Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Adventure Time #4 & Branching Out.

'ello munchkins!!

Here's a few photos from a little adventure me & my friend Jordan went on yesterday. This beautiful weather just makes me want to get outside and explore! We went to a place called Cold Ashton which is about twenty minutes/twenty five minutes away from me and it was sooo nice. It was just fields upon fields and we were able to just walk through each one after the other... I didn't take many photos as we were too busy singing, walking, and getting out of breathe! Ha-ha. But here are the few I did take:

And that's it for my Adventure Time post... Now for a quick haul/new clothing item which I feel like I've branched out by buying. I never normally go for this type of thing so I'm loving a nice change. Its always nice to shake it up a bit!

This is just a photo off my instagram! If you aren't following
me on Insta you can click here too:

These trousers! They are the really popular linen funky patterned trousers which I feel like everybody is wearing at the moment. I picked mine up in Asda for £10! Bargain! (I have seen others for £30+) and I think they're perfect for summer, they're made of a really nice thin fabric to stop you don't get hot & sweaty! Everybody's dream eh! I just really love the colourful pattern and think that these will be easy to wear with anything! 

This is a picture from my adventure the other day & I was wearing my new trousers! So I thought I'd slip this photo in here for you to see them on... Not that you can really see in detail! But they are soo comfy so if you're in two minds about getting some I definitely say yes! I wore them with a yellow jumper with a white lacey bit along the bottom - I really like this jumper, its so nice for summer nights because it isn't too thick & it isn't too thin...Perfect combo! :) 

Anyway pumpkins!
Happy Hump Day 

Night Night :) x

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Bath Essentials.

Hello there :)

This is my BATH ESSENTIALS blog post, as you may already know I am obsessed with Lush & if possible I would have a lush bath bomb in every bath but sadly I have ran out & haven't got any left at the moment. :( So apart from that missing these are my bath essentials:


No bath is perfect without candles! Candles smell a-m-a-z-i-n-g-and they just generally make the atmosphere so calm and relaxing. My favorite brand of candles are Yankee Candles! I love them all. :) My personal favorite is Bahaman Breeze which is the one furthest away in the corner. 



What bubble bath is complete without bubbles? The answer you're looking for is none! I am currently loving The Body Shop's English Dawn White Gardina shower gel for my baths as it reallyreally bubbles up nicely & smells gorgeous. I also have the matching perfume so I like to bath in it & wear the spray afterwards! :)



A body scrub is important to get all the dead skins cells off your body! At the moment I am using The Body Shop's Blueberry Body Scrub GeleĆ© & it smells amazing.


Bath Lilly (Bath Poof)

For me these things are sooo important, I love to use them with my bar of soap/shower gel to lather up the product, one of these can make a product last sooo much longer! These are also so good for shaving your legs and things because it makes the perfect soapy lathery mixture! These things are so cheap and retail at about £2, if you don't have one I really recommend them!!



Finally, obviously, soap! Everyone uses soap right? Its just a general essential you need to wash yourself!! Ha ha. These two are both Body Shop soaps they're cranberry & satsuma. The cranberry only comes out at Christmas & I must've bought about ten because I loved it so much!


Face Mask/Wash

Every bath I like to wash my face and do a face mask... Today I used Body Shop's tea tree foaming face wash & honey oat 3-in-1 mask, & afterwards I used Sanctuary Spa's moisturzier & Body Shops drops of youth. :)

And finally...

After the bath...

One of my FAVORITE body moisturizers is Lush's Charity Pot. I adore this stuff & it smells amaaaazing. I don't know how to describe the smell but when I say amazing I really do mean it! Lush sell teeny-weeny pots of this for £1 so if you want to try before you buy pick one of those up! I must've owned about 10 pots before giving in and buy this beauty. (This one costs £12.) This stuff is so nice for the skin and I really love it for summer. Because of its thin consistency its so easy to rub in and a small bit goes so far. I love it!


Adventure Time! #3

Hellooo dudes!

Last night I remembered about the adventure my friend Jodie & I went on a few weeks ago. We went on a well needed girly, sun shiney, picnic, where we talked, ate, and enjoy the beautiful weather. Here are a few snaps I took that day/evening that I thought you might like to have a nosey at. :) One of my all time favorite things to do is to go on a picnic I just love them and its so much more exciting (and so much cheaper) than going to restaurants & having take-a-ways. So this summer I plan to have lots of picnics with my friends. :)

And that's it. :) I know it sounds sterotypical but I really do love having the iPhone5 because you have a decent camera on you where ever you go. I am never disappointed with how they come out & am sooo happy I got an upgrade. & the front facing camera is just beautiful, I mean you can take a selfie with no bother at all! Ha-ha.

How do you guys feel about picnics?
& are you enjoying the summer so far?

Evening x