Tuesday, 30 December 2014

L'Oréal La Palette Nude.

My two beautiful friends Natalie and Christina's mum, Maria, bought me this gorgeous eye shadow palette for Christmas - isn't she lovely? She gave me this on Christmas Eve morning and let me tell you it made my day! She is a lovely, generous lady (and so are her daughters.) 

The palette itself contains a mixture of shimmer shades and matte shades; all of which range from pinks, nudes, lilacs and finally purples. They're easy to wear, versatile, day and night colour's and boy do I love them. 

I've found myself reaching for this palette again and again recently; the colour pigment is amazing and they really last all day without falling, creasing or smudging. I'm in love. I also love the fact you've got a mixture of day and night colour's so you can literally chuck this into your handbag and be set to go for any occasion...

Shall we talk packaging? The packaging is gorgeous. Its very basic, black, and slim line - perfect for on the go, or for a tight squeeze into your make up bag. You've got a decent sized mirror and a decent brush - not a rubbish plastic mirror and sponge-y brush. 

There's not one thing about this product that I don't like. Its beautiful. I'm not usually a L'Oréal lover but this product has definitely taken my fancy! I think it may have to be my new "favorite" palette... 
Well, for the time being anyway!

Monday, 29 December 2014

A "LUSH" Christmas.

This Christmas I've been spoilt rotten with Lush products. I think everyone and their dog must know how much I love them! Today I thought I would share with you the goodies I was lucky enough to be given over the festive period as the box at the bottom of my wardrobe just smells so good and is forever talking to me telling me I need to treat myself to another bath. (Guess where I'm going as soon as I'm done writing this! Hint: THE BATH.)

All of these beauty's smell incredible. I don't know where to begin in describing them; they're all so unique and gorgeous in their own way. I especially love the Golden Wonder bath bomb - it smells gorgeous, looks amazing, and is so glittery and who doesn't love a bit of glitter?

I'm super excited to try all of these products because alot of them I've never used before! I've not used a massive variety of the Lush seasonal range before and from what I hear its the best so I hope I am in for a treat! I'm especially excited to try the Candy Cane Lane bath melt and the Santa Clause bath bomb. (I don't know if I am getting the names of all these products right! I am going from memory as I *stupidly* threw away the book which tells you what's what!)

For Christmas my Auntie Jean bought me colour changing bath lights! They're shaped like little roses and you can have them floating in, or besides your bath - they're so relaxing. I love a good bath and obviously everybody who knows me knows it! Ha ha.

Ooohh. I can't remember the name of this bar of soap. I have a feeling its "rockstar" but I'm not certain. Either way its pink; star shaped; and smells gorgeous. Its currently on the side of my bath and I'm loving it everytime I use it. Finally my new favorite is the Luxury Mince Pud bath bomb. It is so beautiful and smells so good. I mean c'mon look at that gorgeous bath! I used this bomb on Christmas Day and its safe to say I was not disappointed! It smell good enough to eat; and looked even better. Such a lovely Christmas treat. I had never tried this one before so you can imagine my glee on Christmas morning when it ended up looking like this...  

Can you imagine how incredible I am going to smell with all of these?! I would go into more detail about each individual one but until I've tried them there isn't much to say other than the fact they smell bloody lovely and I was unbelievably lucky to be gifted so many... This lovely lot may even last me till Christmas 2015! (HA! Wishful thinking there, Megan.)

Spontaneous Nightout.

On Saturday I planned to go for breakfast with my lovely friends... Waking up at lunch time clearly wasn't on the agenda. After rolling out of bed at twelve, bathing, getting ready, and having a thirty minute long phone call with my manager I was ready to leave the house for...Well... Breakfast/lunch/ and now nearly dinner time. After what felt like forever me and Lauren finally sat down to demolish our food. I went for a BBQ rack of ribs, and she went for an all day breakfast - and let me tell you it was delicious. 100% worth the wait. 

After our "breakfast" we headed to Sainsbury's to treat ourselves to some cheeky Buzz's Fizz (its only Christmas once a year, you've got to make the most of it!) After a catch up and chat with her family, a few drinks with Tamara, and a whole lot of booty shakin' from Lauren it was 11:45pm and she was calling a taxi to take us out to the nearest, cheapest, and stickiest "club" around. I can't remember much of the night but it was good, we danced, we drank and we got merry! Brilliant. We also rounded off the night with a heart-to-heart and a spoon - what more can you ask for from your friends? 

