Monday, 28 April 2014

Handbag Essential #1: Vaseline.

Hellooo munchkins,

Today's post is going to be on my love of Vaseline. I love lip balms & butters and these bad boys are no exception. I've always used Vaseline, I mean who hasn't? When I was growing up I would always have a blue tinned original in my school bag and now I have most of them and depending on day, weather, and my outfit depends on which one you'll find in my bag... Vaseline's are just perfect for sore, chapped winter lips, and amazing for dry, dehydrated summer lips. That is why I think Vaseline's are a handbag essential! Here is my little stash of Vaselines and my opinions on each of them... Enjoy!

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is for people with sensitive skin. It *obviously* contains Aloe Vera which is a calming & soothing ingredient therefore if you're someone with skin that just reacts to anything then this is the one for you. I personally really like this one for night time, I apply it really thickly before I go to bed & when I wake up I feel like my lips are refreshed & smooth, ready for whatever products I'm going to apply on them that day. I can't say the Aloe one has ever actually made it into my handbag it usually just lies around my bedroom or beside my bed. The aloe one also has a really reaaally subtle smell which I have no idea how to describe - but I like it. 

Limited Edition: Pink Bubbly:

Pink Bubbly is lovely. Its so pretty & glossy and looks really nice on the lips. You could wear this on its own for a naturally pretty look or on top of lipstick for a more obvious look. I love that Vaseline do tinted ones for when you have sore lips but still want to make them look nice... One thing I also love about Vaselines is that they're not too thick, like, some lip glosses you can buy leave you with a horrible thick sticky feeling on your lips - these 100% don't do that - they're very thin & sheer. I'm not sure you can still buy this Vaseline, I bought it last summer from Boots and have loved it everyday since! Honestly I don't why this isn't a permanent Vaseline fixture - its gorgeous. Its also really nice for school & work when you're not aloud to, or you don't want to, wear OTT makeup. This is easily one of my favorites. 

Rosy Lips:

Rosy Lips is a oldie but a goodie from the Vaseline collection. Its been around for as-long as I can remember, and I've owned more tins that I can remember! This one, similar to Pink Bubbly, is tinted and its tinted a gorgeous rosy pink! (Funny that!) I love this one for hot days where you don't want much make on & you don't want dry lips. My mum, who doesn't wear makeup hardly ever, even wears this sometimes! I remember buying her one for Mother's Day one year to keep in her handbag! (Top daughter here) But yeah, if you want a lip treatment like Vaseline but you want coloured, pretty lips - this is the one for you

Pocket Size With SPF15:

The yellow tinned Vaseline is exactly the same as the original in the blue tin - however this one contains a SPF15 which is very important... People think they only need to wear an SPF during the summer but that just isn't true, although its cold in the winter the sun is still out & you are still in danger of sun rays! (Strict science lesson here.) So if you just want basic Vaseline you're better off getting the yellow tin simply for the added bonus of the SPF. There's no colour tint, or nice scent, it is what it is and it does the job. Although, this one is alot thicker than the others and it contains Shea Butter so if you're particularly suffering with sore lips you could also give this a try. This one is one of my favorites, I often wear it on top of my lipstick for protection & glossyness...

Paint The Town Red:

Next we have my favorite Vaseline; Paint The Town Red. As you can see this Vaseline is another one which tints the lips and I love it. If you're one of those people who love red lipstick, put don't feel you can pull it off, and spend your whole life envying people who can (me) this is just perfect. It gives you nice, glossy, full, red lips but not ones which are too bright or in your face. It is God's gift. And, again, it still has all the properties of the other Vaselines and still protects and works magic on your lips. Sadly though, this is also a limited edition.

Cocoa Butter:

Cocoa Butter is an ingrediant which is amazing for dry skin - so this Vaseline is amazing at targeting and helping just that. This Vaseline also smells nice which is my main reason to be drawn to it... Who can resist a nice smell? Again it is a un-tinted Vaseline and is solely for protection/repair purposes. I think this one is a good one for winter when its cold & everybody's got a cold & your lips just need a little "pick me up" and a bit of hydration. :)


These are swatches of the tinted Vaselines, top to bottom they are;
  • Rosy Lips.
  • Paint The Town Red.
  • Pink Bubbly.

