & it looks really nice & glow-y in the spring time. They have a whole range of really cool colours like that & they even have an app to help you find which colour is best for you! I went for glamorous because I bought it on my birthday & obviously wanted to feel glam! I am really happy with the colour though because you can build it up to wear it bright or tone it down if you want a less in your face  pink.

Also... If you want a large range of lipsticks but don't have alot of money to spend on them - try MUA's lipsticks. They're £1 each and worth every penny they're so nice...Especially for nights & out things because if you just chuck that into your handbag you wouldnt been too bothered if you drunkenly lost it! Whereas a high end lipstick...You'd be mad! Haha. They're also a really nice quailty, not sticky or drying like some...And for a £1 you just can't go wrong. I have a few but I has just been wearing this one alot lately. :)

I am wearing The Body Shop's 105 lipstick here.

What are your fav BOLD lipsticks?

Monday, 28 July 2014

Handbag Essential #2: Handcream

Why hello there!

Back in April I did a "handbag essential" post and I told myself I'd do little posts and write about what I think are essentials to keep in your handbag and stuff...But I haven't wrote one since! Oops! So here I am today to make up for lost time which a new handbag essential post. :) 

This is something I always keep in my handbag - like I'm sure most of you do aswell...And that thing is: handcream. Handcream is a must isn't it? And the handcream that I love and find the best for my hands is this one...

Wild Rose Handcream!

Ofcourse, by The Body Shop! My favorite products are all from there - don't judge! Haha. But this hand cream is lovely its actually aimed at elderly hands and skin it helps protect against aging and age spots/pigment on the hands... I don't necessarily need to be watching out for those things just yet but I do find this handcream to be the best for my skin. It contains rose oil  which is super super moisturizing and conditioning. I find because of this ingredient the handcream just soaks into the skin right away. Which is great because one of the worst things is greasy hands isn't it? It really puts you off handcream - and afterwards you're like "do I wipe my hands?" Its such a dilemma. But this handcream doesn't leave you in the pickle of a situation because your hands just drink up the cream and are left feeling silky soft. Body Shop has two sizes of handcreams a 100ml one and a 30ml one, both great sizes - the 30ml is great for the handbag (hence why its a handbag essential) and the other is 100ml which is great for by the sink, in the office desk, or beside your bed. Another amazing this about this handcream is that is contains an SPF of 15. Which is such a good thing, not all handcreams contain this so it is something you should look out for - especially if you're somebody whos out and about all day...(I would really recommend this for farmers who's hands are in and out of water all day and amongst the weather & sunshine because it'd be great for you/them.)

Finally... Last but, but not least, the scent. The smell of this handcream is (obviously) rose...I don't usually like a rose smell, I find it abit strong & granny-fied! But this rose is really nice. Its a very light smell so not overpowering and strong - just right. Just a nice fresh & clean smell. I really like it & imagine all of you would to...Give it a sniff & see what you think...

Ooo - just one more quick thing is the packaging. Alot of people moan about the packaging as it doesn't stay nice and it gets rather dented quickly...But that really doesn't bother me. I quiet like this packaging because it enables you to get every last drop of handcream out! You can roll it up like a toothpaste tube and get all the product out! Great value you for money? I think so. The metal of the tube is also recycleable. :)

What hand creams do you like?

I've heard that the Soap & Glory hand cream is lovely as well, I plan to try that one next time! 

Friday, 25 July 2014

My Secret Obsession... Body Butter #PartTwo

Afternoon :)

This afternoon I thought I'd finish off what I started Wednesday, my secret obsession post on The Body Shop's Body Butters. I loves them I do! If you didn't read part one click HERE to scoot off & have a nosey before you read my final & top three... 

Number Three...


Raspberry, raspberry, raspberry... Raspberry has been one of my favorite fruits, smells, tastes, and flavor's for as long as I can remember. Whenever I get the opportunity to pick a raspberry drink, or a raspberry sweet, raspberry is always the flavor I go for... I really  like it. So when I heard The Body Shop was bringing back Raspberry (or shall I say; Early-Harvest Raspberry) and not only in the body butter but the whole range I got a wee bit excited! I love this body butter - it just smells good enough to eat! It feels gorgeous on the skin, its a nice thick formula, and its one of the ones that the smell lasts a l l day. I often get compliments when I am wearing the raspberry stuff - and everybody loves a good compliment right? Haha. I can't express to you aswell how popular this stuff is. I have never heard anyone say they don't like it, so if you're after a gift for somebody maybe give raspberry a try? Its a good'en. If you aren't interested in body butter yourself I do suggest you hunt one of these down just for a good ol' snifff...Mmmmm!