Friday, 26 December 2014

Christmas 2014.

Christmas 2014 has been amazing. Although I've worked 99% of the holiday its still been full of friends; family and memories. I've been lucky enough to spend alot of time with my old friends Tamara and Lauren lately... Once upon a time we were inseparable but somewhere along the line we lost contact and seeing each other weekly become monthly, and monthly became rarely... However the Christmas season bought us back together and I couldn't be happier to be spending more time with them. They're so similar to me its unreal so being with them is one big laugh... I spent a couple of evenings in row with them leading up to Christmas and it was so lovely. Its so nice when you find people you can go months without speaking to and when you do speak everything just falls back into place and its like not a days gone by. I really love those girls. I spent the evenings with them eating chinese; talking about Heath Ledger ("Keith"); laughing; cracking fat jokes; road tripping and listening to our favorite kind of music... Disney. We make a cracking choir.

Christmas Eve I then spent the day at work! As I mentioned in my previous post I am very lucky to work with two girls who are such close friends of mine so working with them is a walk in the park; I love it and really didn't mind spending Christmas Eve at work. I spent the day opening presents; eating party rings; and singing along to brilliant Christmas songs (like Fairy Tale Of New York!) After work I headed to my aunties house where I was greeted by mulled wine; cupcakes; satsumas; and presents! I love spending Christmas Eve at my aunties...We've been doing it for as long as I can remember and Christmas Eve wouldn't be Christmas Eve without seeing them. It was just perfect. We then headed home (with a sneaky pit stop at McDonald's) for me to be back in time for my bestie to come round - Jordan. Jordan is such a close friend of mine and my family love him. My mum actually said "I can't wait for Jordan to come round - Jordan likes me you know" uh mum - he's MY friend not yours... Anyway Jordan arrived and we spent the evening in my fairy light lit bedroom swapping presents; eating Haribo and listening to Jordan's terrible taste in music. (Soz Jord, but it is crap.) We then had a fly-in visit with Jodie... If you read my blog a couple of months ago you'll know Jodie is my friend who moved to Austria! She is over there completing a ski instructor course and will be over there till April/May time; she wasn't meant to be coming home for Christmas so when I had a text late night Christmas Eve EVE (Tuesday) I couldn't believe it. It was abit like a Christmas present! Being 1000's of miles apart we seem to have "lost contact" over the 2 months shes been away - we still send the odd snapchat but it's hard trying to find time for each other as we are so busy and there's a time difference; so seeing her, even for 5 minuets, and just hearing that shes having a great time and is doing amazingly made me smile. Its so nice to see people you love doing what they love. Also I am so proud of her for passing her German exam's as I know she was worrying about them for months... Bit worried now though in case shes mean to me in German and I won't understand. (I'll have to buy a German dictionary and a book of German come-backs.) 

After that I headed home for a early night and a long wait for Santa Clause... I'm sure I heard him on my roof y'know! I wrote about my Christmas day yesterday so feel free to have a browse through if you're interested... My family always just have a traditional Christmas and usually do the same thing every year - I can't imagine doing anything different. Presents; visits; lunch; movies; naps; games; snacks; and a few drinks in between. Perfect perfect perfect...

Late night Christmas Day Facetime with Wan
and her trendy new head torch.

Boxing Day - oh me oh my I have had a long ol' day. Boxing Day brings 1 thing and 1 thing only to people who work in retail and that is: SALE PREPARATION! I have spent the day running up and down stairs carrying unhealthy amounts of stock (if I don't have a sick pack by the morning I'll be mad.) The day flew by where we were so busy doing things (although we had barely no customers!) and before I knew it Alison was knocking on the window ready to pick me and, one of my closest friends and colleges, Anna up. (Anna is someone who is a "family friend" our families have been friends all their lives and I'm sure we will be to. She is practically family... Sometimes she knows thing about my family before I know them!) We left work with full bags and empty purses from the sales and I am proud to say I quite a few bargains today! (Yankee Candles 50% off...Can't go wrong!) 

Then I came home to a reception of Cider Champagne; pickles; cold turkey and cheeses... One of the best bits of Christmas! After having a little nap I am now wide awake and ready to watch a few Christmas films; I am in the mood for Love Actually! I am going to go do that and then get ready for breakfast with the lovely Tamara and Lauren tomorrow morning... 