I just also want to point out that Vaselines aren't just for damaged lips - true, when people have sore/chapped/dry lips they go towards Vaselines but I think using a Vaseline before you get damaged lips will just protect against you getting those. Its like thinking ahead of the game ;). I just love the sheer, glossy texture of Vaseline and that is why they are one of my Handbag Essentials

What's your opinion on Vaselines?
Love them like me? Or just use them when necessary?
Either way I hope this helped you choose which one you're going to invest in next time you need/want to. You can buy Vaselines from almost anywhere, from places like Boots & Superdrug, to Supermarkets and Pharmacy's. You can find them anywhere! Just gotta' look. :)

I hope you're all enjoying your Monday. I've spent mine reading Bridget Jones & watching Come Dine With Me! I love not working Mondays. Mwhaha. 

Speak to you all again very soon,

Goodbyeeeeee! :)

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Felt Tip Liner Review & Dodgy Camera Skills!

Hello blog-land!

Today I thought I would tell you about how much I love the "No 7 Stay Precise Felt Tip Liner." I picked this product up back in the January sales; where I got a box full of different make-up goodies including the liner. I always wear liquid liner so was excited to try it... 

The pictures I've snapped are of the poorest quality & I am so sorry! Haha. If you like a good ol' perfect focus & lighting photo please X this post now!! The focus on my camera is absolutley disgusting because its so old now... But I should get points for effort! I took these photos early this morning before work and was tired I didn't even realize how shocking they were till now... But hey'ho I thought you guys can still read my ramblings about the product *if you want to ofc*

1. Please ignore how awful I look.
2. I'm really NOT the best at doing liner flicks - please don't judge!
4. The picture of my hand is to show you how straight the lines are & that you can vary how thick/thin you want them.
First off with this product I was super nervous to use it, I've always preferred the normal liquid liner (y'know, dip, paint it on & hope for the best!) but my colleague & friend Nat (Natalie) told me to try this so I did... I was amazed! It is so much easier as it just glides on effortlessly. Needless to say its still hard to get both eyes matching but still it is much easier to stick to the lash line. I also find you get a choice of how thick/thin you want the line.. Sometimes with regular liquid liners you're stuck with whatever the brush size is but with this because the tip is so thin (& perfect!!) you can easily make the lines thicker. Its also easier to get right into the corner of the eye, sometimes I find you're at risk of polluting your eye with liner but this just isn't possible with the felt-tip nip, especially as it doesn't carry enough product to do so. (Has anyone else ever had their liquid liner leak into their eye? Eurgh, worst thing ever.)

I hadn't actually applied my mascara yet in these photos, *I have very dark hair naturally so that'll be why they look dark* but if you wanted a casual, natural makeup you could really just wear the liner very thinly, it would just be enough to make your eyes pop without popping to much - if you get me? It just darkens the lash line and will help you avoid "bumhole eyes." 

I've brought the brightness & contrast down on this photo to
make the liner dark & easier to see! Looks abit over-edited but hey'ho.

Again, the product was "No 7's Stay Precise Felt Tip Liner." You can only buy No7 in Boot's & in Boots they do have staff trained specifically in No7 make-up so I'm sure if my little post hasn't given you enough info on the product they'd be happy too. :) Finally, the liner cost's £8. (Not bad!)

Before today I forgot I owned this product, it lives in my little pot of liners & this morning when I spotted it I thought I'm going to use that! No doubt now it will sneak its way back into my everyday make-up. I love it when that happens, you forget you own something and then when you find it you remember why you loved it in the first place. That is exactly this product for me! MY NEW/OLD FOUND LOVE!

Again I apologize for the poor poor photos!! I hope this post hasn't put you off the product because that was so not my intention! I will do better next time I promise! 