Number Two...


Olive is one of the most controversial body butter...People aren't sure on the idea of smelling like an olive - because lets face it smelling like a olive over a raspberry? I know which one I'd pick! However, this one is gorgeous for the skin. The olive body butter definitely gives me the best results and the softest skin, its my guilty pleasure! Its been a staple product of mine for a long time now and I would recommend it for everyone - male of female! (You'd be surprised at the amount of men who use body butter.) Also a well known fact is that this butter keeps a suntan  and prolongs it. Always a bonus right? I love this butter and have made it my number two because its been a fav of mine for so long and I feel as though it doesn't get the credit it deserves! Winter or summer this is a gurt lush  body butter & if you try it I hope you like and appreciate it too. :)

Number One...


Oh me, oh my. I have for sure saved the best  till last... This scent is just to die for. I love it. I wear this body butter nearly  every day - along with the matching eau d toilette... This is my "staple" smell and one that my friends say reminds them of me. I love it. Its been my favorite for years and I can remeber my mum taking me into a Body Shop on my birthday when I was about 13 and letting me picking myself some bits...I chose all satsuma and have loved  it ever since - maybe I have a sentimental attachment to it? Who knows but it is g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s. Mind you, it is one I have had controversial feedback from, not everyone seems to want to smell like a giant satsuma (I can't understand why) and they think its abit too "overpowering." So if you're planning to get one of these I recomend you smell it for yourself  first and see what you think of it. But I personally love it! 

What body butter is your favorite?

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

My secret obsession... Body Butter #PartOne

Hello :)

As you may, or may not know, I work for/at The Body Shop... Prior to working there I had a tiny weeny love for their ever famous body butter, however since working there my tiny love is now a massive love...preeching on obsession. Selling, telling and showing other people how amazing these butters are just makes me think to myself "if they deserve one, I do to" so in my eleven months of working there I have grown quite a collection and today I thought I'd share with you my favorites! 

Each body butter contains twenty four hours of moisture for the skin. So when you wake up bright & early and slap a bit on, it'll last you all day until you get home.. Usually products that claim to last all day only really last a quater...If that! I've had some moisturizers which just don't sink into the skin and leave skin feeling greasy all day, some that don't moisturize enough, and some that just are gross. I, personally, like a nice thick textured body moisturizer. 

Number Six...


Papaya is a really lovely body butter, and one of the originals in my eyes. Whenever I smell it its like a blast from the past because I remember using this (or steeling my mums) when I was younger. Its such a nice, fruity, smell & its one I've never heard someone say they don't like. I find that this one is also a star for when you have an allergic reaction. I crack abit of this on where ever I'm having the reaction and it feels really nice... Its cooling & soothing & I find stops the itching. Therefore I imagine it is a really nice one for sensitive skin. This body butter usually creeps up whenever The Body Shop have a sale so its a real treat to pick up for £5 when you can... However it is sad that they don't sell it all the time - in my opinion they should bring it back! I love it, especially when you've showered in it & then use the body butter - the smell lasts all day! Gorgeous & summery! 

Number Five...

Vitamin E:

This butter is my night time butter. Summer, or winter, I find that this butter is a really nice one to use before you go to bed... It smells just like fresh cotton and talc/baby powder it really is gorgeous. At first I was abit wary of this one because I thought it was "boring" but when I seen Essie Button (youtuber) mention it in one of her videos I thought "I want to try that!" So I did...And a new love was born! This butter is also, for me, the most moisturizing (and really good for stretch marks!) So I butter myself up with this before I go to bed and in the morning feel as soft as anything & smelling beautiful! Haha. (It really does make a difference moisturizing at night - if you only have time to do morning OR evening I would suggest evening because in the morning your skin just feels more awake & ready!) I lovelovelove this butter & this its one everyone would like because of its beautifully, light & relaxing smell. :)

Number Four...