I have really enjoyed Christmas this year. (As I do every year!) This is the first year I've been able to really treat my parents and buy them nice presents from me... It was so nice to see their faces when they were presented with gurt big goody bags Christmas Day. I am someone who loves buying gifts for people so that was really nice to see; especially after everything they do for me. I've generally had a great couple of days and now I can't wait for New Years Eve next week with more of my favorite people...

Cozy, mid Harry Potter, Christmas tree selfie.

Thursday, 25 December 2014

'tis the season to be jolly!

Ho ho ho... Merry Christmas! 

When you work in retail over Christmas you find yourself counting down the days to Christmas... Simply just for the lye in! Today I had a lovely, chilled, relaxed day with my family. We ate to much, drank to much, and had a lovely mid afternoon nap. Casual Christmas aye! 

I woke up this morning at 8:30 and spent a couple of hours milling about, opening presents and laughing at our stupid cats playing amongst the wrapping paper! I was spoilt rotten and can't even begin to list off the presents I was given. My family and friends are far to generous! 

I then had a lovely Lush bath and used the "Luxury Mince Pud" bath bomb from the gorgeous gift box that my bestie, Jordan, bought me. It was incredible! I've never seen a bath like it! It also smelt bloomin' lovely. 

Then I got ready and used all the new make up I was lucky enough to be gifted! And got changed into my Christmas jumper... Although I've worn my new dressing gown all day! Its so soft. Its from "Yours Clothing" and its a pink and white fluffy one with a fluffy hood and inner - I look like a Eskimo snuggled away inside it! After getting ready it was time for Buzz's Fizz... My new favorite drink! 

Then my brother, Graham, and his girlfriend, Kelly, popped round to exchange presents... They also bought me a Lush gift box! (If you've read my blog before you'll know I'm addicted!) and a GORGEOUS benefit set full of their "best sellers." 

After that it was my favorite time... Lunch time! My Christmas dinner was amazing. Full of pigs in blankets, stuffing balls, and my favorite thing; Cranberry Jelly! Mmmm mmm. Yummy yum. Following lunch we all got cozy and ready to watch a new film my brother got me called "Echo" ... Ten minutes in and we were all a chorus of snoring! Ha ha; I laughed my head off when I woke up over an hour later just as the credits were rolling. Was it a good film? I've not a clue! 

Anyway; now I'm sat watching Call The Midwife (its rubbish) with my mum and dad, eating honey coated cashnew nuts and drinking cocktails. Lovely. A lovely peaceful day with amazing presents and gorgeous food... Back to work tomorrow! :( Enjoy the rest of the Christmas holiday; have a nice Boxing Day... Think of me slaving away at work! Good night. Xxx

Also; I just thought I'd stick in a few photos from Christmas Eve! Sadly I had to work all day but thankfully I was with my fav girls - we spent the day opening presents and saying bye to Christina who it jetting off to Hong Kong tomorrow! I am very lucky to work with two such good friends of mine. I bloody love them loads. (Don't I look beautiful in my Rudolph ears?) 

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Yves Saint Laurent Shocking Mascara.

Some might say I have brilliant taste in friends. This is a very true statement. Back in August when "Vision Express" opened opposite our store I never thought I'd make friends with and become so friendly with the people who worked opposite. Over the past five months I've developed a friendship with them through playing charades through the windows; mouthing things to one another; giving each other discount; sneaking off for fag breaks together; and generally having banter. Emma is someone who I particularly like and every shift I sneak over to her, or she sneaks over to me, for a good ol' chin wag...

On Wednesday morning I was feeling suicidal. I had soggy feet, was tired, late, cold, and ill - however I was met outside the shop by Emma who was waiting to give me the Yves Saint Laurent "Shocking" Mascara... Which is insanely generous - she said she just thought I'd like it... And she was right! Well, I don't just like it... I bloody love it. 

It is safe to say; I have a found a new love. Honestly. This mascara is beautiful. You hardly need any at all because after a few strokes you look like you have false lashes on. Its incredible. It makes your lashes so thick and full I can really see why people pay the hefty Yves Saint Laurent price tag for it! Its like a magic potion for your lashes and it leaves them looking bloody beautiful. I was wearing it all day and I found it didn't flake; leave me with dark circles; smudge; or clump at all. My lashes were long, full, and just perfect. Although I find myself not wanting to wear it everyday because I want to "save" it for special occasions; but then I want beautiful lashes everyday so why not wear it everyday!? Life's to short to have ugly eye lashes... Am I right?