Anyway! Enjoy &
Speak again soon...

Goooodbye! xx

Friday, 25 April 2014

Hair Dye & Mini Haul...

Hey guys!

Today AND yesterday I went to Sainsbury's. I know two trips in two days... I need to get a life! But I thought I would do a short haul & show you the variety of things which I picked up;

Shopping Trip #1

Pete in the background eyeing up the cakes!

The first trip I picked up my hair dye, I randomly decided I wanted to dye my hair on Wednesday night... So that's exactly what I did. Before going red I had ombré hair which I've had since January so I thought it was deffo time for a change! I used LIVE XXL hair dye because I've used it loads of times and have never had a bad experience with it. I also find when they say your hair will go a certain colour it actually does... Where as some other brands only go "close" to the colour. I've used their products to dye my hair blue & orange before... Both times they were very bright but exactly as I was expecting them! Haha.


and AFTER!

I'm really happy with the result... To get it all to go the same colour I did the top half (brown) before I did the bottom (blonde) I left the dye on the darker part for ten minutes before I moved onto the blonde, and then I left it all for a further 30 minutes. I did this because the darker bits of hair would need more time to develop whereas the blonde just sucked up the red straight away! Now you can't even tell it was once two different shades, which is awesome... I thought I'd have to strip my whole head & start again but lucky I didn't.. Happy days eh!

Also on shopping trip #1 I picked up some Batiste...Not very exciting I know but it is an essential and its half price at the moment so I thought it was Christmas come early! When I was first introduced to Batiste I wasn't sure on it... But now I love it & use it religiously. I suffer really badly from oily hair so I need to use this usually everyday after washing day, because I've got such long hair I try to go as long as possible without washing it (because its such a chore!) and I just wouldn't be able to do that without Batiste! I also picked up Frozen & lots of movie-watching-food to munch on whilst watching it. (As seen in the first photo!) 

Shopping trip #2...

I picked up this top on shopping trip #2 & I am in love with it! I think its a formal/casual top and I feel like you could wear it day or night... The front of it is a plain whitey/cream colour with a V neck and short loose sleeves, then the back is...

covered in this beautiful bird pattern! I have a thing for bird patterns... I just can't resist. I really like the colour's in this top & I think they complete it! Aah. I know some of you might think its a bit "granny-fide" but I prefer to think of it as "vintage" haha!  I also really like how the back has little pleetes in it, like this...

To dress this up I would wear it with chelsea boots heels, red lipstick and a big necklace to brighten up the plain front, & to dress this down for day I would wear it with leggings, pumps and natural make-up. :) After picking up my top, which was £16, I went to the PJ isle where I spotted these....

Another bird patterned item! Eee! Exciting. Haha, these are jammie bottoms which are perfect for the summer as they are a really thin, cotton fabric which is so loose, light & cool. They're so comfy and generally feel like you've got nothing on. What more could you ask for? Haha. I haven't taken them off since I got home, I just LOVE them! These cost me £10 & are worth every penny!

Finally! That's everything I bought guys! It feels really strange writing a random haul like this... A bit of this 'n that, I hope you've enjoyed it? Sainsbury's has some really good offers on at the moment & lots of nice, summery clothes. All the hair products are on offer too, including the dye! Which was a bargain for me. :) I know usually in the blogesphere is "Topshop hauls" or "Newlook hauls" but sometimes Sainsbury's do bring out clothes which weren't intended for people over the age of 80! Haha... Next time you're there have a look, I promise *and hope* you won't be disappointed! 

Now, enjoy the weekend...

Goodbyeee x

P.s when I wear my new top out I will Instagram a photo of it.. If you want to see you can follow me on Instagram HERE! :)

Adventure Time!

Hello guys!

Ok so its pretty late right now but I've just finished uploading photos from my big boy camera onto my laptop & thought I would share them with you in a post... I'm awake super late because I've spent the evening with my friend dying my hair (red, aahh) & watching Frozen! *let it go, let it gooo!* But yeah, here are some photographs from my little adventure today...Enjoy! 