Yumyumyum this butter smells good enough to eat! For me this smells just like cake! And everyone loves cake right? Haha. This is my go to winter body butter - I got through two tubs of this over November, December & January! Whoopsydaisy! I'm not sure why I love to use this in winter but I just do! Its a very thick butter and in the winter my skin is alot drier so this does the world a good on my skin...And also because its a very deep, gorgeous, smell - its not light and summery like a few of the other ones. (This compliments alot of perfumes also, one of my favorite combo's is this & Coco Chanel original - they're a really nice pair!) Again however this isn't one The Body Shop sells all year round so when you catch it grab it! It's so worth it. :)

And that's it for part one...I didn't want to shove all six into one post incase you got bored reading. I really  recommend body butter to everyone. They make great gifts & treats, for yourself & for others...And they make great pamper evening add ins! I myself body butter everyday twice a day. :) These are just my first three favorites, I have another three more to come - Can you guess what they are? 

Evening ox

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

What I've been up to. - Instagram Catchup.

Hello sunflowers!

I haven't wrote a post since the 8th, ahh, I deserve a smack on the wrist don't I? However, I have been Instagramming (as I always do) so if you're curious as to where I've been & what I've been up to I'm here to put your mind at ease! Here are a few cheeky photos from July. (Can you believe its the 22nd of July already! This year is going so fast.) 

If you're not following me on Instagram you can HERE!  :)

So... that's what I've been up to! Left to right & down the photos are:

Meal out with Mother & shopping in Bath. Cafe Nero treats. Gorgeous baby Josie. Real life mousetrap x2. Fresh picked strawbs. Selfie. New Body Shop eyeshadows. Poundshop bargains. College of photos with my best one. McDonalds date. Leaving present from Nats (the girl in the college). Sunset on walking Wednesday. My gorgeous boy. Aunties birthday cake (yum). Selfie. Cake & Cider. The Shed. Selfies. Thunderstorm photo. Throw back Thursday. My beautiful girl (crazy catwoman.) Live music.

And that's what I've been up to!
See you here again soon! 


Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Lush Review. - Fizzbanger & Butterball.

Hello dears :)

Second post today! Can you tell its my day off today? Haha...

I just thought I'd write & review the products I bought in Lush on Saturday! I did a Payday Haul where I mentioned them HERE! But since then I have used/tried both the products & thought you deserved a proper review. If you follow me on instagram you will see the mini insta vids I uploaded but for those of you that don't follow me I will put a copy of those here. :) 



The first link is my all time favorite Lush bath bomb/bath ballistic... It is the Fizzbanger. I'm not sure why I love this one so much but I really do! It has a gorgeous, fresh, citrusy smell which I feel just improves my mood if I'm having a bad day, & wakes me up if I'm having a morning bath... I love it. I also love the colour & how it changes colour in the bath... This bath bomb starts off yellow, then goes blue, & finally it turns the water green - how cool! It also snaps crackles & pops whilst its fizzing away which makes bath time soo much more exciting! Right at the center of the bath bombs is a little piece of paper which says BANG to let you know the Fizzbanger has finally fizzed & banged away... (I really love how much thought Lush put into their products). Another fab thing about the Fizzbanger is that its so moisturizing, whenever I get out the bath after using it not only do I feel fresh & clean, but also super soft! I can't express to you my love for it. I have bathed in it today & I smell & feel great. I am sat in my dressing gown, freshly washed hair, freshly shaved legs, & freshly moisturized face. I feel happy as larry. :)


Second up is the Butterball, I should've really wrote these reviews the other way round as I bathed in Butterball THEN Fizzbanger, but I had to but my favorite first... The butterball I really wasn't overly impressed by! So many people go on about this bathbomb, I've seen youtube videos, blog posts, tweets, instagrams & heard people talk about how good it is...But for me it really didn't live up to much. Don't get me wrong it smells quite nice, but its nothing like Lush's other products...The only thing I can really suggest is that it'd be good if you had sensitive skin, but for me this isn't one which I'll repurchase! Although it was super cheap compared to some of the others...Maybe that's why? You pay for what you get I'm afraid.

I didn't even get another photo of the Butterball so I'm going to steal the photo I took for my Payday Haul post where I mentioned it... Pretend not to notice okay! ;)

Sadly I didn't pick much up this time I went into Lush... I'll have to make up for it next time! I really really like Lush & would reccomend their products to anybody. Who doesn't like a company with a awesome name, awesome products & even more awesome ethics? Everybody. Everybody likes it! Haha. I hope you've enjoyed this post & I hope I haven't offended anybody with my opinion on the Butterball...I just really didn't think it was that great at all - sorry! 