I just wanted to share this absolute gem on my blog because YOU reading this have to try it. Or you at least need to hear about how amazing it is! I am in love and might have to take a cheeky trip to the YSL counters once I've been paid... Thank you Emma, you beauty, you have introduced me to a product which I know I'll be repurchasing again and again. (Generally think I just heard my bank account gulp in fear...)

December Photo-A-Day Challenge - Week Two.

Looks like I wrote the first part of this blog post ten days ago! Oops! So much for a "weekly" update hey. Work has been crazy lately, with the build up to Christmas, so I feel like I haven't even had time to breathe let alone write a blog post, however after a full day of luxury and watching The Walking Dead (I'm becoming addicted to it!) I thought I'd pick up from where I left off...

(Notice how I wrote day 10 twice and ruined the rest of the days -
yep that's a tad awkward.)

Day Nine - Decoration:
One of my favorite Christmas decorations from when I was a little girl and its still on our tree today. I just think its so pretty with all the gold glitter - its weird how nearly every bauble has a memory. 

Day Ten - Closed Door:
After a long day at work and a late night driving lesson this was the best I could do; our closed front door with the holly wreathe on.

Day Eleven - Something Red:
Funnily enough everything I was wearing/using that day was red! These were all on my dresser so I snapped the photo before running to the bus!

Day Twelve - Skyline:
The skyline from The Bath Christmas Market which I recently wrote a post about. 

Day Thirteen - Much Loved:
A present from a much loved friend and college of mine. She's so cute.

Day Fourteen - Drink:
I've got a taste for Fentiman's drinks at the moment and enjoyed "Rose Lemonaide" on Sunday. I also really liked their "Curious Cola" one this week as well.

Day Fifteen - Super:
"Super" lunch date with Anna on a miserable Monday. Made my day better that's for sure!

Day Sixteen - Beautiful:
A beautiful night in with one of my favorite body butters, my lush lip scrub, and my current favorite TV show; The Walking Dead. 

Day Seventeen - Sunshine:
Sunshine across the Park on my walk to work.

Day Eighteen - Sign:
A sign of a naughty cat is him attacking Christmas tree decorations! Ha ha. I love my old boy; he is so naughty and kitten-like for a "senior" cat.

Christmas Present To Myself: Lush Haul.

If you've read my blog previously you'll know I have a slight addiction to LUSH. (By "slight" I mean very addicted, borderline crazy.) So when I went into Bath the other day I was like a man on a mission hunting down their new shop. When I saw it, and saw that it was at least double the size of the previous shop, I had a bit of a jaw-drop moment and everything from there was a blur...next thing I know I've spent alot more money than planned and now my room smells amazing because of a little bag which is sat looking at me as I type this now. I thought I'd share with you my new little pile of heavenly goodness because lush products are amazing and you deserve to know just how amazing; I mean, who am I to deprive you of that privilege aye?

Dear John...

Although I love Lush, sometimes I feel like the "customer service" in their store is a bit too much. Instead of being given advice and help (which I didn't ask for in the first place) I often feel harassed and under pressure - none the less the products make up for the over eager staff. Don't get me wrong though - some of the staff are lovely and I have met some really friendly ones along the way.. However when buying Dear John I thought I was going to end up walking out of the store empty handed - the consultant was very pushy and eager for me (and my mum, who I was with) to put one of each products in our baskets! I'm not sure whether I just bought this to get him to shut up or because I generally wanted it... Hey-hoe it smells pretty good so I won't dwell on it. Dear John is a cologne with smells similar to insence stinks, its very musky and mysterious and I just really like it. I'm not 100% sure if its men's or women's spray mind, cologne is usually mans spray isn't it? Meh, I don't know. As long as I don't smell bad I don't mind! Ha ha. This large bottle was £13 which I thought was pretty good for a easy to wear, day-time scent.

Christmas Eve...

Christmas Eve simply attracted me due to them name. I, unfortunately, have to work Christmas Eve so when I get home I plan to have a relaxing bath to wind down and get ready for the big day! I wanted to treat myself to a special bath product to use that evening and when I saw this beauty's name I couldn't resist. I'll be bathing in Christmas Eve on Christmas Eve... However the temptation is killing me! I want to use it now. Ha ha. Christmas Eve is a gorgeous smelling bubble bar which means you crumble it under your running water for a beautifully coloured, beautifully smelling and just general beautiful bath. Bubble bars are often my favorites because you can use them again and again...Depending on the size of the bubble bar depends on how many baths you can break it up into; so you really get your value for money - but seeing as it'll be Christmas Eve I think I'll treat myself and go the whole-hog and stick it all in! Oooo, what a glorious moment it'll be.