On my adventure I went, with my friend Jodie & her pet pug Pete, to a woods which is about a 15-20 minute drive away from where I live. The woods is called "Sally In The Woods" we've been a few times before but we've always gone when its dark & we've not got out the car! I've heard lots of scary stories about this place & it is supposedly haunted by a little girl called Sally. If you Google "Sally In The Woods"  I'm sure some twisted tale will pop up... Anyway, I was innocently having my tea today, already for a night-in in my jammies when Jodie rang me, insisting that Sally In The Wood's wasn't scary in the light and she really wanted to go there on an adventure...

Dotted around the woods are freaky caves (like the picture above) this particular one you could go inside and walk around however others were sectioned off with metal gates & DO NOT ENTER signs! I can't think of anyone insane enough to want to enter! (Especially if you've ever watched the film The Descent... That would put you caves off for life!)

The walk itself though is very beautiful with gorgeous views & scenery. (Ooer, I feel very posh right now... But its true! Haha) We went at about half 7 so the sun was beginning to go down & was making the sky look lots of pretty, different colours.

Dotted around the woods though there was lots of signs of children... Rope swings, little huts made of wood & there was pink ribbon tired in a trail to lots of the trees (no ideas why!) I guess these things made a little less scary... Just a little! Haha, it reminded me of Hansel & Gretel abit.

Also, around the wood we saw a few different animals. In the first field we saw lots of sheep & rams, & when we were deep into the woods *before we got lost* we saw two massive Bambi's! (Deere!) I was in shock horror, I've only ever drove past them but face to face those things are much bigger than I expected! They soon pranced off once they saw us though so I wasn't quick enough to snap a photo. :( 

Finally we reached out destination... "The Pepper Pot" its a massive watch tower which has a really eerie feel to it. The big iron door doesn't open any further than show in the photo above (weird, huh) but when looked in you can't see anything which could be stopping it from opening! This freaked me out, ha! But I did managed to poke my camera through the door & take a photo with the flash on...*just call me James Bond*

This was the disappointing result! Part of me was hoping for Sally to be behind the door ready to say "BOO!" Haha. I don't know if you can see the staircase clearly in the back of the photo but that goes up & all the way around the tower right to the very top... I would love to go up there & see the view - its an amazing view from outside the watch tower so it must be incredible from on top of it.

And that's the end of my little adventure! Do you ever do anything spontaneous & random things like this? As much I hate it say it but "yolo" comes to mind when me & my friends do... Me & Jodie always try to do a "Sunday Adventure" together so maybe I'll try & photograph our other adventures & blog about them to. :) 

Enjoy your Friday tomorrow/today... 
Remember Friday is "P.O.E.T.S day" (Piss off early tomorrows Saturday!)

Goooodbye :)

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Perfect Night In...

*Couldn't publish this post the day it was written because I had serious photo uploading issues! I did actually write, photograph and do these things on 20/04/2014 haha - just thought I'd write this before you read on any further!*


Today is Easter Sunday and I have spent the WHOLE bank holiday weekend feeling ill & sorry for myself so after a day of hot cross buns, Easter eggs, car booting, and massive roast dinners I decided to have a really old school girly pamper evening/bubble bath. So I thought that I would blog about my version of a 'Pamper Evening' because one of my favorite things to do is kick pack and pamper... So, ladies and gentlemen, this is what I call my perfect night in...

A nice, hot, bubbly bath is the best way to relax & pamper... I think its important that you use a gorgeous smelling bubble bath because it just sets the mood! I used Lush's bubble bar The Comforter and snuggled down under my bubbly blanket to read Bridget Jones surrounded by candles...

It a tough choice which bubble bar to choose from! I keep my bubble bars in my bath room in this cream, china, love heart bowl. (Which I love, its super cute.) 
My fav candle is Yankee Candle's Bahama Breezee...
Bridget Jones is SUCH a good book,
if you haven't already...Give it a read!