But that's all for today guys...Enjoy the rest of your week...

x o x 

Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet - The Body Shop.

Hello hello helloo! :)

Today is the day that The Body Shop launches their new product; The Aqua Boost Sorbet. A further addition to their Vitamin E range. I am so excited for this to be launched as it is absolutley beautiful. It is my new favorite moisturizer & I'm sure all of yous will love it as well. :)

I was lucky enough to be given one of these about a month ago, and instantly I fell in love. I am one of those unfortunate people who have oily skin which also get dry/dehydrated patches, such a nightmare! I really struggle to find something which moiturizes my skin without leaving me with extra oil/sebum/shine so at first I thought that this product would be too moisturizing for me... But I was totally wrong. It has particles inside which help matt the skin without drying it. Honeslty I use this & I am not left shiny or greasy or gross it instantly soaks into my skin & refreshes it...It really feels amazing. I love it. (Magic potion? I think so!)

Inside the product are cooling particles which not only help cool down the skin but they help moisturize further. With this bad boy on your skin you will have 24 hours of moisture, so for makeup days & non makeup days your skin will always be fresh & moisturized. :) I love the fact this matts skin because it creates the perfect base for when I want to wear makeup... & it reduces my pore size & takes away shine for the days I don't want to wear makeup - every woman's dream right? Haha.

I can't express to you enough how much this product has shocked/impressed/& worked on me. Its beautiful. I have used it twice a day everyday since the day I got it & I cannot wait to get my hands on some more! I am never going to look back either because my skin has improved so much since using it. I haven't had any break outs, my blackheads have reduced, my pores have massively reduced & my skin is alot softer/smoother which is so much better for my makeup. Again... I love it!

I can't tell you through a blog post how nice it feels to put this on your face. The cooling particles make you want to go 'aaahhh' out loud because it feels so good. Its like a splash of water to the skin, perfect for the summer! 

Also... I would just like to comment on the smell.  Often moisturizers don't have a smell, or they smell chemically, I know there's some out there that I just don't like due to the smell but this... This... THIS SMELLS AMAZING. It has a very very light smell, like clean washed clothes mixed with fresh air in a flowery field... There's defiantly a floral note to it but its not overpowering at all. It just perfect. I'm not one for floral smells I hate rose smells & flowery perfumes but this moisturizer smells so nice. As I've mentioned previously I love the product itself...So the smell, for me, is just a added bonus. :) ...Go have a sniff! (For all the Body Shop lovers, it smells a little bit like Moringa! If you're familiar with that smell.)

Oh me oh my. I probably sound a wee bit like a crazy person? But seriously guys I've never loved/liked/enjoyed a product like this one before. It is gorgeous. I am addicted! You need this in your life! Haha. The Body Shop say it leaves you skin "silky soft" and I couldn't give a more accurate description. 

Go test some/buy some/love some & see what you think. :) I hope you all love it as much as I do! 

Bye bye for now. :) x

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Payday Haul. #3

Why hello there :)

This months payday haul is a little bit late because I've picked up a few things on different shopping trips & wanted to blog about them all at once! So now, a week later, I feel I am ready to show you the things I've spontaneously scooped up since payday. Granted, a few of the things are not things which I needed but if you don't waste a few quid on payday what really is the point? Ha-ha.

 First shop...


For my eighteenth birthday my god mother gave me £40 Pandora vouchers! (Lovely lady!) However I didn't get an opportunity to get to a proper Pandora shop to spend them... Until this weekend. I went into the shop & chose a orange glass munro charm which I thought was going to be £30, turns out it was discounted down to £15! What.a.bargain. I picked out another charm, a little cat charm, which was also reduced to £15, then finally a third charm which was also reduced! Madness. So which my £40 voucher I got three charms & only had to pay an extra £5. Wow! Safe to say I left Pandora smiling like a mad woman... So, these are the new additions to my bracelet:

My complete bracelet. :)

Orange glass munro charm...

Spotty glass munro charm...

Little kitty-kat charm...

Next shop...

The Body Shop...