Dashing Santa...

Dashing Santa is a bath bomb that I simply couldn't wait to try. I raced home from shopping and ran myself a bath there and then to stick him in. He smells (or shall I say smelt) just perfect and I wish I'd bought more of him. I was really impressed with the gorgeous residue he left in my bath, my skin felt very soft and moisturized after my soak as apposed to wrinkly and dry (as it often can feel after a long soak!) I looked on the Lush website to see what it was that made my skin feel so soft and they said the bomb contains "mandarin and bergamot oil" which explains the softness of my skin and the gorgeous orange-y smell. 

Hot Toddy...

This shower gel is literally Christmas in a bottle. If you're looking for something which smells just right for the festive season and will bring out your inner Christmas spirit, you can stop searching now because I present to you the answer... Hot Toddy. For me, Hot Toddy was more of an impulse buy, I saw it on the shelf and just chucked it into my basket without giving it a second thought - boy am I glad I did. I love it. The deep red of the shower gel is so gorgeous and it also contains gold glitter to make it even better - its like Rudolf made this himself! I adore it and can see it being one of my festive favorites. Everytime I use this I feel so Christmassy! Eeee, I just love it.

Fizz Banger...

I'm sure I've mentioned this before on my blog so I won't go into too much detail but I will say... This is my favorite ever Lush bath bomb. I love it and simply can not visit a  Lush shop, or even walk past one, without buying one. I can't put into words how gorgeous this bath bomb is; it smells amazing; it looks amazing; it sounds amazing and it feels amazing. Its just amazing. I urge anyone to try this - you'll love it, I promise. And if the name didn't give it away it fizzes and bangs (like a firework!) what more could you want? Ha ha. Oooh, and if you're wondering - it smells like apples. Who doesn't love apples? 

Golden Wonder...

This bomb is a regular at Lush. I'm sure I've seen it, bought it, and loved it many a time. This was actually my "chosen" bomb for last Christmas Eve. I dropped the golden ball of goodness into my bath and watched as the most amazing colour's appeared from its glittery outter coat. This bath bomb is one that'll make you fall for lush, simply because its so beautiful. Its a real luxury bomb which'll pick you up when you need it. (And I know I'll need it soon dealing with all the grumpy Christmas customers I've had lately!) It smells lovely and citrus-sy and it contains lime and cognac oils to make you feel as beautiful and you smell. 

Snow Fairy...

This product I have heard and read about more times than I can count. The amount of people who talk about this product and how much they love it is unreal. I can't see why Lush don't just sell it year round if its so popular?! I had never even smelt it until this Lush trip so I knew as soon as I set eyes on it I would have to buy one and try it. (You know when you hear so much about a product you just have to see if its worth all the "hype" well that's what I had to do. It just had to be done!) And let me tell you; it smells beautiful. Its smells, to me, very similar to the bubble bar "The Comforter" which is a very sweet, candy like, ribena smell. I love it. Its perfect for anyone who loves a sweet smell. Apparently it also contains sea weed to soften skin - no wonder its so popular! I can honestly say I do really like this product; however this small 100g bottle cost me £4! I thought that was a bit extortionate for a shower gel, don't you? Oh well it's worth it for a little festive treat.

The Charity Pot...

Everytime I'm in Lush I pick up one of these. Lush makes these "charity pots" and all donations from them goes to different charity's. These are usually positioned on the till point and somehow every time I leave with one, but I do love them. For me this a lush "must have." I use mine as a hand cream and I am forever buying them to keep in my handbag, work apron, pocket and bed side. I love how thick and moisturizing the formula is, and it also smells great! For £1 you just can't go wrong.

Lip Scrub...

Do I really have to write about this product? I'm sure everyone and their dog has heard about Lush's lip scrubs. They're bloody beautiful and one of the best inventions I've ever heard of. They're also brilliantly priced for such a large tub of product. You basically apply the scrub to your lips, rub them together, and lick it off. You're left with lips which feel amazing and the yummy taste of bubble gum  and candyfloss - how can you go wrong? I urge everyone to have one of these, or something similar, in their make up bags because applying lipstick has never been easier. Ha ha! I haven't bought one of these for a long time so my love for them has been rekindled, can you tell?!

Lip Tint...