Finally came skincare, I have a love/hate relationship with skincare - I spend lots of money on it, and when I use it I see the difference it makes to my skin... but somedays I just think 'meh' for example instead of doing my whole routine I'll just use my cleanser & toner... Or I won't use my day cream, or night serum, ect.. I know I should do it EVERYDAY but somedays I do neglect my skin. (tut tut) However these are the products I used for my pamper evening...

1. The Body Shops Camomile Cleansing Butter. - I use this take off my makeup, its a thick texture that feels amazing on the skin & amazingily removes all makeup - including eye makeup! When I found this out I didn't believe it....I was a non-believer! I wasn't used to using a solid product to remove my makeup but sure enough IT DOES! Even the stubbornest of waterproof mascara comes off with ease. I love this & think that its a real treat for the skin, it leaves it silky smooth & feeling lovely. (£12)

2. Vitamin E Cream Cleanser. - This is a smooth creamy product which I just apply with my finger tips to remove any excess cleansing butter that might be left behind, and any leftover makeup that I've missed... It is a nice cool feeling & it smells really nice and fresh. I like to use this product for an extra clean feel! (£3 travel size - £8 normal size.)

3. Blue Corn 3-in-1 Deep Cleansing Face Mask. - When I first seen/heard of this facemask I was abit worried, it is a very thick texture with a deep cleaning scrub inside it, I thought it was going to cause me to have a breakout due to its intensity but to this day I've never been left disappointed! It takes the first layer of dead skin cells off your skin and you're left with a beautifully soft, fresh, face. Its amazing for blackheads & stubborn spots, I find that afterwards they just come out with ease... (yuck, but true!) I also feel like it scrubs away any excess oil I have, for example I use it once a week but if I leave it longer than a week I start to get very full, greasy, oily pores. Top tip for using it, I always use this when I'm in the bath so that I can let the mask dry (I usually leave it for 20 minutes) then I wet my fingers dips and circular shapes on my face with them (if that makes sense? haha) this just lifts up the exfoliating grains and moves them around so that you get a real good scrub. Once the whole face mask is lifted I wash it off with warm water. I LOVE this product. (£10)

4. Seaweed Clarifying Night Treatment. - This is a night cream dedicated for combination skin, so it gives you moisture but doesn't over moisture for those with oily skin.. Which is very helpful. It smells really lovely & fresh and I find after I've scrubbed all my blackheads out this is a nice treat for my pores to cool them & relax them after being scrubbed to death! Haha, if you have oily skin this is a really good night cream, I've tried several and find this is one which I really get on with because it doesn't make me over oily or dry. :) (£11)

5. Last, but not least; Vitamin E Overnight Serum. - Now I'm sure I'm a bit behind the time blogging about this product now because it was such a huge hit when it came out... I saw blog posts left, right & center about this so eventually I gave it to try it... At first I was abit scared because of how oily/runny it is... But as soon as it hits your face is just becomes as smooth as silk. I absolutley love it. It doesn't make my skin more oily (which I thought it would) it just really refreshes my skin. You can really see the difference in the morning as well, my skin is smooth & soft so that my makeup sits on it better and I find I look more 'awake' and lively when I wake up. Aaah. This product is just a real treat for the skin & a pamper evening wouldn't be complete without it! Its worth every penny. (£12.)

Oh hey chubby knees!!

After my gorgeous bath I painted my nails & flicked through Netflix whilst surronded by fairy lights, candles & fluffy cushions... Dreamy I hear you say? Well you wouldn't be wrong. :)

I hope that this has inspired you to kick back and relax like I have (and do regulary!), enjoy the little things, rewind and indulge yourself... it has to be done! :D Now, enjoy the rest of your Thursday...

Gooodbye x 

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Friends, family & food.

Hey there!

I've been trying to get to sleep since 9:00... As you know (if you've read my previous posts) I am fighting off a bitch of a cold at the moment, and I'm at the stage where just as you get cosy into bed its constant cough, cough, cough, so I thought I would use my time wisely and do a little post...

How cool is this? Instagram cupcake! I want it!

