Sunday, 25 May 2014

What's In My Bag?

Afternoon (again) guys!

Fourth post in two days...I am on a roll! As I mentioned a few times previously its was my birthday this week! & one thing which I bought for myself with money I got for my birthday was a new handbag... So I thought I would do a "whats in my bag" for y'all! :)

My Handbag's Makeup Bag...

& that's everything I keep in my bag. :)
What do you keep in yours?

Newlook Shoe Haul...

G'afternooon guys...

Today I thought I would share my shoe haul with you because I bought two pairs of beautiful shoes on my birthday & I love them!

Pair #1

The first pair I picked up was this pair of suede loafers. They're the comfiest thing I've ever tried. The second I put my foot inside I knew I had to buy them! I really like the colour of them because it makes them so easy to wear & they'll go with alot of things. Inside the shoe the soles are cushioned so they feel amazing. They were £22.99, from Newlook, & worth every penny. I am in love with them & know I will be wearing them all summer. :)

Pair #2

Secondly was this pair of beautys... These are red mid-heel sandles which the second I saw I fell in love with. I am not one for wearing high heels as I find they're more pain than they're worth...But these are just the perfect height because they don't make your feet hurt at all. I really like the bright, vibrant colour of them & think they'll be really nice for the summer days when I want a bit of a heel but not too much of one... I also think its nice that the toes are out because I can wear pretty summery nail varnish! I can't remeber how much this pair of shoes were but they're from Newlook so if you want to know you can check out the website... I think they come in normal & wide feet (which is good for us fat-footers!)

I, personally, really like Newlook for buying shoes... Is there anywhere you can recommend a shop to get shoes from? Have a nice Sunday afternoon guys...Enjoy your roast dinners! :)

Tooodle'pip. x

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Lush is LUSH!

Hello my dears!

I am here, for the second time today, because I am having an extremely lazy day today & thought "hey I'm gunna write another blog plost." For my birthday I seemed to accumulate quite a few lush products. Which I am very happy about... So here are the goodies I've been given & I've bought myself. :)

Big Blue...

"Big Blue" is the first one in my little collection & its smells amazing. Its a light but musky smell that I am really struggling to describe... It just smells good ok! Ha-ha. Online, Lush describes it as a calming bath bomb which evokes a summers day at the sea side. I am super excited to try it!! I love it.

Pop In The Bath...

Next we have "pop in the bath" which is a sweet smell, like strawberries, & I am buzzing to try it. All day I've been thinking about hopping in a bath with this beauty but I have stopped myself just so I could photograph it for you guys! *Blogger problems!* Ha-ha. This product is a bath melt, different from Big Blue. Lush says that this bubble bar will "lighten & brighten your day" and I believe that on a bad day this would make you feel 100x better...simply because it smells so amazing & fresh. This would be an amazing bath melt to use before a long summers day. Its gorgeous. 

May Day...

Next I've got May Day which is another bath bomb it smells very light & sweet, but with a hint of licorice & sweets. All the funds go to keeping badgers alive. (Hence why it looks slightly like a badger!) So as well as helping a great cause it is also a great product. I really recommend this. :)


"Avobath" is a bath bomb which smells very appley/lemony/citrusy & just generally nice & fresh... Lush say that using avobath in the morning will help you face the day! It also says that its good for dry skinned people... Although I don't suffer with dry skin I am excited to try it & give my skin a right good moisturize. :)


"Karma" is a gorgeous, zesty bubble bar that smells of oranges & satsumas. Its possibly my favorite out of my current load. This is your general be happy scent - I am in looove. This is the type of bubble bar that will completely change the colour of your water & make you feel like you're drifting away... Lush say that it'll give you a "instant lift." :)

Mmmelting Marshmellow Moment...

"Mmmelting Marshmellow Moment" is a bubble bar which I scooped up on my birthday. It is a gorgeous mix between "Pop in the Bath" & Lush's ever famous "Comforter." It has a deep, sweet, scent that would make you relax until you dropped off to sleep... I am going to save this bad boy for a rain-y day when I really need a pick me up. 


"Fizzbanger" is the most subtle smell of them all...However it still smells amazing. From the outside it just looks like a plain bath bomb but Lush say that on the inside its a "firework" of different colour's whizzing round the tub & that it "reduces the feelings of anxiety, produces a feeling of joy & helps you let go...

Blue Skies & Fluffy White Clouds...

I have wrote about "Blue skies & fluffy white clouds" before...After the first time I picked up I fell in love with it. To read my previous post about this product click HERE! :)

But yeah... These are all the lush bath products I got & received over my birthday. I think I've got enough to keep me going for a little while now! I will try to keep them & make them last for aslong as possible... But y'know what its like sometimes you can't resist temptation! They're in my room in my little bath-bomb-basket & they smell fan-flipping-tastic. Everyone that walks in thinks I've got candles burning...but really its just these beautys!

Thank you for reading my little haul/review/thing...I hope you've enjoyed it & I hope its made you want to go out & splurge on bath bombs! Personally Lush are my favorite place to get bath products & Lord knows there's no bath like a Lush bath! 

Bye-byee x 

Turning Eighteen ❤

Why hello there :)

I haven't written to my blog in (just over) a week & there is 1 reason & 1 reason only... I turnt eighteen! This week (Thursday, 22nd May) I turned 18 & so I have been very busy doing all kinds of exciting birthday activities... I mean, you only turn 18 once right? :) Here are a collection of photos from my amazing week. I went to the zoo, went shopping, went to London, was a tourist, ate cake, did more shopping & generally had a really special & memorable week. I am a very lucky girl with amazing friends & family. & yes, in the very bottom photo is the latest addition to my life... That beauty is Penelope the Peugeot... My very first car. :) 

The girl appearing in *most* of the photos with me is my life-long friend Jodie. She & I were in hospital together when we were little babys... I was born on the 22nd of May & she was born on the 24th & our mums were on the same ward in hospital together... Madness right? She is my nearest, dearest & oldest friend who I spent this unforgettable week with. :)

Thank you for being paitent with me whilst I didn't upload this week, I was out making memories! If you want to see photos like these everyday you can follow me on Instagram HERE! 

Have a lovely bank holiday weekend...

Megan xx