Last year I found myself debating wether or not to buy this product, and I decided against it. However when I saw it this year I couldn't resist myself; I was stood in a never ending que and it was just looking at me on the counter saying "take me home Megan, I'm worth it" so into my basket it went. Oops... This lip tint is incredible. I don't know why they call it "lip tint" to me that imply's that it isn't very pigmented and isn't very thick - its the opposite of those. The colour pay off from this is amazing, its the most gorgeous, bright, vibrant red and it lasts forever. It also feels really thick and nice on the lips; I think that's why its so long lasting. I love it and have worn it everyday since buying it. It was also only a bargain price of £5.50. Totally worth every penny. I love it and know I will be wearing it year round. This could possibly (definitely) be my favorite buy of the whole haul. 

Rose Queen...

I had never seen, or heard of, this bomb before so I threw one into my basket without a second thought. However; this little pink ball of goodness is very misleading. I thought it was going to a be a boring ol' bath bomb with a light rose-y smell, but I was very wrong! My whole bathroom smelt beautiful; my bath was a gorgeous shade of pink; and I had tiny little rose buds bobbing along in my bath with me. It was so nice and very indulgent. I really can't believe how gorgeous it smelt. I'm not usually a massive rose lover but I really enjoyed this cheeky little bomb, and it was only £2.50(ish) what a gurt bargain. I loved it and will definitely buy it again. (Also apparently Rose is really good for your skin and thinking about it - I am pretty damn soft right now!)


Karma is a soild perfume. I used to love these things and would always have one in my handbag, I think solid perfume is so easy to apply during the day and its not as obvious as spray - you don't always want to make it obvious you think you smell and need a little extra "something something" so this is perfect. You can discreetly apply this to your pulse points, and the tips of your hair, for a gorgeous smell that lasts hours. I also love how convenient these are to carry around in your bag, whether it be for a day out or even a night out in your clutch. (Although I will say I prefer the old packaging with the stick formation.) Either way this is a great product and they last forever... So this was a nice little Christmas treat/present for myself!

And that's everything I picked up! I hope this doesn't make me sound like one of the pushy, eager to sell, lush members of staff? I just generally have such a passion for the products and I love them all. When I'm writing about things I love I get a wee bit excited - can you tell? I hope you enjoyed my post none the less and are excited to POETS day tomorrow. (Piss off early, tomorrows SATURDAY!) 

Friday, 12 December 2014

Bath Christmas Market.

This evening myself and my lovely mum headed off on our travels to the Bath Christmas Market. Christmas is my favorite time of year and there is nothing better to get you in the Christmas spirit than to head to the Markets... After hearing my mum curse at at least 20 people we finally arrived in Bath. My mum hates driving; so entering the city filled with the dreaded "yellow boxes" gets her in a right mood. Honestly, everyone was branded a prick or a wanker during our drive; if I'd of had a swear jar with me I'd be loaded right about now! Anyway, we eventually parked up in the multi-story, with the perfect space right besides the lift and the pay machine, and my mum had a little pray to God for getting us there safely. Honestly - how I am normal coming from my family I really don't know!...

The Bath Christmas markets are beautiful. They're all built up around the ever famous Bath Abbey Churchyard and the whole area is just filled with a christmassy aura; from the delicious smells of roasted chestnuts and mulled wine, to the unique Christmas decorations and fairy lights I'm not sure what I love most. However; the markets are so popular that they attract everyone so you have to use your elbows to get through the crowds! They're literally your best friends if you want to get to the front of a stall. Tonight I found myself at a quirky little jewelry shed and I stayed at the front of the shed for god knows how long - I thought the people behind me where going to kill me, but hey my elbows got me there and I wasn't budging till I'd tried on every ring they had to offer! I ended up buying myself and my mum a ring for Christmas. Last year she bought me a beautiful ring, from the same stall, so tonight I thought it'd be only right if I did the same for her - however she's not aloud it until Christmas day! Even if she did choose it and watch me buy it for her. Ha ha.

This year I've was determined to try mulled wine; and I told myself "tonight is the night" as I marched up to Sally Luns Bunns to get myself a cup. Yuck. Note to self; never try again. Ever. The first sip was okay but the rest was just...just vile really. I can't describe it! Maybe it'll be something I grow to like with age, I'll give it another ten years before my next one. 

After strolling round the stalls and spending all of our money, buying ball-balls, trying cheeses, and admiring little trinkets we stopped off for a well needed hot dog. I love a good hot dog I do! We sat on a bloody cold bench and grabbed a hot dog each to warm us up while people watching and taking in the atmosphere. Bath really is my favorite place, I absolutley love it and aspire to live there one day. (Living 20 minutes away just isn't good enough!) 