First off is my favorite Body Shop candle Jasmine & White Frangipani (what is frangipani? I have no idea) but this smell is my absolute favorite from their home fragerance range & when I seen these bits in that particular scent I went abit wild & bought them because I was just so excited. Body Shop candles really do make the room smell amazing, like y'know you get those candles that just don't really do anything for the room? Well these ones do everything! Ha ha. They really refresh the room & make it smell delicious without being over the top smelly - they're just perfect & I love them alot. (Especially this smell!)

I also bought the matching room spray because I loves it & you can't have one without the other. (Well, you can but I like to have both.)

& next I bought the flipping gorgeous Deep Sleep bath float. This stuff is utterly gorgeous. It smells amazing. I can't even. I just can't even. It is sooo super nice & luxury - its deffo a luxury spend because its £14 a bottle but the bottle is giant & it is so worth it if you can afford it. I LOVE IT! & I'm super excited to try it with a bath bomb & the matching perfume/spray from the deep sleep range. (The deep sleep range is full of smells that will send you off to sleep. They are relaxing & calming and smell divine. I wouldn't recommend bathing in this first thing in the morning because obviously you want to be awake & refreshed them, but just before bed this would be gorgeous and just the thing you need after a busy/stressful day. Eeee, I just love it. :)

& finally I picked up a new body butter. I honestly have so many body butters but this particular one is gorgeous. Its papaya flavor. This body butter, I think, is the best if you have particularly sensitive skin - once I had a really bad allergic reaction to something I'd bathed in & was super super itchy - so I wacked a load of this on & lotioned myself up & the itching stopped soon afterwards... I pray by this now for days where that happens, or days when I'm freshly shaven & don't want to irritate the skin! And, on the plus side, it smells really nice - its a light fresh smell so it isn't over powering or over the top - its just perfect & goes really nice with different perfumes aswell... Love this stuff. Also, its discounted at the moment £13 down to £5 - what.a.bargain! 

Next shop,


First of all I scooped up my absolute favorite bath bomb from Lush and that is the Fizzbanger. This bath bomb is just amazing. It snap crackles & pops away in the bath whilst revealing the most gorgeous smelling fresh fragrance. It also changes the bath all different colours until it ends up green. I love this product & if you haven't tried it you are missing out. :P

Next up I got the butterball because I've heard such good things about this bath bomb. I've read/watched & listen to people talk/blog/youtube about this particular bath bomb & I went into Lush determined to buy it, I was willing to spend a good £6-7 on it aswell...So when I seen it tucked away in the corner infront of the £2.50 I was amazed! All this hype for a tiny weeny plain white cheapy bath bomb? Hmm... I didn't quite believe it. I am yet to try it & see what its really like but at the moment I am shocked by it normality! It does smell yummy though. I am going to try it along side the deep sleep bubble bath I mentioned earlier...I imagine they'd be a good combo! :)

I plan to do little "insta-videos" of these bath bombs so if you don't follow me on Instagram you can click HERE & do so now. :D



In Superdrug I needed to pick up some essentials...Hairspray & my beloved oil-licious argan oil from Got2B so when I saw that they were on buy 2 for £5 I got abit excited. The hairspray but Got2B is something I've had before & I really really loved it. Its the strongest holding hairspray I've ever tried & it also smells quite nice - is that isn't a bonus I don't know what is!! Haha. As I said, I also got the oil-licious spray, if you want to read more about that click HERE because I mentioned it in my previous blog post. :) Finally, I picked up URBAN FUDGE's sea salt texturizing spray. I use to use the L√≥real salt spray... Then I went on to Got2B's salt spray...But this time I thought I'd try this! I am really intrigued by it & am existed to have a play/practice with it. :) It cost me £4.66. 

And finally...


Finally in Sainsbury's I picked up a beautiful new summery top & thought I'd share it with y'all. Its a really nice floral print with bright/bold colours init. I really really like it & got it at a bargain price of £8! If you're looking for something similar try Sainsbury's because they have a really cheap sale on at the moment. :) I know Sainsbury's isn't the "coolest" place to buy clothes but I'm really not one to be fussed by that...If I like something I like something! No matter what shop its from! So yeah, this is my new top & I loves it. It really fits nicely & fits all the right places! Haha. :)



 & that's everything guys! :)
I'm now off to have a nice bubble bath...
Hope you enjoyed this post...What've you been buying lately?
Speak to you soon :)

x o x o