I thought considering as this weekend has been Easter bank holiday weekend I would show you what I've been up too during it (aside from nursing my cold & making my blog!) The following photos are just a few I have instagrammed & snapped randomly over the weekend. If you want to see more of my photos you can follow me on Instagram HERE! I Instagram daily.. (I am slightly obsessed!) 

The canal!

This is Anna...
Isn't she beautiful? 

Looking a little tipsy and very full of food...

It all started on Thursday afternoon/evening, Me and my two friends Jodie and Anna decided we would go to a super cute pub in a tiny little town near us, the pub is called The Lock Inn and its right beside a canal-barge-lock thing. (Hence the name!) Whilst having a few ciders in the sun several canal boats floated on past, it is such a sweet little place to go... The pub itself is very very small without much room inside, however outside there is lots more room & dotted around among the seats & benches there are three little garden sheds which have been pimped out with vintage posts, plaques, signs, & fairy lights - they are the cutest things! There is also a Lock Inn boat along the barge which you can go and sit in. We picked a shed which was closest to the water so we had a great view & we stayed there until the sun went down and the fairy lights came on - it was really cute! We also had tea/dinner there. We all went for a "Gurt Lush Burger" (something the pub is well known for!) It is the most delicious feast that includes a burger with onion rings & bacon inside & then chips & salad on the side. (Yes, safe to say we were feeling fat afterwards!)

Next was Friday, on Friday I went to work; shopping; out for lunch with my mum & auntie; then to the cemetery. Every birthday/event/anniversary/holiday etc my mum goes & puts flowers on my Granddad's grave, so with it being Easter she bought some pretty yellow flowers & off we went to put them on... Whilst we were there I saw this beautiful red/deep pink blossom tree which I couldn't resist but take a photo of, isn't it beautiful!? It really brightens up an otherwise sad & depressing destination... I think one of my favorite parts about spring/summer is blossom trees and whose ever idea it was to plant this one here is a genious, it really does cheer you up to see something so full of colour & life... :)

During the Easter weekend I have been wearing Vineyard Peach body butter & Love Ect perfume (both Body Shop) I think they're sweet, light and pretty smells for this time of year. (Love Ect used to be my all time fav perfume but The Body Shop have discontinued it now and sadly this is the last of my stash! :( )

Serious question... What have hot cross buns got to do with Easter?
They're delicious 'n all but seriously... Whats the link?! Haha

Saturday & Sunday weren't spent doing anything overly exciting. After calling into work sick on Saturday I retreated to my bed to watch Netflix, eat Easter eggs, drink orange juice and feel sorry for myself! My friend  Jordan poped over to cheer me up Saturday night & we ended up watching The Proposal (LOVE that film!) And then I was off to sleep ready to go car booting Easter Sunday... Sunday I felt even worse than Saturday so retreated home from bootin' and got snug back into bed, only leaving to eat my delicious Sunday roast. (No matter how ill you are you can always eat chocolate & roasts... Fact!)

Sadly I only got a chance to take a photo when people
had already taken cakes off the stand!! Gaaahhh,
annoying.. They were delicious though. :)

Finally, Monday was back to work where I got my Raspberry eau de toilette & beautiful new lipstick. (Blog post about those HERE)  after work I went round to my aunties where me & alot of my family had a little Easter party with afternoon tea & cake... It was nice to see everybody but even nicer to dose up on paracetamol & get back into bed... Where, again, my friend Jordan showed up to cheer me up. We ended the Bank Holiday playing Russian roulette with Thornton's chocolates. (The coffee & liquor ones are YUCK! Thankfully he got most of them!)

And that was it! So in a quick conclusion my Easter Bank Holiday Weekend was spent ill, with family, friends & lots of food... Just how I like it! :) 

I hope that you all enjoyed your long weekend & I hope you got dozens of Easter eggs! My dad tried telling me that I was too old for Easter eggs this year... You can imagine my response! What did you get up too? Link me below if you've wrote any posts on what you got up to, I would  love to read them. :)

Goooodbyeee :) x