I feel very festive now after taking my annual trip to the markets; I also feel very excited... I am so ready for Christmas... Roll on Decemeber 25th! Only 13 sleeps to go...

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Quirky New Make-Up Bag.

Today I thought I would quickly share with you my awesome new makeup bag! Well... I say "makeup" bag, its actually rather large and I imagine it would be classed as a "wash bag" to normal people; but hey-ho I'm storing my everyday makeup and skin care inside and I love it. I found this beauty on eBay and fell instantly in love and thought I'd buy it for myself, for Christmas. Why ever not?

It is approximately 30cm long, and 10cm deep... As I said before, pretty large! But that means it fits all my brushes inside and I can slip my palettes in easily as well. I often find makeup bags aren't large enough for brushes and palettes and I'm someone who likes to keep my everyday makeup together so I can just grab it and go in the mornings. Don't get me wrong, I think beautifully laid out vanity tables are great but who has time for all that when they wake up ten minutes before their bus is due? Definitely not me! I am a Volkswagen Campervan fanatic so this suits me perfectly and it also looks good into my room, alongside all my other Campervan bits and bobs! Brillianté! I also love the fact the handle on this bag (at the front, above the windows) can be used to hang it from things; for example if you were travelling and went for a shower you can easily prop your wash bag up in the shower at an easy to reach position. The material of the bag is also waterproof, I imagine for the showering reason! I am very happy its waterproof mind as I somehow always manage to get my makeup bags filthy with mascara and foundation.

I was really impressed at my late night Sunday eBay hunting treasure and thought I would share it on blog... This would make a brilliant present for someone who likes campervans; I'd be over the bloody moon if someone bought this for me. (I am over the moon now and I bought it for myself! Ha ha.) I think its so cute and quirky. Eeee, I love it.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Monday Moods = Candy Cuddles.

Yesterday I was feeling completely sorry for myself... I'm at that awkward stage where my body's not sure whether or not its going to get a cold; one minute I'm bunged up, the next minute I'm a snotty mess, the next minute I'm fine, and the next I'm crippled over with a ear ache! Yes, I know, its a nightmare. Thank you for your sympathy. I am a walking zombie who stinks of olbas oil. (If you don't know what that is, Google it.) Anyway, because I was having such a shitty day and was in an all-round meh Monday mood I thought I would treat myself to a new lipstick... I'm such a saddo, buying something pretty, like lipstick, always cheers me up!

Isn't it beautiful?

If you hadn't guessed already from my previous blog posts I love The Body Shop and I probably own enough products to open my own shop, or maybe even my own warehouse! Today I picked up one of the newest Body Shop lipsticks and that is Number 16; Candy Cuddle - isn't that one of the cutest lipstick names you've ever heard? Its part of their Colour Shine range which means it is a light, glossy lipstick that is very moisturizing for the lips. I love this range during the winter because of the marula oil inside the lipsticks, it hydrates and gives your lips a lovely feel - especially if they're dry and chapped from the cold weather. The colour is a very sweet, light, candy pink and its very easy to wear. I just thought it would be a perfect new addition to my lipstick collection, besides everybody loves a good pink lipstick. I have a lovely scarf which I've been wearing loads lately and I think it matches it perfectly, the scarf has become a staple in my winter wardrobe so it'll be nice to wear the pair together. If I'm honest I'm just obsessed with lipsticks and any excuse leaves me buying one! I was easy swayed into buying this one and just thought I'd share it on my blog because I bloody love it. Its a beautiful colour, beautiful consistency, and has amazing pigment. It is very pink for a lipstick which is so moisturizing - usually you don't get the best of both worlds. *Que Hannah Montana music.* Anyway; I hope you had a better Monday than I did and I hope you don't have as rubbish will-power as me when it comes to spending money! Oopsy... did somebody say shopaholic? 

Monday, 8 December 2014

December Photo-A-Day Challenge. - Week One.

The daily prompts!

Howdy! This month I'm taking part in Fat Mum Slims photo-a-day challenge. During the month you're given a prompt everyday and depending on what the prompt is depends on the photo you take - does that make sense?! Who knows... Its such a easy concept but I am struggling to describe it! I thought it was only right that I take part as Decemeber is my favorite month. Plus I bloody love taking photos. Everyday I am posting the pictures on my Instagram, link here, however I've decided that once a week I will also share the photos from that week over here on my blog. So today I'm going to share with you my photos from week one, aren't you lucky! Ha ha. HERE is a link to Fat Mum Slims Instagram, the creator of the "FMS photo-a-day challenge."

You can click the photo to enlarge it!

Day One - Fruit;
Fruits from the works Christmas meal; we went to a all you can eat buffet restaurant on December first and they had a wide range of fruits! 

Day Two - Grass;
A cold walk to the bus stop in the morning always results in wet grass, crunchy leaves and cold toes!

Day Three - Pop;
Cheeky Christmas socks popping out the top of my boots! Hello Mr Penguin...

Day Four - Free;
You can't beat a Black Forest Hot Chocolate from Costa. Especially when its free! Everybody at work is always buying each other treats, usually cakes and other fattening things... That days just so happened to be costa-cake-day. Yum. 

Day Five - Me;
A early morning selfie whilst marching to the bus stop.

Day Six - Joy Is;
A day spent with my mum preparing for Christmas; going out for a Christmassy lunch of turkey and cranberry sandwhiches, Christmas shopping, buying Christmas decorations, and cosying up by the fire to have a family movie night. (Shame it was a crap movie!)

Day Seven - Weekends Are For;
Work! When you work in retail you are lucky to get a weekend off! Ha ha. My Sunday involved working and ginger biscuits shaped like Christmas trees - what a way to make my day better!

Day Eight - Simple Pleasures;
Buying new make up is always a simple pleasure of mine! Say hello to my newest additions; The Body Shops honey bronzer (shade 02) and Body Shops Rosy Red lip liner. Loooove them both.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

December 1st 2014. - Work Christmas Meal.

Working with a group of girls proves to be a roller coaster of emotions all the time... and not always good ones! Working where I work I've met some of the most amazing people... and, of course, some of the worst! Being all women (apart from Theo, back in 2013) we can annoy each other, argue, and bitch about each other...but the next day we're all friends again after a hot chocolate and a piece of cake. Today, for my first Decemeber blog post, I thought I would tell you all about my work Christmas meal. :)

On Monday night me and the girls all met at the shop to head off to Cosmo's in Swindon. Going via train meant we all had to hike to the train station to catch the 6:25 train. After getting to the station, with little time to spare, there had already been threats of pushing down the stairs, in front of trains, dragging up the hill and calling the person at the back fat. (Yes, it was me at the back, how did you guess!) After arriving in Swindon, and arguing about which way to the restaurant was quicker, we made it to Cosmo's and safe to say we were all buzzing to get our Chinese. (Cosmo's, if you didn't already know, is a cheap, all you can eat restaurant featuring Chinese, Indian, American and Japanese food. (Chinese is my personal fav!)

The yummiest, and largest, plate of food in all the world.

After more arguments over who could eat the most food we all sat down and had a yummy Chinese, followed by yummy puddings, and even yummier cocktails. (Surprisingly it was the skinniest one out of all of us who ate the most plates! I was shocked. Ha ha.) Overall I had such a good night, I got home full of food, a little bit tipsy, and so not ready for work at 9 o'clock the next morning. The shop opposite found it really funny watching us drag our hungover asses into work the next day! 

My & the beautiful Christina. 

The following day, December 2nd, was Christina's birthday. Christina hates drinking alcohol so ofcourse we forced two cocktails down her! Plus more at the pub afterwards. Mwhaha. She's lucky she didn't get 19 shots for turning 19 the way Anna was carrying on! We'd of been carrying her home. Ha ha. At Cosmo's we got the waiters at the restaurant to, sneakily, bring a cake out to her and get the whole restaurant to play happy birthday music, and to sing along. I thought she was going to kill me with the look I got after! She was so suprised, and embarrased. Ha ha ha; here is a little video I got of her blowing out her candles! Excuse my horrific singing; CLICK HERE :).

Dune bug... My FAVORITE cocktail! 

My Dune Bug cocktail with Anna's Sex On The Beach behind.

Yummm yumm

Fatty with all her empty plates!

Cake, chocolate, cream, melon, heaven on a plate?

The birthday girls beautiful face after being sung
Happy birthday to! Ha ha ha.
Again, me & the birthday girl ft Christmas jumper.

Me & Anna ft cocktaaails.

Overall I had a really good night. Since the meal I'm feeling even more Christmassy. I honestly feel like one of Santa's elves this year! I can't wait... Only 21 sleeps to go! Ho ho ho.